What If They Held an Olympiad, and Nobody Came?

truther May 14, 2012 1

How’s that for a radical idea? Surely it’s rather remarkable that on any mention of Olympic Games, it’s simply assumed that throngs of people will attend, from all over the world. Yet, why should that be? Consider that the hurdles involved in attending the games are getting more formidable at every occurrence.

To begin with, there’s the increasing inconvenience of travelling by aircraft– the scrutiny by security agents, which has reached humiliating proportions in the USA, being the prime example. With the games occurring in the height of the summer travel schedule, cost of air tickets is high, delays can be expected, crowding will be the norm, and so on.

On arriving at the locale– this year’s being London, England– the games fan will pay a premium for accommodation, transportation, food, you name it. Adding to the insults, the avid spectator will again have to go thru strict security checks to enter any of the sports venues; and will be restricted in what they can carry with them to their seats (e.g. only so much water, snacks, etc.).

All this inconvenience to watch an event that may be completed in a matter of seconds (in the case of track) or minutes. All that, to support the self-adduced pomposity of a cadre of ‘dignitaries’ from the international Olympic committees of participating nations, who love nothing more (or less) than being ushered about in priority limousines, and staying at five-star hotels, at no cost to themselves, of course.

And this time, there’s an even more ominous factor to stress the harried sports fan– the threat of staged terrorism. Already, at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the alternative news sites were speculating on the possibility of a false-flag, terrorist attack of some kind. Fortunately, it didn’t materialize. That may make the threat all the more likely at the ‘Zionist Games’ in London… especially if such an event does not occur at the G8/NATO conference in Chicago, this month (May).

Certain credible sources have theorized that the 2012 Olympic games would present a prize opportunity for a spectacular act of terrorism, to be blamed on the boogie-man of choice, which seems to be Iran, at this time. Some pundits have speculated that the act would employ either a mini-nuclear device, or else a ‘dirty bomb’, that would cause ‘significant’ loss of life. Others have made a case for an attack using a biological weapon of some kind– i.e. a lab-created virus.

Given the concentration of global media, especially television, at every Olympics, the odds would definitely favor a ‘big bang’ over a bio-weapon. After all, what would be more trauma-inducing on the innocent masses than an explosion, captured on TV, that takes many innocent lives? And widespread trauma is what terrorism is all about.

As for the games themselves, they seem to have devolved into a question of which nations can afford the most efficacious and undetectable, performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals.
If sport is effectively ritual aggression, then international sport represents ‘peaceful warfare’ among competing nations. In any case, the idealistic rhetoric surrounding the games as being for ‘amateur athletes,’ and fostering goodwill, and not about winning, rings pretty hollow in the glare of the big-money sponsorships, TV concession payouts, mega-salaried sports-lords, and so on, ad nauseum.

Given all those negative factors, isn’t the time ripe for shunning the Olympic games? There’s so little to gain by attending/watching, and so many good reasons to give these games the cold shoulder.

All you frustrated ‘occupiers’ of Wall St. and it’s associates: get the word out to your groups– boycott the 2012 Olympics! That would be a move that the globalist media could not simply ignore. Think of it; with all the world’s journalists covering events 24/7, the sight of near-empty stadiums could not be hidden. The impact of an effective boycott would be widespread and effective beyond anything that is achievable thru any other ‘local’ strategy.

All that effort and money spent on planning and implementing elaborate security measures would be futile. All the police preparations for dealing with protestors would be in vain. There might not even be any point to staging a terrorist attack if the Olympic lanes are deserted.

Make no mistake– the Olympics are just another ‘game’ exploited by the globalist elite to give them another avenue for bestowing themselves with importance, for sucking more money from the bedazzled masses, and for providing entertaining diversions from the sick, and serious crimes they commit in the shadows.  The  unexpected boycott of their games by a substantial number of spectators would surely throw a monkey-wrench into their long-dreamt plans for this ‘global event,’ being held in a portentious year, in one of the epicentres of their occult empire.

So, dear readers of the alternative (i.e. truthful) news sites– take note; this is the year to shun the over-hyped, hyper-politicized, Olympic Games. Don’t subject yourself to the abuses of travel, and put yourself under the myriad restrictions of the games’ security thugs, and endure all the expected rip-offs. Don’t go to the games! Don’t even watch them on TV! Just ignore the whole modern-Roman-circus called the Olympics… and wait for the proverbial crap to hit the fans.  Sports fans of the world, unite; and spread the word!

(c) J. Krzyzewski,  May, 2012

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  1. Archie1954 May 15, 2012 at 2:42 am - Reply

    What’s wrong with holding them every four years in the same venue, Greece? It certainly would help the Greek economy! The facilities are already there and just need to be maintained.

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