What if Germany Won WWI? (Part 1)


The Great War changed everything. World War I was the turning point for Europe’s history. In this series I’ll explore what changes when the war that influenced it all, changed itself. Check out Dark5’s Most Chilling Photographs of WWI: http://bit.ly/2e2IlCU

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  1. The World would have been a better place

  2. What if Gandhi was never assasinated?

  3. ITZzFlow says:

    It took the USA France England and Russia to overthrow Germany so you are the true losers.

  4. "Russia the European wannabe" dude that was a savage line

  5. Alpha O. says:

    If Germany won the first world war the second one would have never occurred just because Germany would have gained anyway the control of the whole europe. Maybe a world war II would have been fought against USSR especially just after the ending of the russian civil war, profitating of russia was weakened by the civil war plus with the whole europe controlled, the ending would have been the opposite with the victory of Germany. In europe we would be all…. how do you say that "deutschesprachingen" but without the grasp of the evil NATO and the wars started by it the world might have been paradoxally better than nowadays

  6. The world would be a better place.

  7. You forgot one thing sir Austria instead of attacking Russia they invaded Serbia which made Central Powers flank wide open

  8. Do you have any video about french revolution?
    you know, the one from 1789
    Can you do one about what if it never happened

  9. Per Hansen says:

    This video made me go buy a beer

  10. Medusa says:

    i wish german had won 🙁

  11. Lars says:

    This sounds better than what actually happened.

  12. (((They))) wouldn't rule the planet

  13. Kronc 1 says:

    you forgot about us Canadians

  14. For every dumbass saying that England and France could've handled Germany on their own. Know this. After the defeat of Russia by the Germans, they focused their entire military on the Western Front. The Austro-Hungarians focused on Italy, keeping them from helping the allies. The smoldering forces of the British and French empire had to face the now redoubled German forces. They needed American help. And yes, Germany did almost break the allies. Remember that Germany deployed 11 million troops in World War 1.

  15. Lamerlock says:

    You just forget France was the second largest colonial empire at the time. Plus the all "Brits save the day" thing is a million times wrong, the soldiers count on the Allied side at the beginning of the war was = 70 000 for the UK ; 350 000 for Belgium ; 800 000 for France ; 1 300 000 for Russia (mostly paysans armed with courage and forks), check the numbers please. Since your plot twist relies on historical mistakes (or a vast misunderstanding of the situation) the all speculation seems irrelevant. From an historical stand point your vid is a mess and I will go no further in explaining why. On the other hand, though I have no problems with the speculative part of your content, your speech carries a certain smell – wich is becoming somewhat disgusting to me this times – of FreeFrenchBashing. I dont mean to be rude here but the land who lost 1 397 800 soldiers plus 300 000 civilians (wich represents 25% of the total loses of the Alliance) dont deserves to be insulted, nor treated as a side note in a conflict most than certainly lost without its courage.
    If you ever read this. I'm sure your not an evil crypto fascist, you dont mean to be rude and all that stuff. But hey! You are responsible for what you say. Your speech is way too much full of opinions and some people reading "AlternateHistory" may well think this content is here to teach them something so please, put the history stuff aside and label your vids as Fanfictions. Because yes, I honestly think that you're very good at making up scenarios and in many of your more abstract vids I can just enjoy and have fun without having all my family, relatives family…etc. treated like: "Bha, y'a know… At least they tried." wich is, believe me, very insulting (particularly about this specific war).
    Sorry for the terrible English, i feel so bad for your eyes,
    Best regards.

  16. Brendi says:

    would we be as technologically advanced?

  17. colin wunder says:

    you germans should have way more babies, dont let the sand niggers over take your beautiful country!

  18. Now russia can fuck over every country put together.

  19. Jarno Datema says:

    germany was huge back then

  20. Dev Vyas says:

    Fallout music ✌✌

  21. Barny says:

    They won it… Just in an another universe, beacuse we live in a multy-universe world. It's proved, so don't fight with me 🙂

  22. John Cena says:

    Four words to some it up we will be screwed

  23. Hater4321 says:

    Dumb fuck if the germans won the battle of the marne by not pulling some cavalry and troops to east prussia for the battle of tannenberg and maurisan lakes. And if austria hungry was smart enough to be fair to the italians the italinas could have also invaded france. Not sending the zimmerman telegram as well. And there were four appraisals on how to invade france it was von molke's appraisal fucked it up, because instead having a massive wing it was intact a moderate wing, also if the German army commanders had better communication it would have been better. If the spring offensive of 1918 of germany had been done better it could have won the war, even if the germans won verdun and broke through france could have capitulated. There is still so much I can't summarize.

  24. Saquan Jack says:

    man in the high castle

  25. novato455 says:

    One think i would add, if they won no german today would feel shame from the grey uniform, hell i still dont understand that fuzz "grey is evil".

  26. LTDominator says:

    everyone does the big mistake, germany never was an empire, germany never wanted to occupie their neighbours not even nazi germany. germany was both times under political pressure so we did the "offensive is the best defensive" thing.

  27. if that happened, there would be no beer hall putsch, and Hitler would probably become an artist or something else,
    I honestly don't think that if Germany won ww1 it would be bad, I didn't see the Kaiser as being a figure of oppression

  28. Dreckiges Ei says:

    Really? It was Austrias War!!!!

  29. Dre Boss says:

    What would happen if world war three was created?

  30. i'm actually half German and I love WW1

  31. theDavitos says:

    but but… uk & german and russia were ruled by royals uncles so german king attack his russian uncle that is also a king and no uk come to aid of russian royals is not likely as russian king and uk king had closer connections then german king had to any of his family.

    Reason that ww1 was started was fake news was brought that sparked war as both uk and german were afraid to enter a war but false info about one side was coming to aid of the enemy brought both to their feets and nobody want to lie down and surrender before war has began.

  32. Blazingamer says:

    Well we'all have more TELAFONMASTS

  33. Gamer4live says:

    You mixed the first and tje second world war: in the second worldwar, France had the border because of the first one. So the germans invaded Belgium in the second one too. ?

  34. Kevin Picton says:

    if Nazis won, they would have made the EU…. ironic! lol

  35. Aamir Jazzy says:

    Can u please make a "what if British ruled India in 20 century"

  36. All you germs, brits, and dutch are all hillbillies and somehow related in a way. You all have fucked up teeth and live worser than pigs. Dirty filthy houses. Your Elite family members are the same no matter how civil they appear. You mimic and then destroy people and nations. You are neither holy or merciful.

  37. 1001spencer says:

    Kind of troubling to see yet another WW1 video completely disregarding Canadas massive contributions

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