I combat a severe stomach virus while explaining the doc situation. $50 OFF VIDEOBLOCKS MEMBERSHIP: http://videoblocks.com/McJuggerNuggets_1116 …


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  1. I got diarrhea at my friend house and so did he.

  2. I don't like the videos when you talk a lot

  3. I saw my favorite city it's New York:)

  4. wtf r u the new cosmos lol

  5. LOL yo I have a stomach flu right now too, threw up all night, but I am getting better now.

  6. I had a temperature of 106F, It as hell I didnt know what was going on, I was very nauseous and I wanted to die

  7. Ivysaur 700 says:

    dhfhg.€[email protected]@€%€€€"-.


  8. RED BEARD58 says:

    your videos are fucking boring

  9. Sabrina P says:

    Jesse please shave your beard off or at least get it sorted out, it's all over the place and messy

  10. Robbie_L_B says:

    I did same at night X(

  11. Robbie_L_B says:

    non stop deals XD

  12. russo3j says:

    I can guarantee that it will cost money. Guarantee.

  13. Big Brady says:

    He's getting paid by video blocks?

  14. Dylon Young says:

    new series at 1:07 I feel like I have slipped into a new demimtion

  15. 4 months ago he said the documentry is coming out soon

  16. hey jesse u have good videos and u do inspire me

  17. He says he's trying to make it free now. But later we will see he says I tried juggies but you have to pay. Here's my code mcjuggernuggets to get $5 off. ??

  18. Luis Rivera says:

    I thought I clicked on a diff video with the little videos as he was talking

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