What happened to 17 members of SEAL Team 6?


Will a House Committee further torch the legacy of SEAL Team 6?

The crash was the costliest in the history of U.S. Naval Special Warfare, but what really happened to 17 members of U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6? Is Congress really going to investigate? These nagging questions are part of a scheduled U.S. House of Representatives probe in January, that may be nothing but smoke and mirrors.

What happened to 17 members of SEAL Team 6

This brings little solace to the families of warriors who were credited with capturing and killing bin Laden.

The truth about their reported fiery death that resulted from a “lucky” strike from a Taliban rocket launcher may be the last thing Congress wants to expose.

As the Western Center for Journalism reports, “After the families attended a several hour military briefing about this ‘lucky shot,’ describing what happened and why their sons died, they smelled a rat and started digging around.” 1

Charlie Strange is the father of Navy SEAL Michael Strange, who lost his life on that tragic day, along with 16 other members of SEAL Team 6 and air crew members from the U.S. Army.

He told me that after the families were gathered by the government after the incident to hear the “details” of their son’s deaths, U.S. officials delivered the most stunning blow… the families were told their sons were all cremated immediately due to the severe burns suffered in the crash.

Understanding that many families are very remote from the process of handling military dead, let’s just say it is one of the most emotionally taxing missions that can be assigned. In the movie “Taking Chance,” Kevin Bacon plays a Marine lieutenant colonel who escorts the remains of a 19-year old Marine back to his family in Wyoming. The emphasis on the handling of the bodies is enormous and overwhelming. Each aspect, from the uniform to the handing of the casket, is taken seriously. They don’t take the fallen and toss them in an oven 2.

The mortal remains of all sailors and soldiers aboard the ill-fated helicopter, named “Extortion 17” were immediately cremated without permission from the families. Families were told this happened because the bodies were badly burned in the crash. But Charles Strange calls foul. In fact he says the story is a complete lie. Taliban on the ground in fact found the bodies of the crew. The Obama administration cremated everyone in order to cover up something, Western Center for Journalism writes.

No matter what the government tries to say, protocol was totally violated in the handling of the remains of SEAL Team 6 and the aviation soldiers. Charlie Strange discovered the truth of his son’s death when he requested a copy of the autopsy report, and unexpectedly received a CD with a photo of his son’s body on the ground in Afghanistan. This shocking image shattered the false U.S. claim of the SEALs dying in an aircraft crash and fire. His son’s body had damage to one leg but no burns at all.

According to funeralwise.com, the process for returning remains from the war involves ice, not fire:

“The service member’s remains are packed in ice inside an aluminum, flag-draped “transfer case” and transported by military cargo plane. When fallen troops return home, they enter the U.S. through Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Del. Upon arrival they are greeted and transferred with great dignity by hearse to the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations center at Dover, a short distance away. Those in attendance, including the carry guard, chaplain, and any family members, VIPs, or journalists, follow on foot. The remains undergo all of the necessities of burial preparation at this time, including being clothed in full dress uniform.” 3

Where is the part about burning bodies? How do you put a dress uniform on a pile of ashes? “By tradition, the remains travel feet-first whenever they must be moved, and there are military personnel on hand to render honors—standing at attention and saluting—at each transfer point,” funeralwise.com further reports.

But how can you tell where the feet are pointing if the fallen servicemember has been reduced to a can of ash?

Most religions call for intact remains to be buried in the ground. This most basic right was denied. The practice of returning intact military remains began during the first two World Wars.

According to The Wall Street Journal, during WWII, almost 80,000 Americans died fighting in the Pacific. 65,000 bodies first buried in almost 200 battlefield cemeteries, were returned home, and they weren’t burned. “Once the fighting ended, the bodies were dug up and consolidated into larger regional graveyards,” WSJ explains, “Eventually, 171,000 of the roughly 280,000 identified remains were brought back to the U.S.” 4

The National Funeral Director’s Association writes of the critical handling of remains, “After preliminary identification is made, the bodies will be transported to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware where final identification and preparation will take place. At Dover, embalming, dressing, and casketing will occur. Bodies released from Dover will be rendered safe.” 5

Embalming? Shouldn’t the paragraph begin with, “Unless the remains of the soldier are cremated against the wishes of the family…?” No, of course not, because the remains of fallen U.S. military are brought home intact.

