Why We Fight the New World Order


Dave Hodges

When I played and later coached college basketball, I had a reputation for being a no-nonsense, intense competitor who was not afraid to put everything on the line in my search of victory.

Why We Fight the New World Order

Today, I have the same drive and competitive spirit towards the work that I am now doing, that I did when I played and coached. I am fully aware that I have developed an in-your-face style when it comes to dealing with the criminals who now run our government. I make no apologies for my aggressive approach. After all, didn’t Jesus forcibly remove the banksters from the Temple? However, in this article, I am going to present a different side of myself and reveal why I am so determined in the fight I am waging against the New World Order. This article is not about self-glorification, my friends and I need allies because we need much help to wage the fight that is coming and I want all of you to see that anyone can do this work and we need everyone of you to assist.

In the second part of this series, I am going to be revealing the specific threats, for which I have undeniable confirmation that we are going to be facing in the upcoming months.

Does History Make the Man, Or Is It the Other Way Around?

A decade ago, my community was thrust into a fight for our economic survival by corrupt forces, which were covertly bringing America into the North American Union. These forces were led by Senator John McCain and they wanted to steal our private properties in my rural community to make way for the CANAMEX Highway.

McCain’s bankster friends wanted our homes for nothing. Against all odds, we prevailed. I evolved into a leadership role for our group. As a result of engaging in this fight, I learned how to conduct myself in the eye of the media and how to write persuasive essays which educated the public as to our plight against the treasonous forces led by McCain.

In retrospect, I can see that God has his hand on my community and specifically on me. I was an educator, a mental health counselor and a college basketball coach by trade. I was not a media person. Nor, was I a community leader and activist. However, in our eight year fight against the McCain led forces of the New World Order, I was being prepared for what I am doing now, fighting the good fight for God and country.

Anyone, and I mean anyone can do what I am attempting to do, you just need to take the first step. One glance at the Bible, one can see that a person does not need to possess any special skills to do God’s work. One only needs to be open to the call to serve.

Thy Will Be Done

When I sit down to write an article which reveals serious corruption at the highest levels of this government, or I broadcast a show on the same topics, I ask God to help me do what needs to be done.  People constantly ask me, aren’t you afraid? And yes, sometimes, I am afraid, until I pause and silently reaffirm my trust in God to give me the strength to do what needs to be done.

In the past several months, I have written about the coming civil war, the presence of dangerous foreign troops on our soil, the growing presence of public venues which will be used for detention and death camps, missing nukes, Obama’s purposeful dismantling and weakening of our military through his treasonous subversion, the coming of WWIII and the intent of certain politicians who have been placed in key positions to economically and socially destroy this country along with its Christian heritage.

I believe as many people do, that our nation is under God’s judgment, but He does not desire to see America turn away from Him. He seeks restoration, but He will not continue to let us abandon Him without consequence. He desires to see the restoration of our core values and to become better and stronger than we have been in the past.

In order to accomplish these goals, we must fight evil where it is at, in the alleyways, on Wall Street, in the White House, in our schools and yes, evil has even invaded our churches through government sponsored programs. Today, churches have become government sponsored churches through federally sponsored tax exemption provisions in the tax codes. Many of our clergy belong to the DHS “Clergy Response Team” in which they are told by the government that in times of crisis, they should be quoting Romans 13 to keep their “sheep” compliant to the wishes of the government.

If your church does not address the topics of illegal wars of occupation which kills millions of innocent people, gay marriage and abortion, then your religious leader is a fraud and your church is an instrument of the federal government. If you are caught in this pseudo-Christian paradigm, then you need to leave your church immediately and begin to conduct Bible studies in your home away from watchful intrusion of the DHS (aka the Department of Hell’s Servants).

What Are We Fighting For?

We are fighting for the economic, political, religious and social survival of America’s time honored traditions; Namely, we are fighting for our right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to due process in a court of law, the right to worship as we please and the right to assemble. However, we are mostly fighting for the survival of the human species and our collective souls. For if we ever allow the globalists to ever completely takeover, we will not be just living in a decadent feudal society in which most of us will be eliminated and the rest of us will live as slaves, we will be facing the end of humanity as we know it.

