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Will the earth close in 2012? Several people feel to imagine so. You can find innumerable Youtube video clips about a assortment of catastrophe situations this kind of as pole shifts, rouge asteroids, comets, financial collapse, nuclear apocalypse, war, famine, plague… the typical suspects. Is this just another round of millennial fever, or is there more to it than that? Will something special materialize on December twenty first 2012 ?

Possibly the 1st time that this day was specified special importance was the publication of a e book by Jose Arguelles in 1987 identified as the Mayan Variable. In this he presents the theory that the Mayans had been the supreme students of the nature of time and the cyclic procedures of the Earth and the Cosmos. He also calculated that just one of the most essential of their calendars ended on the December solstice of 2012, and he interpreted this to signify that it is the close of a good cycle of 26,000 several years. He also rightly pointed out that the December solstice as it moves round the circle of the heavens because of to the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ is at this time taking place with the Solar and Earth virtually exactly in alignment with the Galactic Centre.

All over the very same time, and fairly independently, another brilliant guy Terrance McKenna created a application identified as Time Wave Zero that plotted the cycles of historical past and showed they are accelerating exponentially. He identified as this Novelty Idea and predicted that in 2012 the curve of at any time more frequent breakthroughs in science and engineering, as well as all other fields of human expertise, would ‘go vertical’. What this usually means is really hard to envision as we would be owning as numerous breakthroughs in minutes as have transpired in the entire of the previous millennia of human historical past. Some have prompt that this could only be accomplished as a result of nano-engineering or the improvement of time vacation or correct artificial intelligence.

Apart from these two seminal authors there are numerous other threads woven into the world-wide expectation that 2012 is special. Most importantly is that just one only has to stroll outside ones residence, or change on the Television set, to see that the earth IS changing rapidly, and displaying indicators of severe pressure at all amounts. It is becoming really hard to deny that we are in reality already in the midst of an ecological, political, financial, social – and finally non secular crisis – this kind of as has no precedent. Probably it is only coincidence that this is all taking place in 2012 – but it does certainly add to the world-wide stress and anxiety.

For that reason people go wanting for other evidence to validate their fears. It was observed that not only is this solstice sunlight lined up with the Galactic Centre, we are also all over this time passing as a result of the Galactic Equator and transferring from just one facet of the galactic disc to the other. The two of these are cyclic phenomena that happen around numerous several years, and nevertheless the blend of both equally of them now appears more than coincidental. But as to no matter whether we will come to feel the consequences of this or not – that is a make any difference completely open up to speculation. Probably the internet and present day personal computer engineering are an indication that it is taking place already?

Onto this bandwagon there have jumped an extraordinary collection of weird theories and speculations. Supporting evidence has arrive from channelled guides, the prophecies of Nostradamus, UFOs and Crop Circles, Hopi prophecies, Conspiracy Theorists, and of class blockbuster films and Youtube clips!

My recommendation is that you need to be genuinely concerned about what is likely on globally, since every little thing is in a time of flux and instability, and what takes place now could well make a decision the nature of everyday living on earth for millennia to arrive. But in the close, it all arrives again to our very own journey, and no matter whether we are executing what we genuinely come to feel we need to be executing with our life. Then we will realise that we have hardly ever acknowledged what was likely to materialize in this or any other year, and that stressing about this kind of items is just an endeavor to escape from stressing about ourselves and our families. There has hardly ever been any security in this everyday living apart from in knowing that you have lived every single instant with as significantly enjoy and gratitude as you are equipped to fathom.

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