Western leisure, which is really edutainment, has a additional profound affect on people’ lives than many folks basically realise. When folks speak on the New Entire world Get, they generally point out the solution societies, banking cartels, oligarchical family members and multi-corporations, but really minor is said on the function modern leisure plays in shaping the wondering and attitudes of modern day societies. As celebrities grow to be additional and additional deified and commonplace in people’ lives, their pagan philosophies (which are all mainly the very same), will also be quickly approved and embraced by a technology whose intelligence is additional and additional getting dumbed down.


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  1. Excellent video brother…. filled with true history and knowledge. I doubt the ugly sarcasm and ridicule of the blinded will discourage you. Kudos!

  2. Lucas Harris says:

    a society with no Absolute is a society that is absolute

  3. STH says:

    Let's debate the Jesuits, history, the symbolism of Catholicism and Masonry, the etymology of biblical words, occult words, Protestant errors, the Illuminati, rosicrucianism, religious art, and the nature of the true apostasy….

  4. STH says:

    Let's debate.

  5. STH says:

    Only the Catholic president was shot dead after WWII when the Protestant NSA was created by Protestant Truman.

  6. STH says:

    They all destroyed Christendom to usher in the NWO and infiltrate the Church.

  7. STH says:

    The NWO is totally Protestant from Luther (see his rosy cross symbol) to all the Enlightenment – Masonry figures who destroyed Catholicism in France, to Woodrow Wilson to Obama…

  8. This guy just does not want to get it.

  9. Michael Gray says:

    What a crock! The only thing the "new world order" wants is justice for ALL. ONLY THE HATERS AND THE PARANOID THINK OTHERWISE.

  10. u are saying the true brother

  11. Cultivate a core set of basic humane principles in harmony with the nature of the cosmos without getting stuck by isms. @Peta_de_Aztlan

    https://youtu.be/oHyJwN90VXM Pub Dec 30, 2013
    via EvenAtTheDoors
    Shared: @Peta_de_Aztlan

  13. Excellent video, God Bless you Brother. I hope that other can appreciate God .

  14. not real. That's what it is.

  15. God bless you brethren! God bless us all! His will alone is the Truth & the Light

  16. Steve Berg says:

    The Illuminate are an organisation that are attempting to saturate the world with crappy generic music then? Looks like Beyonce may be rebelling, as her music now has a bit of the old spark of individuality returning. I hope the lizard beings from the planet Zarg don’t eat her. But seriously. There are two explanations for what are basically masons. One they are a mafia who carry out rituals when there is no need, because money equates to power in this world. The conspiracy is greed. They use symbolism that they don’t either believe in or understand, it’s just a bullshit club like the Roman church.
    Orrrrrrrrr Isis is pulling the strings waiting for Osiris to wake, so it’s not sinister at all.

  17. The people that rules above all the elected officials, Queen of England, Vatican City, Hellywood celebrity Illuminati, skull and bones, Bilderberg or secret societies are Satanic worship pedophile reptilian shapeshifters babies eating scumbags piece of shit Zionists.

  18. Awesome Video!!!! God Bless you Brother. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  19. this shit is so fucking booooooring!

  20. remmy mills says:

    Put on the Armour of God and place your trust in Him, when the time of your ordeal comes. Give all Glory to God. Thank God for all things. Make little of human opinion. Follow faithfully the Holy Spirit. Rejoice and hold onto Him like a child to his mother. When sinners recieve Gods Mercy it will Strengthen, Enlighten and Fortify you. This is the Time of Times, Christians, are you ready?

  21. While the Catholic church is apostate and leading millions to hell, to automatically assume that this is what Daniel or Paul or John are speaking of is known as eisegesis, and is the antithesis of sound biblical scholarship. You lost me less than five minutes into the video. You might want to read some good books on biblical interpretation.

  22. Brother, you should write a book. Blessings In Him and Him Alone.

  23. Very well put together video! I had to share this one on FB. I know a lot of people that are new age spiritualists and hopefully they'll watch and understand that they aren't doing anything new, and understand that they very likely aren't following who they thought they were following. Well done. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.

  24. Andy Vasvari says:

    The essence of the New World order :Not always the strongest dog fux.

  25. ABM Ltd says:

    Thanks, I've had crises of faith lately and in the crises you don't lose faith but you struggle a same way as an athlete with sore muscles not able to produce his or her best and feels like failing and unable to reach most goals. I realized at the beginning of your presentation that I too, need to return the glory to God. For my own sore muscles (the crises of faith), I had forgotten this key element. The rest of video was great too and you had seen much trouble in putting it together, yet for me what I needed to hear came from the completely unresearch part of you getting your equipment to glorify God. Thank you, I focus to do the same within my daily life after your example.

  26. Andy Vasvari says:

    China places a deadly tight on all extremes.

  27. EvenAtTheDoors / How any of this matter in a cosmic perspective? And why do i have to subscribe to one or other ideology? I feel like it's two sides of the same coin. What do you think about taking yourself out of equation? Refusing to participate in this freakshow has always felt like the only true choice.

  28. Tony Orcini says:

    as it is below as it is above hidding in plaine sight……may GOD help us all

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