What Is the Truth About UFO’s


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35 Responses

  1. Will Power says:

    ET's wouldn't have a need to harm us, resources are plentiful, and livable planets with only minor life are plentiful. There's no reason ET's would "absorb" us, as you so ignorantly suggested. They respect life, as humans also will, once that advanced. You must understand: technology will make humanity a non capable of 'bearing false witness' society for at least 2 hundred years before we're able to travel the stars – that lie detection tech is already here. Imagine how just one hundred years of ZERO lying by humanity would change it, not to mention the knowledge increase from other technological breakthroughs. We will understand life itself to a much deeper level — automatically giving us a deep respect for it. Besides, it's against basic universal law to damage life, let-alone advanced life; there's absolutely no need too, anyway — they wouldn't even interfere in an adverse way — they need more star travelers, not more habitable planets. For every livable planet like ours, there's numerous others with no advanced life to unjustly disturb. Furthermore, when settling on a different planet, you have no choice but to coexist with the microbes etc., present, which developed from that particular solar system over eons — it's the ET's who must manipulate their own DNA to allow for survival on the new planet, and it would only be a planet with minor life forms, not advanced life like ours. Et's would never come here and take over – unless it was after total destruction from a space rock. ET's have certainly come here, but probably 90% of ET claims are not real ET activity. Considering all the claims, 10% is still huge. https://plus.google.com/115372275668075364660

  2. RT FAKE NEW, 60% of the world know the truth, the other 40% are Eyes Wide Shut saying uh huh uh huh uh huh.

  3. Humans were never alone. Your planet is a science lab. The open general public cannot handle the truth. If you knew the truth, it would be mad max over night.

  4. And one more comment….I did not explain that these Aliens are fallen angels in disguise working for Satan/ Lucifer by (along with the Satanist elite who worship & have sold their souls to serve him & working in this great deception) preparing the world for NASA's Project Blue Beam hoax to continue to deceive & control the world's population's into destruction.

  5. Dave, come on you know that the Alien exploitation is preparing the world for NASA's Project Blue Beam. This is why Jesus warned in Matthew 24: 24-26 not to believe if they say he(this is the counterfeit antichrist) is in the dessert or the secret chamber(man-made UFO's) . This is being done now by movies & many sightings to deceive the masses once the catching away (Rapture) of the church takes place. All children not at the age of accountability will be taken along with a small remnant of true believers (the Bride of Christ) just before the 7 year Tribulation period starts. The children will at last be taken away from the Satanist pedophiles sex trafficking of the highest elite, that are not being investigated or arrested for the unspeakable crimes against these innocent children by the corrupt gang leaders & globalist…that have been doing murderous crimes for decades.

  6. Tony Cento says:

    the truth about UFOs and aliens , is that they exist , they have always existed and they do nothing but evil acts , such as abduction of humans experiments, rape and hybrid mating ,(any many people and animals, have been kidnapped, and murdered and never returned thru out the years in UFO history cases aliens are pure evil period, , that's why I believe people seem to disappear without a trace,) so enough is enough with our bull crap government not telling us what they know , if you as a civilian should see one in the sky or an alien close by and in person , a terrifying thought to say the least ,!!! do what ever you can to defend yourself at all costs as they always look to abduct people , and have no mercy on them as they have no right to come into our world,!!! let them stay in there dimension as they are not extra terrestrial, but inter dimensional and want to take over our world that's the cold hard facts

  7. Matty P says:

    Mr Hodges nobody walked on the ? moon

  8. tsx3214 says:

    The Thrid Reich had saucer technology just behind in its development of their rocket technology.

  9. Craig Gordon says:

    What if "they" have been here all along? (cue the spooky music)

  10. aliens and angels are one in the same.

  11. silverfox441 says:

    Of the 11 years i served in the Air Force of my country, i did 2 in the squadron protecting the western part. I will tell you there was some pretty fucked up shit going on back then. The "green disc incident" back in "85 is still vivid in my mind.

  12. Billy Abell says:

    Flat earthers have lost their mind and it feels good not to feel mind trapped on a sphere

  13. Keron Gray says:

    I believe they are demons

  14. People bring it up as just another distraction, so that people are looking at the right hand and not the left! You must understand who the real prince of this world is, Satan! His children like to cause chaos and distract! Just because a bunch of famous people said something doesn't make it so! My belief system is very strong only because I bear witness that Jesus is very real and very much alive and could walk into your bedroom if he so chose to! God bless!

