Why Satanists Fail


Satanists are fixated upon one set of badly distorted symbols that eventually drain them of all energy.

by Edgar Portisch

When I read the “death-bed confession of a Satanist” – I could visually see exactly what crowd of ‘young, elegant, educated manager-types, and of course also just such ‘eager young recruits of the secret services’ would be directly attracted by such a blasphemy.

These men and women don’t believe in anything anyway, and by virtue of the slick ‘modern aspect’ one could assume that especially women would be attracted.

All these glossy ‘Woman’s Magazines’ have predisposed them to fall for the subtle aspects of Satanism, already integrated into all cosmetics advertisement.

Who the hell, so to say, is in his/her right mind to smear expensive and poisonous chemicals onto the face ? This is good for theater and ‘mundane balls’, where certain people only congregate.

These people believe in the most vacuous external parodies of real life. For men, it’s the demented sports news, car racing and all other superficiality. Not one of such ‘predisposed for Satanic ritual’ beings has any belief system, has never thought of Creation or the sources and reasons for our being alive.

This is just the type of nihilism that both communism and capitalism have created. It follows that it’s part of the Masonic grand plan. For WWIII, Albert Pike, grand master of the Scottish rite, used exactly these words: “we will  unleash the nihilists, the non-believers, etc.”

What was to be the outcome of that war ? “To submit to the worn out and tired masses the pure light of Lucifer !”


This black magic has always suffered from its own limitations. They don’t understand nor bother to understand any of the divine creative ways.

That’s what eventually always destroys them. They are fixated upon one set of badly distorted symbols that eventually drain them of all energy.

Some say their life-force goes to the daemons of the under-worlds. Today more people tend to believe that it goes to 4th-density parasitic entities. It doesn’t matter: they are eventually drained.

They invented the distorted blasphemous rituals, even specialized in child sacrifice, made a mockery of all that they could influence, destroyed the evidence for a previous much higher and purer culture – mainly to create that ‘Chao’ to be followed by their ‘Ordo’.

In this the Masons are highly implicated. If Albert Pike represents Masonry, it at the very least serves as an entrance portico to the lower rituals, which then quickly degenerate into pure Satanism.

Yet, tough they rarely appear in the open, the connection with such forces is infective. It tends to unbalance those who dig too deep into that horrible hole.

The warnings of high-level esoterics have been repeated for a long time already : Do not approach the vibrations emanating from this putrid mockery of all that is good and divine.

They can be infective, worse: they can make these dark forces aware of someone who is looking too closely at what they are doing. That is the main reason for attracting dangerous secret service agents, police and police chiefs into their cult, for they can really harm those eager to expose them.

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  1. pdc says:

    I seek refuge from words of those that wrote before me.

  2. I should say that the true believer in Islam is protected from Shaitan because Allah is the one who is protecting him. The one who falls under the influence of Shaitan, and that could be just the merely weak sinner, can save him/herself, by first enunciating the creed “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illa Allahu Wahdahu La Shareeka lahu ashhadu anna muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu”. Accepting that there is only one God and Muhammad is the last messenger as a statement of tautological fact. Then developing LOVE for Allah through prayer, and then furthermore developing LOVE for his last prophet Muhammadun SALLA-ALLAHU alaihi wa sallam as well as his progeny. Then simultaneously avoiding bad deeds and striving towards righteous deeds. This is the foundation for protection against Shaitan (laanatallah alaih). I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Shaitan, and I seek refuge in Allah from the evil that is in me.

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