“Why in the World are They Spraying?” Documentary HD (multiple language subtitles)


http://www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com People around the world are noticing that our planet’s weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning …


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  1. Love the film and all the effort you have put forth. Would love to hear your thoughts on my short film I made about the skies above Los Angeles. It's called Sky Lines and it can be found on my channel.

  2. davthompa1 says:

    chemtrails someone made it up the rest of the fools believed it and everyone says it's real so it must be true made up by the fools that talk up the end of the world and all that bullshit

  3. I wrote a song about chemtrails and fracking it's calledNovember stripes (on my chanel evergreenemotion)

  4. Riccardo1982 says:

    how can those people who are aware, I would say awake, face the day to day tasks and challenges of life, knowing this is going on?

  5. Camp RandD says:

    So commercial airlines and pilots involved in this destruction and every person who is going on vacation and paying for this knowingly and unknowingly – the only way to stop this is to stop participating in this madness on the individual level… no more flying… they using our money to finance these madness….

  6. Geo-Engineering is also used so Navy Seals Special Ops can use their deadly energy weapons on 350 million Americans for MIND CONTROL!

  7. PolinGuira says:


  8. PolinGuira says:

    we are spraying like kockroach

  9. Someone smart earlier pointed out the fact that Aluminium is the third most common element on earth's land surface so it's physically impossible to avoid contacting it to some degree every second of your life. The normal average amount in soil is 7.3% and around 10% in california. It's NATURALLY more common than carbon or hydrogen or iron or calcium or everything else other than silicon and oxygen.
    If you touch organic soil you are touching around 8% aluminium, Clay in your backyard is aluminosilicate, your house bricks are 32% aluminium.
    The film makers show lack of knowledge of almost every aspect of science, logic and aviation

  10. Amy M says:

    All about control. They can run any frequencies they want through these chemtrails they want, another frequency experiment. We have hitter type people running things, and look up hitler aliens they exist. Mankind has been messed with on a gross level in all aspects. Everyone needs to wake up so we can stand a chance. We are not in Kansas anymore folks this stuff is real. They want control on all levels. This is not suppose to cause fear, it is a wake up call and thanks for some great scientists. There is another interesting video with a great scientist where he talks about smart dust, they is not some conspiracy theory anymore. ( Bases at Woodborough – Harald Kautz Vella (Black Goo)

  11. I'm not surprised that so many people are stupid enough to believe this nonsense, but I am greatly amused by the smug sense of certainty shown by the conspiratards. Dunning Kruger personified.

  12. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) govt owned weather control extortion gangsters, murderers and eco terrorists.

    And btw, those politically driven telephone surveys (usually during election year), that call your home to ask how you feel about certain issues, like jobs, health care, pollution, etc., ask them just four words: "WHAT ABOUT CHEMTRAIL POLLUTION"? And guess what? They hang up the phone on you and never call again.

  13. We the human race have to stand together and stop this greed power and destruction . Thank you so much for this amazing video information . together we stand ..

  14. If i had heat seeking rockets i would end these people they d just killing us slowly

  15. If there were chemtrails – the chemtrailers would be injuring themselves just as much as anyone else. Why would they want to do that? Question: Why does most of the world not take chemtrails seriously? Answer: Because its delusional nonsense

  16. allon33 says:

    The wise masters know very little about their own tools, yet I bet the Aliens have a far smarter use for this stuff, it is called 'wiping us out'.

  17. joe bass says:

    i have grown food all my dam life. it won,t grow anymore. this is bullshit. i tell what i did. i fixed my dirt the best i could then i covered everything with plastic. my food doubled in size in to weeks. all my fruit trees are DEAD! guess ill cover them to. start takeing heavy metal detox for your body. these maniacs said they want to KILL 6 billion people well there doing it. there killing us right NOW. me, you , your KIDS!!. NOW WHAT ARE YA,LL GOING TO DO SIT IN FT OF THE T V AN DIE. we need to get up in mass are were all dead. there going to crash the nation an starve us to death. MAY GOD HELP US ALL. now sleep on sheep. kiss your kids tonight

  18. Now Funstuff says:

    WHAT CAN WE DO?  If you are religious – fast and pray.  Not just pray.  Fast.  Fasting is for desperate times.  Check the New and Old Testaments.  PLUS do the next two.  And if you are not religious donate money to geoengineeringwatch.org.  If you can only give a dollar or five dollars… donate.  And if you are not employed, first, I'm sorry – very sad, and you deserve to work.  If you are not working, make a goal to tell two (three, four, five, ten, etc.) people a day (at least).  They don't have to listen.  Just plant a seed.  Get the facts, and spread the word.  They'll hear it from someone else later, and they'll start to believe it.  Put it on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  19. William H says:

    bring that shit on man my grandfather merked motha fuckas in WWII worked in mills and shipyards shrimped had heart attacks and he's 90 and still going… see you sissies in hell

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