White People MTV Satanic Illuminati Race Documentary War #whitepeople EXPOSED


MTV has released a documentary entitled ” White People ” where they are saying that they are trying to help deal with racism in America . In this video I expose like this …


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  1. If that idiot gave me that stupid scowl he has and tried to shame me for simply being white, I would seriously punch him right in his ugly zipper head and put a mirror in front of him to show him what is shameful. Don't come to someone else's country and race bate. FYI black people hate chinese, or whatever that thing is, worse than they hate white people.

  2. You have to look at context!  He's half black and we're adults, get over it.  He wasn't standing on a corner outside a liquor store with his pants sagging drinking a 40.  Eliminating a word will not change peoples heart.  I'm black and I don't support Obama, he's a mechanism of the elite just like every other white president before him.  Various groups of all types will use derogatory terms within their community that doesn't mean I can if not a part of that community, just the way it is.

  3. I aM says:

    Most white people are awful that's just the thing. They don't even understand their privilege. And you are trying to make it seem like MTV is trying to create a race war when Christian white people started with black people first. They took their savage asses to my ancestor's country/continent and stole ideas, objects, land, and people. And not white christians are still trying to start a war within the black community by brainwashing them and saying queer people are bad and putting drugs in our neighborhoods. They give us harsher charges. They kill us if their cops. They beat us. Etc… MTV and "The Illuminati" and not trying to start problems, white people just want distractions from the REAL problem.

    PS. I know not all white people are savages but most of them are and if you're white and are offended it's because I'm directing this at you.

  4. The only people I have ever heard use the word race wars are crazy tin foil hatter conspiracy theorists and white supremacists. I already know you are the first option but I'm suspecting you might be both.

  5. Wow, I'm now wondering why we Americans call ourselves the "united" states and we even pledge allegiance. Seems more like the divided states to me. 

  6. I just like how Hollywood critics always say there isn't enough black people in movies. I watch many foreign films. Korean movies only have korean actors. Chinese movies only have chinese actors. Japanese movies only have japanese actors. No white people. No black people.

  7. bigjayking24 says:

    I see there are 2 channels. The Vigilant Christian, and Vigilant Christian. Hmm.

  8. Alpha Boss says:

    I saw this video then watched some of the video about white people and noticed that they said white people 40% more likely to get into college then other races funny thing is if you write that down on paper out of a hundred percent that's not possible then I accidentally pressed the backspace button and went back to this video weird but seriously I see what you mean video probably was made to start conflict

  9. Chai Lewis says:

    You are right Sean Cooper this guy has down syndrome

  10. Island Girl says:

    Skin color is not the ISSUE.. Economics and Education is the issue…
    the heart is the other issue and also might be the main issue… that needs to change first to be able to have respect for all and a education and love for mankind.  The older I get the worse I feel, at times I feel as if things are getting worse and the people who are thinkers are getting older and dying off. The rest walk around in a stupor looking into a wi-fi device on social media… walking into walls. BY a Black Woman

  11. Roman Darius says:

    We need to repeat over and over that we must get our own movie studios like Walt Disney once had.  Even if we don't make as much money as our Jewish counter parts—we need some sort of entertainment to go to.  I am racist—but I also believe this man is telling the truth.  This is being done on purpose to play one group of people against another—Divide and Conquer

  12. Roman Darius says:

    Funny how Obama—the first gay president—spent 20 years in Rev. Wright's Church listening to all that hate?

  13. Roman Darius says:

    I personally boycott:  MTV, ABC, CBS, NBC, The Young Turks, CNN, ESPN.

  14. Roman Darius says:

    If Obama used the "N" word—-fire is white half !!!!!

  15. This has nothing to do with illuminati, actually keeping this kind of stuff on the down low is the real agenda..

  16. jt smith says:

    George soros is an apostate jew  Another words trying to cause racial trouble which real Jews DO NOT DO!!  There is a difference

  17. Did you really have to take 15 to say the same thing Over and Over again?

  18. when racism is exposed or talked about, so many white people get so defensive, but if so, then how do you think black people feel after years of colonialism, genocide, murder, slavery, and belittling of them by force. Racism is a demonic social construct used to justify the evils of the powers that rule. But I hope that God will bring justice to the oppressed.

  19. How do you create a new world order?

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