Why Illuminati use Butterflies to Symbolize MK ULTRA Mind Control


If you do a cursory search of the internet, you’ll commonly find the symbol of a butterfly in relation to MK ULTRA, MK NAOMI or Monarch programming is simply …


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  1. Amen!!So awesome to see my brother DMX at the end,keep fighting the good fight ???

  2. Michael M says:

    Amen Brother Thank You
    Love People
    I HATE the evil !

  3. Erich Pengel says:

    Many people do not realize that we are in a spiritual war Christians know it but the people who have not accepted Jesus they don't see it we live in the last of the last days and this world is getting darker and darker every day satan knows that he has no more time so he take who to take to hell let us pray and pray especially for those music artists that they accept Jesus(Yeshua)

  4. Ken March says:

    Your Teaching and Informing is such a Welcomed and necessary Blessing and at your personal Cost.        As a Teacher by 'Calling' myself, I understand your Calling, Necessity and Effort.       THANK YOU !           THANK  YOU !            THANK  YOU !            Other Christians out there:  If you can't at this time contribute finances to this Ministry, then at least Pray for this man 'Mike" and his ministry ever time you watch his Videos ?

  5. Yes is would Gary Webb. And God is definitely "drawing" Kanye.. All we need to do as God's children, is pray. Pray that God will Kanye the grace to surrender.. I am praying

  6. If you guys are praying for Kanye, Miley, Britney, and Amanda, will you please add Shia Lebeouf? He had a breakdown a while back that showed his MK Ultra cracks. Henry Gruver (aka Prayer Walker) has walked thousands of miles praying for people and lands. He came out in a recent interview with Steve Quayle and said that God let him know that there were PLACES we shouldn't pray for — they are marked for destruction. Instead, we should pray for the PEOPLE inside to turn to (or back to) the Lord Jesus Christ. Hollywood was one of those places.

  7. Ma Meta says:

    Excellent Mike. The Dali Lama quote really brings it all together. Great work.

  8. WTF BBQ says:

    this is a losing battle…. we all know how this ends.

  9. Aronika says:

    Jesus help us!!!

  10. RoB4Freedom says:

    My question for Billy Ray is what the fuck did you expect

  11. Wow, what a strange way to finish this video. If you believe that God is in Dmx's corner you too just might be mind controlled.

  12. Carol Flower says:

    Great video … Well Done!  Thank you.

  13. Cody Reitsma says:

    Excellent video. Becoming aware of this subject was actually what really began my process of "waking up." I was so shocked by what I found out about Amanda Bynes and how past publicized breakdowns like those of Britney Spears seemed to make sense of it, that it was hard for me to sleep for probably a couple nights after that. It just seems like such senseless violence and trauma just to push an image/agenda. We must indeed hope and pray for these people and what they've been subjected to.

  14. elfmom52 says:

    Billy Ray was in the biz and he knew exactly what he was getting his daughter into.

  15. "Dark Man X" Telling "Yeezus" God is in his corner? Should I be spelling God with a big G or little g in this context?

  16. Luna says:

    Very informative and interesting. It would be nice to learn more about the handlers. There's little information on these people

  17. Robert Upson says:


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