Who’s In The Illuminati? – David Icke: Was He Right? – Real Stories


Taken from 2006 documentary ‘David Icke: Was He Right?’, David talks about the Illuminati, and who he believes are members in the secret society. Watch the …


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  1. Retard. Society is fucked because the world is fucked. Go live in a jungle alone without taking anything from society. You die. Plain and simple. This is why we have social structures and why you're not taken seriously you fucking delusional retard.

  2. won hung low says:

    wow….all I can say is wow

  3. ZER0 says:

    NO. That is the answer to the title of this video. The guy is a fucking nutter.

  4. MONICA ANICA says:

    The reptilian descendency it seems very plausible hypothesis to me because it reminds me of the Evil snake from the Bible

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