Where to Invade Next Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Michael Moore Documentary HD


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20 Responses

  1. Paul Tran says:

    Want another Vietnam? Or Iraq ?

  2. will muny says:

    It's got to suck to be that ugly and fat too.

  3. Must see for full
    equality of all people.

  4. david henry says:

    Michael Moore is too much a tool to save anyone

  5. fucker owns 6 mansions…loves capitalism for himself but not for you

  6. This was a great documentary that really shows how America has really lost sight of its ideals with all the corruption that has taken place in the country, the USA may be one of the biggest and most powerful countries but that doesn't make it the best, the American dream is dead, there are other countries that are now living that dream while we're here just trying to pick the lesser of two evils, and not to be cliche but we have bring about change, adopting some of these ideas from this movie would be a start.

  7. The one thing missing from the movie that I wanted to see is how other countries treat their minorities, Moore showed how women are treated but not racial minorities, he only touched upon it slightly and indirectly in Portugal which was disappointing.

  8. djguy100 says:

    Americas have been lied to and brainwashed by their own government and media for decades. Newsflash guys, you are not number 1 at a lot of things, and definitely not when it comes to quality of life.

  9. hopefully this documentary opens some eyes and starts some debates because our system is shit

  10. Jerry E says:

    Just saw it. Good documentary and entertaining, but…

    Moore ambushes the audience when he throws out the idea that women should run all the countries in the world, "hint hint, vote for my friend Hillary." Not too different from his ambush of Charlton Heston, years ago.

    He should know how corrupt the Clintons are, with their "foundations," "speaking fees," etc. Hillary is a woman, yes, but a bought-and-paid-for one courtesy of Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, etc.

  11. belgravia85 says:

    Funny how a lot of Americans skip the question of affordability when it comes to healthcare. Yes, in Europe healthcare is not free, we pay it with our taxes. Yet it doesn't change the fact that individually as well as a society we spend less than the Americans and have a longer life expectancy, far lower child mortality and quality of life.

    What's the point of having more money in your pocket if you are not guaranteed your health? Sorry, but health is too important to let private enterprises make a profit out of it.

  12. So Japan is extremely xenophobic and so are many other countries but Moore goes after the west, one of the only places you still can say, do or pretty much be whatever you want to be…. makes sense.

  13. he invades the fridge on the hour. I wish this fat turd would just stay over there.

  14. Sheila B says:

    Well thought out movie — wake up call to the US and Canada!

  15. Paul Perry says:

    We need some crack troops to invade Michael Moore's ass. Maybe they can rescue Hillary's ethics from the depths of his bowels.

  16. gazza3166 says:

    fat fuck must be scint

  17. Moor knows how to make money, but a stupid man.

  18. HailAnts says:

    Is there still no psycho willing to blow this fat pig's fat pig head off?!? Nice big target. You can find him at one of his mansions, most liking stuffing his fat pig face with donuts or Twinkies.

  19. Love michael moore's movies, but dude needs to take better care of himself….lose the weight and get in shape…looking really bad these days

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