Twenty years ago, I was befriended by a former NSA operative, Vance Davis. Although I did not realize it at the time, Vance was mentoring me and what I learned from Vance was that even the NSA teaches some of its agents that the evil forces on this planet seek to control the human soul but have failed in their attempts. To compensate for their shortcomings in this endeavor, the globalists have a very specific compensatory plot which seeks to destroy, enslave the survivors and to morph humanity into something that is almost to hideous to speak of, namely, transform the human race into something that is totally nonhuman. The process I am speaking of is called transhumanism.

I have interviewed Barb Peterson and Patrick Wood on this subject and soon I will be interviewing Daniel Estulin on the topic of transhumanism. This is Satan’s ultimate insult to our God. In short, if we ever allow the globalists to establish their kingdom, humanity many not survive in its present form and there will be nothing left to save.

The Endgame

Subversion and treason will bring down this country if it is allowed to continue. If America falls, humanity will fall.

I have been studying the globalist playbook in the same manner that I used to scout my college basketball opponents. I have sought to understand the strategies employed by our enemies as they seek to destroy humanity. Here is a snapshot of what I have learned. The Constitution had to be eviscerated because it did not place national and individual sovereignty in the hands of an evil central government. Instead, the people are sovereign, not the government under the Constitution. To the globalists, God and Jesus must be removed from all places where it is possible to do so. The globalists hate Jesus because if His power were to spread to His followers, we could defeat anything the globalists could use to subjugate humanity. The globalists also seek to destroy the family, the building block of society.  CPS is doing a great job in this arena. Death camps must be built to take care of people which cannot be re-educated. Wars, disease and artificial famines must be created to reduce the population to 500 million in order to make humanity more “manageable”. Finally, our soul must be destroyed so that we will all bow down to Satan in an effort to prevent the return of Jesus.

I plan on employing a Winston Churchill strategy. We will fight them in the streets, in the alleys, in the trenches and we will never give up so long as God gives us the strength to fight.

Yes, I know and believe about the Tribulation and the End of Days. However, God honors those who help themselves. We have to build something for Jesus to return to. God did not give mankind a fighting spirit to merely kneel before the forces of the New World Order. I am hoping that many will heed the clarion call and take this movement much further than someone like myself can.

I believe in respecting all men, even our enemies, but I will not bow before any man. Yes, people like me may die, but how many thousands of times will a sheep die before the globalists finally cut their heads off and cut out the hearts out of their former minions in the same manner that Hitler and Stalin did when they completed their respective takeovers?


No elaborate summary is needed here. It is simple, we fight, or humanity perishes. We are, as Sun Tzu says, on death’s ground. We will either march to salvation or be carried to our final resting place.

I timed this two part series to culminate on the eve of the birth of the Lord Jesus for all the obvious reasons. Tomorrow’s article will focus on the irrefutable proof that all the trials and tribulations that are coming our way are indeed real and that if anything, I have spent the last few months actually understating the threats.

On Christmas, I will celebrate the only hope that humanity has and I will take time to love and cherish my friends and family. Then on December 26th, it is time to roll up my sleeves and go back to the front and do what I have been called to do. My colleagues and I could use your help. No experience or specific skills are needed. You only need to want to survive what is coming and to serve the only side that gives humanity a chance to flourish. This Christmas, ask for guidance, trust that an answer will be coming and join the fight with everything that you have.