  15. Well the grey little creeps are us from the future coming back. Thanks Monsonto!

  16. ange l says:

    Mauro biblingo was a translator who worked for the vatican…he translated some of the original scriptures the vatican have and lets just say, the original bible is more a history book that speaks of flying machines and aliens…not fallen angels or god as u perceive him. Religion is just another form of control….control the masses with an invisible guy that nobody has EVER seen. There are pyramids all over the globe that were not built by humans…we didn't have the technology at that period in time to be able to build them. The one that has just been discovered in antartica is a hell of a lot bigger, no way on earth that humans had the capability of building it. Do I think there still here? Prob not but who knows, one thing I do know…we weren't created by an almighty god that lives in the sky and is gonna come back and save us all. The only way to save humanity is to get off ur backsides and try changing things or else we're all fooked!

  17. David Hilty says:

    Highly recommend you all watch the first two hours of the Hagmann's show from last night (1/31) with Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli.

  18. The time has come for the TRUTH to be known Dave! I know what I have seen, and experienced over my life, and we are not alone! Take a good look at the beings running this prison we live on, they cannot be human, a human soul should not be able to commit suicide, or even genocide, but somehow we keep discovering new ways to kill each other! The sinister little bastards are here, and running amok, and In my opinion they are getting ready to fuck with our time line again, and start the nightmare all over again!

  19. capeman10 says:

    My mother who's eighty one. just showed me a three dollar hillary bill, so anything is possible. Wish I could add the photos here and now, looks just like legal tender. I'm sure I could spend it in Walmart.

  20. Dave, agree 100%. We should have an open mind and explore this, and everything else objectively. I trust no one more than you in terms of objectivity. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  21. Lyndon Eaton says:

    Why are people afraid of asking questions? The reality of aliens or if they are demons or not doesn't have to be in conflict. What we need to do is ask for answers first and discover what the truth is. The problem is the US government is hiding these issues from us, and that is wrong.

  22. i like cryptozoological, mythical and spooky themes, but every time i wanted to enter the UFO community i just simply can't.

  23. Janet Skene says:

    There are far too many cover-ups and secrets about absolutely everything. We are expected to – and we, as lovers of Truth – hope to solve the serious problems that are threatening our societies, mankind and our planet. However, we do not know even what, exactly, the problems actually are – because there are secret plots everywhere.

  24. Merlin says:

    I don't think we humans are 'inferior' but there are things we don't know that we don't know.

  25. John Parra says:

    The Drake equation, and the deep scan view shows that the Universe is so vast, and the planets around stars like our Sun that are located in the goldilock zone are so numerous. You have to be very arrogant to think that we are the only planet with life on it. I am not saying intelligent life. If they can get here from there. Then that means they are a hell of a lot smarter then we are. Yet they may, or may not have a soul like we do. Not to say that they are bad, because if they were. We would of been destroyed, or took an over a long time ago. On the other hand if the stories are true about abduction's are true. They are some smart shit head out there in the Universe like here.

  26. Nicely said. You can start by looking into the "Fake Moon trip".

  27. Wendy R. says:

    Perhaps "someone" knew about the fact that the Protestant Bible teaches about a future Rapture, in which Jesus appears in the clouds and brings all of God's Redeemed ("Saved, Born-Again Christians") People up into Heaven with him, leaving the world to wonder WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED to SO MANY, MANY PEOPLE Worldwide! It ASSUREDLY couldn't have been GOD!!

    Well, of course!~~~
    "THE ALIENS GOT 'EM!!! "

  28. Jason Ramcke says:


  29. Ed CasA says:

    There are NO aliens they are FALLEN ANGELS. THey dont want you to know the truth!!!! GET Righ with the LORD GOD he is coming for those who believe in Him.

  30. Hi rhere ! Love your show ! I have personally seen those ORBS myself I don't know what they are . maybe it is Alien life . perhaps it is our own military black ops project. I also enjoy and do not dismiss the possibility of them or it being a spiritual demonic or spiritual entity we would then have to assume or consider the possibility that they would most likely be hostile towards us. by fact that they are a demonic entity PRETENDING to be something else. An advanced alien race ? Maybe. but I have my doubts

  31. ~ I believe they are NOT Extraterrestrial, but
    INTER -DIMENSIONAL, SPIRITUAL ENTITIES = Fallen angels & Demonic beings.

  32. I love your show Mr.Hodges. I listen to your show on a nightly basis, while driving my Sanitation truck throughout the Las Vegas valley. I'm a 41 yr old Christian Black Male. I love your show because you have heart. And your exposing all Demons trying to destroy this world. Keep up the excellent work. My respect levels are increasing for you daily. Prayers to you & all of us..

  33. Russell Best says:

    Fallen Angels!!!!! BAD!!!! BAD!!!!!

  34. Russell Best says:

    Fallen Angels!!!!! BAD!!!! BAD!!!!!

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