Who Really Caused World War One?


“Who Really Caused World War One? The First World War was a devastating conflict that cost millions of lives. Why did it start? And does the history we’re taught …


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  1. Im from Serbiaaa

  2. No doubt there were many "Cliques of Power" within Europe's Old Empires, Japan,  and the U.S. that figured they'd profit from such a war. Doing so with the live's of their commoners…………Answers why the U.S. attempted to stay out of it until D.C. decided its' own Empire needed to strut its' muscle.

  3. anexxius says:

    The main question is, which group did want to start a (limited) war? For example, german militarists had been thought, a war would start latest 1916/17 it would be much better to be started the sooner the better. And, probably, so did the Austrians, Russians, and at least, the French (revenge for alsace, etc.). The role of the British seems more ambivalent to me; maybe, they had been only interested in more balance of power on the continent – in constant fear of the german economic (and nevertheless military) power at that time of history. However, the Austrians have had produced an enormous part of the "Balcan Troubles", which lead to two short-time wars 1911/12, by annexion of Bosnia-Herzegowina in 1908. Russia had been the protective power for all slavic peoples in this region, so conflict with Serbia, Montenegro, etc. would automatically increase tension with the Russian Empire. Thus, Austria, especially its Chief of Staff Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf – second in command to Franz Ferdinand(!) had been planned for an preemptive strike against the Serbians for years before 1914. German ambitions had not been very clear at this time. Possibly they wanted a european hegemony by getting rid of the only powers, which had been able to beat them: France and Russia. Nevertheless a strong nationalistic wing of the german parliament, the Reichstag dreamed of an even more overwhelming empire, ruling europe. ("Alldeutscher Verband" under its chairman Heinrich Claß).

  4. Serbia is responsible for lots of wars in Balkan aswell for WWI
    Hopefully one day they will go back to russia and leave europe in Peace 

  5. Gavrilo Princip and his accomplices were in organisation called "Young Bosnia". It was a multinational organisation with Serbs, Muslim and Croats in it. Their main goal was unification of all South Slavs and making of Yugoslavia. So, Gavrilo Princip was not Serbian nationalist. Dragutin Dimitrijevic Apis was one of the founders of the secret group "Unification or death" , that on 28th of May 1903. killed, thrown off balcony and decimated the bodies of the royal couple King Aleksandar Obrenovic and Queen Draga Obrenovic.

  6. And that´s why Germany have to pay the bills and be humiliated

  7. khaled omar says:

    jews started the first one and second and ww3 because they have to defeat the ottoman in order to get their country in palestine and they make the world fight germany because he know that jews trying to control his government and they will start ww3 because they want to control oil and make arab countries weak

  8. FDCbadaman says:

    jewish bankers

  9. Fauzi Diab says:

    anyone know the music for this?


  11. does the name of the music have to be more classified the Apis's confession?

  12. TTP says:

    They really want me to believe wars are created that easily. If they were, than the Middle East crisis is a really big deal.

  13. Will WW3 happen? is the wrong question…when will WW3 happen? is the right question. The Holy Bible has already prophesied WW3. Matthew 24:6-7, know your bible people.

  14. As a former national socialist. I still believe the a

  15. J Galt says:

    this video lost me immediately by not tell me what nationality the assassin of the arch duke was, seems kind of relevant.

  16. G1970K says:

    Look at Europe before and after WWI and you will know your answer. Before WWI we had 5 families on the throne. After that none. That's because you cant control so easy a Royal family, but you can easily control a government, you can make political parties, you can fund opposition, when you have Royal family you don't have opposition. That's why the only true answer is that jews caused WWI so they can destroy monarchy in Europe witch they did. We only have one monarchy left after WWI in Europe and that's United Kingdom. And they control English crown much more before a WWI. Everyone can see that. Who fund war against Napoleon, who had all English stocks after Waterloo battle, you can investigate by your self. Jews = bankers caused WWI, Serbians was just a tools in their hand. And one more thing Apis was funded by a British, that's one unknown thing you forgot to mention it in your video. Just like ISIS now is a tool to. Just ask your self why ISIS never attacked Israel? And they will never attack Israel remember that.

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