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  1. HII says:

    Gentlemen _ Dear Mr Dave Hodges;

    FOCUS of the PROBLEMS :

    “” The World Criminals Banksters ILLEGITIMATE Business vs Agenda NWO _ protected by the World Criminals PUPPETS Government in the USA vs in around the entire GLOBE “”; NWO is the end game of creating constructs in to the final forms _ the World Permanent Slavery to come; questions _ what are the chances the Criminals Banksters will succeed with such attempts ?? SOME OF THE ANSWERS vs ILLUSTRATIONS ARE DESCRIBED IN THESE WEB COMMENT; to assist _ please continue :

    An urgent topics as you described; please bear with these rather lengthy ILLUSTRATIONS to consider hence support upon the said subject as one of the COMMENT by the web audience _ OK ?? _ Please be patient therefore willing of taking ample time to read on to shed some of the lights you may already have been aware of; stay in focus and advise corrections vs comment _ tks;

    Questions : “”Why We Fight the New World Order _ the NWO “”: Check these out _ OK ?? _ as follows :

    Answer 1st : because the USA gov current OBAMA Adm, past Bush hence the coming anticipated future xx ?? are and expected to be getting caught CORRUPTED PUPPETS and the USAs so stupid to let them go as is _ OK ??; untrustworthy to continue listening to; deserve immediate impeachment; not to say deserving urgently trials vs punitive acts _ burn _ hang _ drop the PUPPETS govs dead in the Atlantic for immediate shark consumption vs drop them dead by the Pacific contaminated vast Ocean _ direct exposures to Fukushima Atomic Rads_ OK ?? PUPPETS USAs are that bad shape and they deserve JESUS HELLS by NOW _ OK ??

    Illustrations :

    The USA vs the World are trapped in deep shits of trouble hence can never get out _ why ?? find out ; Please pay attentions to these messages _ hence forward the same also to the attentions of the Obama vs next coming Government USA; for their info, plans and actions; guys watch out your steps _ as follows :

    PROBLEMS _ The USA hence the governments all over the world ( except three countries, name them please ) have been caught CRIMINAL PUPPETS hence corrupted _ protecting CRIMINALS BANKSTERS, the central banks MANIPULATORS ALL over the world, the BAD FED USA, the BIS SWISS Business _ PARASITES vs KILLER WORMS in the global world Economy since 1913 hence prior to that _ Disbelieve ?? _ Check them out !!; the late USA JFK leaderships had been trying to avoid hence eliminate the crimes _ but failed as he was MURDERED by the International Criminals Banksters; camouflaged under the act of FAKES UP _ street murder in DALLAS _ Disbelieve ?? Check them out _ please !!;

    The USA CONGRESSMEN DEMs vs REPs, both are getting caught corrupted; controlled hence under constant manipulation vs lobbies by the World CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Banksters, the BIS SWISS Business _ the Bank of International Settlements, located at Basel, Switzerland; the BIS SWISS Business _ the World Criminal Banksters, Gangsters and Drugsters global; the facts more over, you will need to note the BIS SWISS Business also controls all central banks over the world ( except to date three countries _ name them _ please ?? ), including the BAD FED USA, which is the same owner VS MANIPULATORS GUYS owned by the BIS SWISS Business;

    Shocking, the same BAD FED USA is not and has never been the banks belonged to the peoples of the USA; never to create prosperity as had been intended by its CONSTITUTIONS. The BAD FED USA is and has been the vicious business at WARS profiting themselves; the BIS SWISS Business to the maximum extent at the expense of deaths of the world populations upon wars vs famines etc _ which the Bansksters have continually MANIPULATED ever since to date; and yet so NAIF the OBAMA has been pretending so badly to avoid discussing let alone resolving the problems at issues so critical upon the USA as well the world to go on in the process of shaping vs maintaining the world economic stability; worst you USAs let that to stroll over ; the Obama are allowed to find its way of escapes out of the WHDC by the back doors _ only to surprise the USAs upon return later by the WHDC side doors thence started barking vs spitting on other shits issues as the Obama Care etc. Shame on you guys USAs _ check them out _ OK ??

