What is the Illuminati ? facts | Jordan Maxwell , Anthony J. Hilder 1993


What is the Illuminati ? This video will give you a good idea . This is since 1993 , long before they staged the 9/11 WTC attacks in 2001 to take control of Babylon …


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  1. royal nass says:

    we all know by now how corrupt the illuminati and free masons are but their is nothing we can do about it

  2. DaWatcha777 says:

    I had several copies of this. I lent it out n never got it back each time. I come to the understanding they're not completely truthful.

  3. bob blow says:

    im guessing all of these people are dead?

  4. supermariiio says:

    I have the answer what to do about Illuminati, how to deal with it. This will piss the Illuminati off.
    Just live your life like this guy, healthy, it will annoy the Illuminati more than anything you can do. The Illuminati dont want to see you live happy and healthy.
    It's simple, live healthy, and spread the message maybe too.

  5. Jarno Kangas says:

    I think they are wormpeople. Proof: huge hologram glitches at 8:42

  6. Thank you for helping me. I am glad that you did not give up…I understand now that God uses everything we go through to help us.

    I did not know God was such a prankster. He sure tricked me. I laugh now when I think about how scared I was and how much crying I did.

    I can only imagine Him laughing when we humans think we are in charge.

  7. James Samson says:

    Jordan Maxwell is a mason.  All these guys are shills.  It is three districts but the papacy is in control or at least trying to be in complete control.   The USA is the second beast being the world police and the rothschilds run the financial part in London.


    I should be able to pause live tv for as long as I want. That's bs that I can't

  9. There is no Illuminati.

  10. The comment section is missing mlg jokes…rip.

  11. I want too know where these guys are today any idea?

  12. God bless us all

  13. Jesus Gomez says:

    all you have to do is keep working get that money that's all. Whatever happens happens

  14. powerful video…

  15. if this were true wouldn't they controls the internet also? if they were so about power and control? the internet is controls?

  16. Oh shit, and now the computer chips are being phased in… No coincidence.

  17. jay Roberge says:

    You people (viewers) have all been fooled by the oldest deception in the world. You think there are two sides (good and bad) to reality BUT both satan, with his gig of (these) illuminati NWO fools ,,,,,, and ,,,,,, the seemingly morally superior church, that YOU ALL probably follow. are created and run by the SAME DEMONIC FORCE!!!! It's the biggest false dichotome ever and its as old as civilization itself. They run BOTH sides of the same TRAP !! It's a TRICK and the biggest deception called DIALECTIC CHAOS HUMAN MANAGEMENT!!
    Same as the democrats and republicans ,,, the cops and the crooks, the CROWN and the CROSS, the banks always fund both sides of every election and the biggest banks fund both sides of every big war and revolution. Why do you think that the three biggest religions in the world, ALL created by the SAME GOD, are now posed to destroy the whole plannet in a religious finnal war ,,,, YEAH that's a morally resposible god!!! You have been following the way of total destruction and annihilationn of the whole plannet And you're supposed to be on the GOOD TEAM!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE get off the amusement ride it's not going to play out as promised ,,,,,,,, you ALL go to the same place for these sins ,,, one side for being greedy and the other side for being stupid.

  18. so much of this is incorrect or is half truths. first off, Hitler fought against this shit, never once said or attempted to rule the world(NATIONAL socialist German workers party. he was not an aristocrat, royalty, or of the economic ruling classes. he was homeless at points in his life. he was a grunt in the military, and not even that, he was a runner. i am tired of people claiming he was this or that when you don't know shit about him, because if you did you'd have wised up). the ruling class is not only made up of the freemasons at the the top, its the Jew that reigns above all. there are atleast 4types of jews. americanized bourgeoisie yuppie middle class people who are cultured, not living their heritage but the american way of life. there are the anti zionist hasidic jew, which i call the real jew, like a famous activist anti zionist rabbi living in new york who i have much respect for, then you have the nationalist zionist jew, like many israelis. and finally, the sterotype of the insult definition of what jew is defined as. these are the satanic evil motherfuckers, that got jews expelled in 1600 years time expelled from nearly every country on earth. who Hitler spoke about and the bible itself in revelation 3:9 directly refrences.

  19. Dee Cea says:

    Illuminati is Kabbalah
    Jews from Jesus' day of who He said (John 8:44) Your Father is the Devil).
    They had the Romans kill Jesus as their Kabbalah religion says they should do.
    As you see the present day Illuminati also declare and advertise their plans before they commit the horrible acts.. This is another Kabbalistic rule.

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