What If Hitler Won World War II?


Here we take a look at what would’ve happened if Germany had won World War II. WATCH MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE HERE: 5 Small Mistakes That …


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  1. MultiMediaHD says:

    If i get 666 Likes on this comment then im gonna get a healing potion that will heal everyone(not nazis)

  2. The world would be a better place.

  3. Swastika, is not hackenkreuze, thank you !

  4. adimareee says:

    jews propaganda!

  5. Bobby Ranger says:

    They couldn't even conquer the world. Thank goodness for that.
    If they succeeded in world domination, it would not last.
    Maybe 5 years tops.

    NAZI philosophy is not good for running an empire.
    You can't run an empire, if the people are against you.

  6. George — says:

    Germans are not a too big amount so they weren't be able to conquer all the world

  7. George — says:


  8. Goog L'sucks says:

    Well there would have been no cold war… So possibly no internet. No Israel, so no conflicts in the middle east. No USA cuz the only way that reality would happen is if the US did not exist. No rap music. The UN's uniforms would look a lot better. Japan would have not been nuked so everything would have still been made out of wood. Wooden walkman… or no walkman…. think about that people. Jews, gays and Atheists would all be gone so lots of inventions that we have today would not be here, we would know less than nothing about space, and men would not know who to dress at all. Media would be run by a more diverse group of people. No Alan Greespan, or Woody Allen, but also no Elizabeth Taylor, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Spielberg, or Kubrick. No Larry Ellison. No Sarah Silverman…. that alone is almost worth it. NO CARL SAGAN!!!!!!!!! Its a mixed bag really.

  9. Ahmad Malik says:

    their conquering of the world would end somewhat like the ottomans or Napoleonic period: with a large portion against their rule

  10. Mr Tibbs says:

    Yeah… problem is Hitler never wanted world domination like some comic book villain.

    Study history a bit more.

  11. Astemhat says:

    Hitlery is dreaming to be the real Hitler after elections.Let us see how far she would go in crookedness.

  12. Racer says:

    Thats trash. Hitler would have died a few years later bc of Parkinson. Also, if he won, he could ship jews to Madagascar. But they who tried to coup Hitler, like Stauffenberg, would have stop war and bring back the german jews.

  13. It would of been great

  14. Sohave says:

    Muslims did not oppose Nazism during WWII Hitler had meetings with the grand Mufti of Palestine, they shared a common goal in eradicating the Jews.

  15. indian, african americans, muslims, jews amongst others? what an ignorant faggot you are!!! nazis were against zionists. zionists today control your fucking miserable life and everything you see and hear since your birth until your death. enjoy being their slave

  16. Just love how Canada is shown as being past of the USA…
    …really, I'm not being sarcastic, I love it…

  17. big fish says:

    funny when the oil in Russia is vodka lol

  18. Good Luck trying to get America.

  19. danogzilla says:

    Hitler had no desire to take over the world. This is retarded. If the Nazis had won they would have smashed jewish Bolshevism in the east, retaken the Rhineland in the west (it was stolen by France after WW1), and of course reunited Germany, Austria, and East Prussia. And that's it.

  20. SpanZR CSGO says:

    world would have been a better place

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