    The Banks of International Settlement located at Basel, Switzerland hires hence empowers world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS BANKSTERS agents all over the world to check upon you; you can not see them; their crimes work above the LAW International _ NO AUDITS ; in the USA the CRIMINAL AGENTS check upon the USA Congressmen; hence they are all under continuous threats of MURDERS ??; constant pressure to keep their ( the BAD FED USA vs the BIS ) criminal acts concealed; the risk of revolts against them the BANKSTERS ?? will expose them _ the CONGRESSMEN hence the USA Government to MURDERS _ the same fate experienced by the late JFK; got it guys ?? Scary _ you bet !!

    The BAD FED USA has been printing out FIAT papers USD out of the thin air since 1913; the same crimes the BAD FED USA continuing to commit in the issuing USD QE acts, Quantitative Easing by the OBAMA ADM _ USD printing out of the thin air with no assets of back up gold in the world economy; the criminal acts causing WHII _ world Hyper Inflationary Indexes in the economy across the globe. Effectively you guys without knowing the facts have been paying all these expenses since prior you were born 1913; by the WHII plus all the illegitimate TAXES the criminal BANKSTERS Businesses have successfully MANIPULATED HENCE robbed upon you guys; upon world resources; upon any legitimate foreign government sovereignty; anything the Banksters could lay their vicious eyes UPON.

    To date the BAD FED USA Criminals ACTS continuing under camouflaged operations _ are protected by the OBAMA PUPPETS Government; hence therefore both the BAD FED USA vs USA PUPPETS OBAMA Governments are getting caught the CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS BANSKTERS global _ the KILLER WORMS themselves inside the local USA vs global world Economy; SCARY ?? YOU BET !!

    You guys deserve that hang and burn them the KILLER WORMS all at once !! CAN YOU?? _ read ON !!

    How do you get to catch the thieves out of all these CRIMES under camouflages vs MANIPULATIONS ?? Check the global world news vs facts _ the WHII _ global hence local World Hyper Inflationary Indexes faked vs HIT by the BAD FED USA 1913 vs the BIS 19xx _ since prior World Wars I and II; hence to date the World Energy Economy Bubbles, Boom vs Bust Cycles are all on PURPOSELY built vs designed vs engineered HIT by the BIS SWISS Business Centers. The OBAMA governments are getting caught PUPPETS unable hence could not resolve upon the criminal MANIPULATIONS therefore hide in concealment the case of the Banksters BIS criminal acts vs other _ check them out !! What the OBAMA PUPPETS governments are scared vs afraid of ?? They are afraid of the BIS SWISS Business threat of thug murders _ the same fate vs crimes committed to the late JFK (unfortunate the JFK underestimated as he did not know the dangers _ but the OBAMA DID ) the USA BAD FED destroyed Reform Acts 1963 _ OK ?? Check them out GUYS USA !!

    GUYS USA Disbelieved ? Shocked vs Surprised guys ?? Thence what would be next _ the SOLUTIONS ?? Action Plans _ OBAMA vs the next coming USA leaderships to reform the the BAD FED USA Operations free from CRIMINAL ACTS by the BIS SWISS Business; can you do this and how ?? _ Back to the Subject _ Read On _ as follows :

    “”Why We Fight the New World Order _ the NOW “” vs example “” Is Chemtrails The Most Ignored Conspiracy Of Our Time? “” Answer : Of course not _ thence what ??; Blatant government crimes are the most ignored facts of the century. Gentlemen; please take notice at the attached notes in sequence; global vs local _ check them out _ as follows :

    1st. The USA government has been caught PUPPETS _ the CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Banksters _ Killer Worms of the WORLD Economy _ hence therefore, NOT trustworthy to even consider further ; the facts have been more shocking than even the entire governments of world nations ( except a few other countries _ name them please ?? ) across the globe _ hence the UN Assembly as well ( check their CRIMINALS AGENDA 21 vs the USA PNAC _ Project of New American Century vs Project of USA NATO Military Industrial Complexes; check these USA NATO war projects had been printing USD xxx trillions illegitimate FIATS papers behind your guys back; you can not audit hence never find out what the BAD FED USA did hence profited HUGE SUMS with the printing out USD causing world WHII _ World Hyper Inflationary Index the last 100 years ?? _ effectively you guys, USA vs the world populations, have been paying the USA NATO war project expenses _ not the USA govs _ on top of the TAX PAYERS money _ robbed out of your pockets; and pity ? you guys don’t even notice that _ the last 100 years _ agree vs comment ?? ) are just as well the same MANIPULATED status _ why ?? They are PUPPETS protecting the World CRIMINALS KILLER WORMS _ who are these creatures ?? _ find out !!

