Where did humans come from? New Documentary 2017



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  1. Aaaand here come the trolls, both YECs and anti-theists ripping at each other's throats

  2. JOKER says:

    this program is amazing.if you like this stuff it's worth watching.

  3. Chac Schao says:

    We didn't evolve from apes. We're a different specie of apes at our current evolutionary state. Evidence of evolution: religious and atheist..

  4. buddha6955 says:

    How do you people suppose we add chromosomes to what we already have? 1 evolution should add a chromosome to our DNA, or do we just get 4 more at some point in our evolution into a different species? You people are fucking nuts to believe that we started as a blanket of single celled organisms and eventually made it to human. It was an idea that you can never prove and can never be proven…there is no middle species of any organism->>>>you need to let it go, it's false. Evolution is NOT the way we got here. Use your brain for something worth a shit, evolution is NOT true.

  5. human beings are not the product of evolution, we are the product of extraterrestrial experimentation.

  6. Darwin was so aware of the number of holes his theory of evolution had that he didn't want his book to be published but the money hungry publishers did it anyway. in any case the idea that we came from monkeys is a very good MONKEY-BUSINESS.

  7. Mike Stoltz says:

    Ape to Human is a bunch of BS. Stupidest shit ever….

  8. John Cakes says:

    what were humans before they were babies? angels? ???? where did they come from?

  9. JC says:

    Wait, didn't Adam and Eve create all mankind? Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Whites ??

  10. Until these scientist stop thinking that these type of finds have anything to do with human ancestry , they will never know the truth pertaining to human origins. Unfortunately their schooling has led them to believe that somehow the only way to figure out our origins is to dig up old animal bones and spend a lot of time and money trying to find transition between ape and human that will never ever come to fruition. TO SAY THESE FOSSILS ARE PART OF OUR FAMILY TREE IS THE BIGGEST INSULT TO MANKIND !!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Borc Felix, u hit the hit the bullseye directly in the center. Evolution has been proven to be major BS and I invite u to check the fact.

  12. AZHAM AHMAD says:

    Ape,ape….. ok… historryy… What about watch in tomb in China, vimanas in India ,What about pyramid in all the world… the skull in Inca or in south america? The statue face in south america , alien? So who we are? Are there another creature before human being lived in the earth? To who not belived God, you wil continued not belived in God because you did not want to find the truth.. The sign is in you but you closed your hart to find the truth. As scientis you did not used the science to find God. Read Al Quran in surah Yassin, God tell why….

  13. how comes the apes we have today did not evolve,and what were they before they became the apes that they are today?

  14. Ali Husseyin says:

    Lloyd Pye theory more logical for me From then Evolution ! 🙂 evolition non exist but tasmition yes exist ! 🙂

  15. We are come from a large uncontrollable vagina…….

  16. 74Robinos says:

    Out of a vagina….

  17. merbywerby says:

    this stuff is to cut for me

  18. TheWolfsan says:

    political correctness gone wild… this is unwatchable..the SJWs have ruined nova

  19. flag1941 says:

    I have been reading about this stuff from every direction for 65 years. Find it is very different depending on who is telling the story.

  20. Rob Cortez says:

    There is no proof of evolution. Its all conjecture, used to push the theroy that these paid scientists have been indoctrinated into believing. To believe that a creator could just as well place man here on earth to procreate, has been ridiculed by godless people for a few hundred years. Once was a time when all of mankind was aware of their creator.

  21. MusicInspire says:

    Whose evolution? The speaker and the scientists he represents must think THEY evolved from apes. Hey, they have that freedom of belief. Go for it. What they all fail to confess to you viewers is where this mechanism is that allegedly arranged just the right chemicals into a living cell. That elusive mechanism continues to escape their detection. Darwin himself admitted that the lack of any TRUE transitional forms causes the theory of evolution to utterly collapse. Go figure. Never did that ignorant man ever think about the enormous intelligence it takes to put together just the right chemicals into a living cell.

  22. We're living in a computer generated simulation program with an AI and Voice system known as God. I have known the Voice for over 37 years. The AI and converts stored data into created men called the mind and created senses that form fake bodies living in fake worlds. Human beings are similar to the characters in a SIMS 4 simulation game but of course, our programmers had much better computer technology and computer language to use to make our visible worlds look much more real.

  23. 3m0_Wr3ck says:

    This was a good one!!

  24. John Burrage says:

    Too much assumption. And, the human body does not have identical sides. Although I do believe in using reconstruction technology to make assumptions or "theories" in order to point the direction in providing more conclusive evidence, this is the act of pressing evidence and theory as "non existent proof". Evidence is "Not" proof. I always though it necessary to set aside our prejudices in order to facilitate a scientific methodology.

    "The only religious involvement that I have is in that which I do consistently. "

    I might have "faith" that the theory of evolution is true, and will base all my findings on that premise….
    I might have faith in the Norse Gods, as did my ancestors. I might have faith in "ancient aliens" as do all the followers of Erich von Daniken ( a proven fraud) :p . I believe that "science" should be an independent observer, and collector of evidence, without having to come to conclusions. Let the observer, albeit some without qualification, observe, and come into their own, without being force fed conclusions.

    Lets start with "the big bang" Theory, and the speed of light. Perhaps some "new light" could be shed on this subject. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/nov/28/theory-challenging-einsteins-view-on-speed-of-light-could-soon-be-tested.
    But I'm old and retired and should get some sleep. I hope that You Tube will allow me to continue this conversation.

  25. eric salles says:

    did they fall or were they pushed?

  26. eric salles says:

    the chimp kills other chimps and monkees

  27. eric salles says:

    they haven't evolved ..they're still here ..apes and monkeys stay as they are

  28. Drew Cody says:

    I pee on your video copy + pasting, re-naming.

  29. Ali Husseyin says:

    so they diden't telling us howmany chromozon hawe it 48 or 46 ? if 48 dozent make cets !

  30. StorM Rising says:

    Jesus H Christ, all of the comments made by the Creatards just seems like a competition to me. A competition of uneducated and willfully ignorant wind whisperers trying to out-compete one and another for the most ridiculous arguments from ignorance fallacies against the FACT of evolution.

    Put aside your books of fables wind whisperers and pick up a book with some actual evident based substance to it.

  31. crimony says:

    33:30 They build up flesh from the skull, but they have no evidence to conclude that it had human eyes with white sclera. The white sclera gives it a particularly human quality. Otherwise it would just look like a funny ape of some type. It may of course be an ancestor of modern humans, but the evolutionists are dishonestly biasing the evidence.

  32. when i was a child i looked out the side window as dad took us paces sometimes i looked out the back ……………….you poor pathetic humans need to waste money on where we are going not where we came from….you like this kid below [who is and are incapable of even noticing the intricate nature of the extremely complicated human machine] will return to where we came the earth [the same minerals silicates and water ] are in the earth [ so i suppose you are figuretivly walking on your future…………

  33. Wer just albino black people like it or not

  34. Ben Prior says:

    Why do churches not have free Wi-Fi?

    Because they don't want anything to do with an invisible power that actually works.

  35. We are a creation of our God and that documentary is a lie.

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