Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland


A brief overview of the history of Ireland and the events that led to the political division of the island. Including: the Norman and Tudor conquest of Ireland, the …


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  1. aaron whitty says:

    so basically what i got from england robbed a part of ireland we should leave that country alone and give it back to the irish. we wouldnt like it if someone took apart of our country and that is a fact im ashamed to be english we have done so many wrongs to other countries im suprised they havent invaded us. its the same thing we have done in afganistan and iraq nothing to do with us be with stick our queen bum sniffing nose were it dont be long

  2. ANGELA NERI says:

    hard to understand you speaking! fucking shit

  3. the normans were invited to invade ireland by McDermott before they could make the effort to invade themselves.

  4. I stopped watching at just under 5 minutes. I couldn't keep up with the constant swapping of religion plus the the dude talking to fast. Calm down mate it's not a race

  5. Antrim is Proud to be BRITISH! YaY!

  6. Gid Gambo says:

    People who support the IRA are thick.

  7. Very informative, but (no offense) your English is unintelligible to me. I wish you tried speaking a more neutral accent we can all understand.

  8. Pentu Prager says:

    0:10 Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. You do not know Irish history. Ireland was not invaded. There was a fight for the position of High King of Ireland. The "English" were invited over to help one contender become the high king. A Scottish persons view on Irish history. You got over 1 million views for these lies?

  9. Pentu Prager says:

    Wales gets no mention. Even though it makes up Britain with England. Great Britain is Scotland, England and Wales. The United Kingdom is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is made up of six of the nine counties of Ulster. Ulster is not Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland a subset of Ulster.

  10. Pentu Prager says:

    Nothing mentioned of Cromwell turning the whole of Ireland into what is basically a contraction camp. Towers / forts where constructed around the coast and gradually moved inland squeezing the Irish into smaller areas of land. Cromwell killed those who continued to fight to get their country back.

  11. Pentu Prager says:

    6:30 The Third Home Rule Bill automatically became Law as the House of Lords kept having vetoed the Bill. A Law stated that if a Bill is passed in the House of Commons three times but rejected in the House of Lords three times it become Law. The English used the First World War as an excuse not to implement the Home Rule Bill. Protestants in Ireland said they would created civil war in England with the help of English soldiers. The English government gave in your these terrorist demands and kept Northern Ireland rather that fulfill the Law.

  12. Pentu Prager says:

    6:30 Wrong again. The Third Home Rule Bill was passed on January 1913. It would become Law on 1914, as the English Parliament was in emergency / war mode the English promised to implement the Home Rule Law after the end of World War One.

  13. lildecable says:

    Tiocfaidh Ar La

  14. becuase they discovered they have brains

  15. This gives you an idea of the almost constant war and bloodletting of British, and European, history.
    The fact we've had peace in Europe for the last 60+ years, when you consider the previous millenia, or much longer if you go back to Roman rule etc…, of fighting and famine, is remarkable and should be recognised.

  16. Popular Girl says:

    now listen here i am Irish and now Fine Geal is more dominent

  17. aaron whitty says:

    they should pay money to urelans for years of horrible shit watch a film called the wind that shakes the barley you will see what scum u were and when we spoke irish you cunts shot us that is why our launage is fucking basicaly gone you cunt

  18. 楊浩 says:

    that is why english can become international language,because too many former British colonies and some colonies become stronger

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