What’s In My Backpack? 2016


Hey guys!!! This is going to be my last BTSwithHales video since the fall season is now coming! I’m really excited for my next video because it has to do with fall!


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  1. Madison Hine says:

    ahh love this video!! we should definitely collab!! :)

  2. Please giveaway the camera.

  3. your quality is legit goalllsss

  4. i want your backpack?

  5. what is the name of the font you used in your thumbnail??:)

  6. love this! your backpack is so cute

  7. When she said she loves Victoria secret pink. I was like YASSS girl ???. Love your videos

  8. Gaiagirl says:

    I lose hair ties legit everyday. the struggle is real!!!:)

  9. who else have been a part of HAILS NATION for the longest time?!

  10. your laptop cover is so cute! 🙂 great video!

  11. ITZ_EVIE_XX says:

    I'm starting highschool on Tuesday and I'm not sure what to expect! This video was soooo amazing and I have been a supporter from the start❤️ ily lots x keep doing what ur doing xx

  12. Jeff Cereck says:

    Glad to see your pens are not stole from your moms company!!

  13. Jeff Cereck says:

    My son loves K, he wants to be a YouTuber like you

  14. Omg I can't wait to enter the YouTube giveaway!! I've always wanted to make videos but don't have a laptop & camera

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