This is a scandalous story as is the death of the Navy SEAL Team in the first place. I have read before that these SEAL’s are trained to a cost of $1.5 million each. yet they were loaded into a pre-Vietnam War CH-47 helicopter and flown into the most dangerous part of Afghanistan without a gunship escort? Many speculate that the SEAL team credited with the killing of bin Laden have been played.

My regular readers know I don’t believe anything to do with the story of bin Laden living in Abbottabad, Pakistan. There is strong evidence indicating that Osama bin Laden was suffering end stages of kidney failure as far back as 2000. People have no problem believing politicians lie about so many things, yet they knee jerk react to any idea of the U.S. govt. lying about bin Laden’s role in the 11 September 2001 attacks. Regardless of what people would like to believe, bin Laden fiercely denied involvement in 9/11 and it isn’t likely that he received kidney dialysis in a Middle Eastern cave.

He was never listed by the FBI as a suspect in the 11 Sept. attacks. His alleged claims of having attacked the United States were delivered by former U.S. President George W. Bush.

In fact on the same exact days that bin Laden’s denials were being printed in world newspapers everywhere, Bush was on American TV saying bin Laden claimed credit. He never did, and since we know that, we also have to believe that the most painful terrorist attacks on U.S. soil were the work of a man who would deny it all afterward, that does not make sense.

I have been writing about this for years, citing CNN and AP articles that verify my statements, and lo and behold, the U.S. government has obviously been pressuring these agencies, the U.S. versions are all leading to dead links now, but the powers are ineffective with groups like The BBC and The Telegraph in the UK.

A BBC article that is still online states, “The reclusive Taleban leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, said Mr Bin Laden could not have masterminded the attacks because he lacked the capacity do so.”

In his statement from 2001, bin Laden said:”The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every occasion its enemies attack it.

“I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons.”

“I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders’ rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations.”

From: Bin Laden says he wasn’t behind attacks – CNN

(In keeping with their role as a mainstream U.S. news agency, oops I mean mainstream news organization, CNN has removed the link to the article featured above. The original link was http://articles.cnn.com/2001-09-16/us/inv.binladen.denial_1_bin-laden-taliban-supreme-leader-mullah-mohammed-omar?_s=PM:US)

The U.S. govt. needs an honest member to push this into public view. Glenn Beck has written about it on The Blaze but Beck and his followers adamantly refuse to believe that bin Laden was not behind the attacks that led the U.S. into a series of unending wars in the Middle East.

Ask the question, “Why would anyone attack the United States, of all places, with a hot button president like George W. Bush in office?”

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  1. John Cook says:

    The members of seal team 6 that attacked the house in Pakistan were all killed in an explosion on the advanced helicopter that was extracting them. They needed to cover this up, so the disaster in Afganistan was arranged to eliminate those already dead from the equation. That is why the bodies were cremated, so that no one could prove that they were the wrong bodies.
    There is an interview with an eye witness who was a neighbour of the “bin Laden” house who watched it all happen from his roof. It was played on Pakistani television. You can find it on the net. The key fact is that the whole team died on the scene, no survivors.

    • guibus says:

      No. This story is made just in order to cover the fact that there’s never been any attack on Bin Laden’s home, because he died on 13th dec 2001. Everything you can read, listen or watch is just LIE. Bin Laden was admitted in terminal state in US military hospital of Dubai in July 2001, and at that had only 6 month to live as said the doctors. Because he was a CIA agent, an has never been considered as a threat, except in the news.

      Every attempt to present Bin laden as alive after this date are utter fabrication (i.e presented as right handed though he was left handed, very dissimilar doubles of ben laden, etc…)

      Burning the bodies of these men is the best way to ensure they will never speak about this utter LIE.

      • phyllis says:

        phyllis, everything is a hoax when it comes to political agendas. The chess game must be played out their way to fit the total story. They are all lies of course that are put forth to a dumb population to believe ANYTHING they are being told, no matter how ludicrous. They can’t tell the difference betwen plausible and absolute ridiculous.

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