When’s It Time To Leave West Coast And/Or The Northern Hemisphere Due To Fukushima Radiation?

Live Free or Die

According to multiple recently launched stories, within the next few days a harmful toxic cloud of radiation could be coming upon the West Coast of America, requiring that a radiation alert be issued while a Fukushima alert to the world has also gone out. While the mainstream media has absolutely ignored the unfolding Fukushima disaster, various alternative news providers have mentioned that these warnings are not necessary. We absolutely disagree and have the following reasons set out before us as information displaying the signs of a Fukushima radiological disaster unfolding before our eyes here in North America and upon the West Coast and throughout the Pacific Ocean that direct us to determine that Fukushima poses a direct threat to all life.

When’s It Time To Leave West Coast AndOr The Northern Hemisphere Due To Fukushima Radiation

The Destruction of Our Food Chain:

Bald Eagles, like human beings, sit at the top of the food chain. Due to that fact, chemicals and environmental toxins that accumulate in the lower food chain reach their highest quantity, able to do the most damage, when they arrive as food on our, and the bald eagle’s, tables. West Coast bald eagles are mysteriously dying in droves in Utah and Idaho and experts are finally coming around to saying that it may be due to Fukushima radiation. An alarming decrease of salmon in Alaska and along the entire West Coast also worries experts who further warn that radiation will recirculate for many generations in the Pacific Ocean food chain.

A sailor who left Japan shared that ‘it felt like the ocean was dead’ after they left Japan with no signs of visible life for miles. Meanwhile, we learned that ‘something very odd is happening in the Pacific Ocean’ while only 145 miles off the coast of California, 98% of the seafloor was covered in Fukushima death. These few incidents don’t take into account the unexplained mass die-offs of sea stars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins nor the countless reports of mass deaths of other Pacific Ocean sea creatures being reported over the last 2+ years.

The Radiation is ALL Around Us:

We learned this week from ENENews that plutonium and uranium from Fukushima can be deposited in far away places and may enter the human body through such various ways as dust, rain, fog, food and water, things that ALL of us run into and use EVERY DAY in our daily life and survival. At Before It’s News we consistently find that RADCON 5 Alerts have been issued across America, from the East coast to the West, proving that radiation from Fukushima has invaded our shores and none of us are immune to this invisible and toxic poison which often takes years to accomplish its deadly effects.

How do we get our information?

Without any REAL news about Fukushima from our mainstream news media and our government, who have been PROVEN to be covering up the tragedy at Fukushima to prevent a public panic, how will Americans learn when a toxic radiation cloud from Fukushima comes into our vicinity? Should we trust the same government that so aptly protected members of the US Navy recently when they volunteered their services to help the people of Japan? Will the American public have the opportunity to be notified of a toxic radiation cloud the way Alaska Air workers were notified recently? How long should such a ‘radiation alert’ last for? How will we learn that it’s ok to go back outside? Thankfully, people like Arnie Gundersen, BeautifulGirlByDana, Leuren Moret and many others throughout YouTube and alternative media have been picking up the slack.

Most ‘awake’ Americans are absolutely sickened by what has happened at Fukushima and the nightmare now unfolding. While the MSM and general public are quick to agree that an earthquake caused the Fukushima nightmare, there are many others who believe that Fukushima was a MAN-MADE event, caused by HAARP or an ocean placed nuclear weapon, and a DIRECT ATTACK upon the people of Japan AND North America by a ‘NWO’ syndicate bent upon depopuation, an UNNATURAL disaster that may soon be used to evacuate the West Coast and the end of a lifestyle that millions have grown to love, leaving the properties, homes and families of millions totally worthless and a vast nuclear wasteland for potentially hundreds of years.

The videographers below examine the Fukushima situation from the point of view of ANYTHING BUT the mainstream media and the government. Are what these videographers suggest POSSIBLE in the near future? They certainly are when you take Arnie Gundersen’s worst case scenarios about could POSSIBLY happen at Fukushima into account. Will these scenarios play out? Only time will tell if we’ll have to evacuate the West Coast of North America or possibly the entire Northern hemisphere, but with the track record of TPTB, who’s going to tell us when ‘it’s time’?


For those who think that ONLY the alternative media believes that the West Coast may soon need to be evacuated, the following video is for you.

