What Will Happen First, An Economic Collapse or World War 3? And How to Preparing for Financial


What will happen in the first place , an economic collapse or World War 3 ? And How to Prepare for financial Armageddon Click here to subscribe to my channel …


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  2. LuxorVan says:

    Russia only wants Ukraine and Crimea to build Carriers! These carriers will carry 70+ aircraft that will include Pak FA fighter jets, they cannot build nor test without taking over the former USSR locations, Crimea allows year round testing and Ukraine is the only place they ever built a carrier! Russia is willing to kill with their plan of starting in 2013-2014 to build at least one Carrier and 5 others to be completed by 2020, Russia would be the first to make such actions of war reality! We screwed up by sharing certain technology with India that was later shared with Russia and then China, we had given Russia new radar which was based upon old S-band tech to prevent nuclear launch, we later gave them a super computer, they then used it to make the newest nuclear missile! The best bet would be to destroy these two sights in these two nations to take away Russia's interest in these locations and their hope to use force to get what they want, Both Medvedev and Putin were KGB agents! Do you think with the life they lived they will ever be for the people of Russia and not for their own Agenda?

  3. Jimmy Lee says:

    They used fallout 3 art for the thumbnail, love it.

  4. how do you spell alex jones in spanish? C-O-J-O-N-E-S!

  5. 00rphb says:

    Oh stop this. If the Democrats are the plague then the Republicans are Cholera. Bush was just as bad as Obama. Are you honestly going to think that getting a new Republican in the white house is going to change anything?

  6. John Boylan says:

    What comes first? I got a bill that says it happens simultaneously. The collapse will be blamed on the enemy that begins the fighting.

  7. Will Hart says:

    The money is not get into the hands of business and consumers enough to boost the velocity of money…without that no inflation, in fact, deflation…look at Europe, Japan and so on, they are not inflatng neither is the US in spite of 6 years of the easiest in history….

  8. One never ever hears Democrat radio hosts do the kind of slamming of the Republicans as you hear GOP pundits slam Dems. on radio especially. Democrats just go about the business of making life a bit easier for the poor and the "working poor". Republicans work for the supper rich, corporations etc. Fight against the people of America. Stop the Unions, try to take away Social Security (Reagan stole most of it) and no benefits for single mothers. Always against people who struggle. And the poor people who also happen to vote Republican and most collect welfare…ALWAYS VOTE AGAINST THEMSELVES BY VOTING REPUBLICAN!?

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