WHO CONTROLs the ILLUMINATI – The Highest Seat in the WORLD



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  1. catholic is the way stop talking out ur ass what it is ur scared of jesus just like satan stop twiting shit

  2. bobi966 says:

    The reptilians tha everyone knows that !Illuminati are controlled by reptoid Hostile Aliens!

  3. Marko Pezic says:

    koja si ti budala stari

  4. In order to understand who are those illuminati, it is important to study wgat they do In our day to day life.

    Let's trying a little exercise to recall what the illuminati do:

    They don't seem to like multiculturalism of western society while embrassant the gay/transgender agenda.

    By that we can deduct that some of the illuminati are Gay and white, with a tendency for gender dysphoria.

    In general transsexuals who were male before changing to female, tend to me less inclined to biracial relationship, if compared with genetic born female, and that is a fact.

    Many white transvestite tend to be highly conservative and republics.

    J Edgard hoover, the big boss of the CIA was a well known transvestite, and Al Capone took pictures of him, forcing him to allow the mafia to expend .

    This would explain why they are destroying the reputations of many straight men or Bisexual men who identified themselves as straight men:

    Take the exemple of Marlon brando, Valentino, John Travolta, Tom cruse, Michael Jackson, all men targeted by the illuminati.

    If you are a men who look down on gay and transvestite, they destroy your reputation.

    The illuminaties or those higher than them are just sad men, sad transvestites, sad clowns who control the world and want to make it to their image.

    Remember that lucifer, in Babylonian thorah, is a gender fluids angel. Ancient jews called him "she" ,the devil is a beautiful angel capable of seduction and deception, according to the bible.

  5. Secret ?
    not even Satan keeps it !!!!

  6. Satan is laughing at dem , ALL !!!!

  7. ILLUMINATI is Illuminated !!!!

  8. DEADS !!!

  9. sham star says:

    The first person in Christianity to be deceived was the 13th unelected Apostle.

  10. shuhu syd says:

    if you really believes in Allah then u will not end up in thinking all these stupid things…

  11. Hopefully you will find out that the Jesuits under Satan are controlling everything. Islam was started by the Jesuits. Masonic lodges are controlled by the Jesuits, which started JW's and Mormons, etc. Illuminate was started by the Jesuits. Sports, Media, Finance, Google is also controlled by Jesuits or Knights of Malta, Jew or not, all of which are controlled by Satan through the Vatican. America is controlled by a Jesuit President, who is controlled by a Superior Jesuit.

  12. Ruby Stern says:

    The khazar white jews( not the true chosen tribe of Judah) control the illuminati and every branch associated with them, freemasonry all secret societies, occult groups, KKK ( they founded the KKK) Catholicism as well Jesuits were founded by crypto khazar Jews. Ignatious Loyola founder of the Jesuits was a crypto khazar Jew. Even long before him Constantine was a pagan until his death bed who married a khazar princess. I think if u dig deep u may find he too was khazar. The khazar nobility own and control everything the even founded jehova a witness because Charles Russell taze was a crypto khazar Jew also. See Khazars have a long history at being adept at the black arts, Babylonian magic/ witchcraft, sorcery. They have infiltrated all organized religion and have overthrown most legitimate royal bloodlines such as British monarchy. The ruling class in Britain are illegitimate not the true bloodline. All us presidents also all crypto, research it if u don't believe, all true

  13. Ruby Stern says:

    Perhaps Babylonians settled in khazaria?? Because historically Khazars can not live peacefully with the rest of the planet and psychopathy did not surface until after Sumerian/Babylonian era according to Thomas Sheridan.

  14. Ruby Stern says:

    No one in Washington should be holding dual citizenship with another country, right now 80% of Washington are khazar Jews and khazar crypto Jews holding dual citizenship with Israel. No surprise that they are sending billions of us tax dollars to Israel.

  15. Ruby Stern says:

    Also why is 80% of Washington khazar Jews when they only make up 2% of the country. There should only be 2% in Washington. I think most should be made up of native Americans because it is rightfully their country

  16. the sound is really bad pitty..

  17. You mentioned Muslim is part of the Babylonian cult which your wrong about.

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