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11 Responses

  1. ravenmaven says:

    Any time the MSM REPORTS ANYTHING OF CONSEQUENCE is too little too Late…. and are doing their CYA routine. They serve their ziomasters not the U.S.

    Dear Pakalert something is screwed up when I try to open some of your headlines they send me to this site but never will answer their phone, http://us-mg205.mail.yahoo.com/neo/#1….It’s been happening for a week.

  2. claus doehringhttp://www.pakalertpress.com/2013/02/15/kill-anyone-you-want-law-has-been-abandoned-in-america-satire/ says:

    think about, the USA made it all possible with two world wars. now we are going to pay the bill.thank you very much.think about!

  3. John Cook says:

    I don’t know what caused the tsunami but I Do know that the meltdowns were caused by Stuxnet sabotaging the reactor coolant pumps and other systems.

    • ravenmaven says:

      nuttyyahu phoned the PM of Japan (it was recorded) and threatened that if they did not write off all of Americas debt their nuclear power plants would be attacked….
      nutty was then summoned to China. Now this is our “closest ally in the middle east”
      We are up s—t creek w/o a paddle. We need to break all ties with this madman.

  4. DDearborn says:


    I thought at the time that it was very strange that Bush Jr. purchased a 100000 acre ranch in central Paraguay back in 06. It is an amazing coincidence that his exact location is on one of the largest underground fresh water aquifers in the world.

    And drum roll please……………………It just so happens that the region is one of the very safest places to be in the world if North America became contaminated with radiation.

    How do you like them apples. I mean just how lucky can you get right?

  5. 5 War Veteran says:

    It is already too late. The Elite have succeeded in their Agenda 21 Depopulation plans.
    Three things to consider. Taking them out first before we are too far gone. Second, stop them from entering their underground holes before they can run away from what they have wrought. Third, If they make it into their underground base holes never let them come out.

    As honorable mention, replace the entire government they are mostly criminals doing their Elite masters bidding. This is what happens when you let wealth replace responsibility.

  6. levi says:

    We’ve poisoned the rest of the world where we have gone to war. The Whore of Babylon is destined to receive double for her sins, hated and burned with fire. Rendering double to us is a fatal outcome for being the most powerful communists nation in the world’s history. Yeah, that’s us. We are spreading communism around the world and the goal of communism is to destroy every existing society in the world. All ten planks are violations of several of the ten commandments and statutes in Scripture and we practice all ten planks. Endless war, corporatism–fascism, financial crimes, moral corruption, propaganda, tyranny are strongholds of where we are as a nation. If we are now going to receive a cloud of poison from “our technology” it is a known scenario of that type of construction and known vulnerability to forces of nature or sabotage, false flag or otherwise. Any obvious look at putting this quantity of nuclear material many feet in the air and in a pool of water at that height is made to fail. Timing is the only issue, especially at that location. This is a plan that goes far back in the planning and we have this same type of junk technology for power plants here, with the same result, timing the only question. We are far along in the destruction of this nation and the disasters are getting more intense. To proclaim liberty was the proclamation of the cancellation of everyone’s debt. How does the experience of never releasing debts nationally now relate to everyone’s life? We cannot survive the effects of the world we have conjured for ourselves. The answers and solutions are deliberately being withheld from us. I don’t know how long I have in this poisoned environment but it isn’t counted in decades.

  7. Michael J. Marsalek says:

    It’s abundantly clear that the uncontrollable seepage and deliberate discharge of massive quantities of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean is mutating and/or killing all forms of sea life on its way to the West Coast. Toxic levels of radioactive particles are being rained down onto US soil through the natural atmospheric process and contaminating the nation’s food supply. And while the American people have already begun experiencing radiation sickness, the United States government stands silently idle as the West Coast and possibly the entire northern hemisphere are being rendered uninhabitable not to mention that the nation’s food supply is gradually being poisoned. Americans should be comforted though that the government is bound and determined to prevent Iran from some day in the distant future from developing a nuclear weapons capability. Also, Americans now comprehensive health insurance which promises to provide access to quality, affordable health care which is mandated under pain of fines and inprisonment.

    • John Cook says:

      It’s all Irans fault! Israel only did that to Japan as punishment for their offer to enrich uranium for Iran. So, Blaim Iran, it’s ALL THEIR FAULT. Israel just Had to show them the error of their ways!

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