What If North Korea And The U.S. Went To War?


Who Are North Korea’s Allies? http://testu.be/223KB0M How Powerful Is North Korea? http://testu.be/1xnB3Ou Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml North Korea is …


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  1. Dunald Tromp says:

    with our "leader", North Korea would threaten us and we would scour In fear and give they what ever they want.

  2. We would lay the dong on Mr Kim and his starving armies.

  3. erick soto says:

    Korea do not need vehicles they have ninjas and who knows what else

  4. Teddy Bear says:

    China would join
    Kia~no kia

  5. GameOverTown says:

    The Americans had a very hard time with the Taliban, who were just a bunch of guys with 1950s rifles running around in the woods, so what makes anyone think they'd be able to win against North Korea?

  6. Iqbal Hakim says:

    taliban even not defeated yet..

  7. El Don says:

    Inb4 we all die

  8. The rhetoric from Kim makes me think of Saddam's "mother of all battles" speech.
    As soon as American boots hit the ground most of Saddam's army turned and ran, the same will happen to the DPRK army, they will see the might of America's military and give up.
    I'm an Aussie who sleeps soundly in the knowledge that America is a friend

  9. This video leaves out a very important point. Of course, the regime would collapse very soon in an invasion. However, with 10,000,000 troops fit for service, the guerilla war against the US would be nasty. It would be Iraq on steroids. These North Korean soldiers are as determined as Islamic state fighters, extremely numerous, and would be extremely hard to defeat. It would be like trying to kill ants with aa gun, you can blow up a few ants, but the majority will scatter. Such a war would destroy South Korea's economy (Seoul would be in ruins), severely damage Americas economy(would lose a major business hub in seoul, war would cost billions even trillions) Rationing would have to occur, the draft might even be re -instated. The war would be shit for everyone, it would be South Korea's muder, North Koreas suicide, and America will be extremely scarred, possibly having an effect worse the the first Korean War or Vietnam war. War is the worst possible decision.

  10. 이은권 says:

    FUCK North korea

  11. John Maps says:

    War, what is it good for?

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  13. Jose Jacob says:

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  14. beasty108 says:


  15. Bruce Burns says:

    What a silly Question , they would cease to exist , plenty of fried ugly buck toothed yellow little oxygen thieves .

  16. Viper Venum says:

    what humor, looking back at the Korean War, North Korea did have allies like China & USSR, today Chinas still there allies, but if we went to war with them again, China wouldnt bother, they only gave supplies in the 1950s. if it were to happen now, USA & South Korea would kick there ass, they barely have an Airforce & they use old T-62s with shittily pasted armor plating. South Korea has been modernising there guns & armored vehicles, such as the K2 Black Panther. the only thing they got is Nukes, which apearently have a shorter range than Kim Jong-Uns dick.

  17. How Powerful are Mars Bars?

  18. Do a video on The Emu war

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