Who Are The Illuminati?


Some people believe in a group called “The Illuminati”. They are said to be a secret society that exists to one day dominate, or actively does dominate the world …


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  1. I'm bout to go and join the illuminati. Fuck everybody.

  2. pastelpills says:

    that is not the evil eye!!!

  3. Sarah D says:

    So…I'm part of the Illuminati. Thanks Onision, I'm going to area 51 now :D

  4. tf im Christian keep it to you're self if You dont got proof that im the fucking illuminati

  5. yas, if andy's lucifer, im a satanic worshiper! lol

  6. AyumuAkuma says:

    I was mad at you for dissing other youtubers… Because they do things for a job… But the fucking Christians!!! ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!! BAHAHAHA! ????

  7. god damn those christians are really manipulated

  8. Elle Mead says:

    How did I know that he would work Andy into here

  9. Unknown User says:

    Why are you so fucking cute

  10. Smith TV says:

    Hey guys. I don't want to sound like I'm begging for subs! I'm doing this just for constructive criticism.

    I started youtube last night and I really want come constructive criticism on the video I posted earlier this morning.

    If you have any recommendations or suggestions please feel free to comment them on my video!

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  11. I love him so much for his honesty

  12. External says:

    I'm global elite on CS:GO, am I illuminati?

  13. lol showed my parents while I'm at their home.. the part about Christianity being Illuminati and I think you destroyed their whole world. they are now questioning themselves… wow I'm amazed

  14. Rothschilds


  15. Emma mcstraw says:

    Not all Christians are heartless retards u idiot ???? u talk about equality for all but u say all this about us Christians ?????

  16. y26op says:

    OnisionSpeaks: Isn't something how an idiot, always thinks everyone else, is an idiot? Do you ever research anything you mock? Because I don't think anyone here, has ever got that impression. You Googled the meaning of Illuminati? That's how you came about that answer? Do you know what Exoteric and Esoteric, means? Of course, you don't. "Enlightenment" is the exoteric meaning… The esoteric meaning? "To fully know Christ is the real deal, and choose to fully reject him". The Illuminati is made up of selected Masons, and Jesuits. Masons, a Luciferian cult, yes. Jesuits… "Sons of Jesus", claiming Jesus is actually Lucifer. An exoteric claim, strictly used for recruiting. Mixing truth with lies, duality… A basic principle of Luciferian law. Perhaps you might want to research this stuff, which obviously would include the Occult, which is the teachings of their beliefs. An idiot entertaining idiots. A simple remedy to be had, but unfortunately, you delight in ignorance. To have knowledge, you have to choose not to reject it. But, these things are typical with narcissistic mentality. You can walk off cliff, or not walk off a cliff. That is on you.

  17. YOU GO ONISION!!!!

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