What If World War 3 Happen


” what would happen if World War III Happen ” In World War I , 7 million civilians and 10 million soldiers lost their lives . But in World War II , 50 million civilians and …


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  1. Sooooo basicly fallot 3?

  2. Mr. Bane 909 says:

    Who would want this. Im pretty sure no one wants ww3. If these politicians and every one else wants war then you put your ass on the line. There's no reason why we should suffer for these politicians actions. It crazy cause no one really realizes that there's a strong chance that this can happen to us and for what. We die for there actions as there families are safe as we see our die. 

  3. Tony Mora says:

    Lets pray for the best.

  4. i dont think there will be much use of nuclear weapons in ww3. cuz then this would be possible. but rather lots of missiles, gas, tactical nukes, and large groups of infantry

  5. Royal Zak says:

    75 million people killed, holy shit! Whites love to point out how violent the Middle East is and the need to invade it yet they're responsible for the most destructive event in human history. Lol ISIS crimes pale compared to human suffering inflicted by Europeans.

  6. chully99 says:

    this video fucking sucks.

  7. Israel v the middle east Israel kicks their ass

  8. azoz Aljamie says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if ww3 happens I don't want it to happens but srsly look how the world is going to shit these days

  9. azoz Aljamie says:

    These days humans are inventing robots I don't want them to do it cuz we will use it for evil instead of good I tell u what we will make merciless killing machines with no feeling

  10. Nice grammar. Go back to H.S.

  11. FreeGamer GR says:

    Fuck all this Contries Because all of them want war beacause they are strong.

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