    2nd. Check they are all separately as well collectively, effectively protecting the parasites vs killer worms in the world economy local ( including Indonesia ) vs global; who are these CRIMINALS _ killer worms ?? Mike Maloney web U Tubes _ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU; show and explain the govs deficit spending ( USA vs all nations over the world _ including Indonesia ) are @ the basic flaws _ check them out _ they are all the criminals FAKING THEM UP in to the WORLD BAD DEBT direct _ feeding in to the KILLER WORMS huge sums of business PROFITS _ the Rothschilds BANKS cartels _ the GOLDMAN SACHS, the New York Stock Exchange House USA, the Wall Street USA etc, the Exchange Houses vs all Central Banks all across the globe _ world Bansksters _ Gangsters vs Drugsters _ locals vs global. Global where centers ?? Check the BIS ( the Bank of International Settlements ) located at Basel, Switzerland; the CRIMINALS the BIS Swiss Business, controls all central banks ( hence tailored them all _ in to the web of world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Killer Wormsvs www banksters criminal syndications ) across the globe ( except three countries _ name them please ?? ) so the UN AGENDA 21 hence the PUPPETS governments across the globe themselves are SHOCKINGLY getting caught _ the world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS _ the KILLER WORMS themselves as well : what do you say guys ? disbelieve ?? check them out _ OK ?? you guys are already in the states of being the victims vs eaten alive by these killer worms since when ?? _ since even prior you were born _ OK ?? SCARY ?? _ YOU BET !!

    3rd. So now you guys ( the USA vs the world populations ) are made aware on what wars you guys have been in ?? the CHEMTRAILS vs OBAMA CARES vs others ?? _ NO those and other are only parts of the war shits ; you have been all the way drawn in while half asleep while at wars against the KILLER WORMS since prior 1913; who have been winning in the wars ? the killer worms _ of course _ because you guys are all found half if not totally asleep or DRUNK all the way _ OK ?? SCARY ??

    4th. Once you guys now have spotted them ( the killer worms ) and agreed they are the world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Killer Worms, untrustworthy to continue dealing with _ what thence next ?? You guys still want to talk about them ?? NO WAY _ get them all out of sight in no time now _ OK ? can you ?? No _ Unfortunate you can not _ shocked vs and surprised why ?? you guys have no weapons _ while they have all the criminal forces at hands vs killer guns vs modern developed deadly WMD hence the criminal armies vs state police as well _ to get you way ahead before you get them out _ OK ?? But again to your surprises ? when they get you _ they still dare FAKING them UP by the name of defense vs National Security for the protections of USA citizens, humanity vs world HUMANITARIANS against the threat of the Arab Spring Rebels vs world TERRORISM; while the real hence biggest terrorists are themselves the KILLER WORMS;

    5th. Now at this point let’s stop a while _ will you guys still be talking about the urgency of noticing one amongst the many problems ( including the hoaxed Global Warming at issues ) the CRIMINALS PUPPETS governments FAKE and protect example the CHEMTRAILS _ hence what to do about that ?? Don’t think so_ thence what ?? get back to the basics and focus _ OK ??

    6th. Back to the basics _ in sequence; your problems are the world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Killer Worms _ first things first to notice ; the CHEMTRAILS ? are just the shits amongst all other ( including the hoaxed OBAMA CARES vs Global Warming vs Guns Confiscations at issues etc _ plus the Fukushima RADS are already there ) shits the killer worms have been shitting upon your guys face since or even prior to 1913 _ OK ?? so you can not get rid of the shits _ because you guys have let them to keep coming _ shitting upon your face up to todate ;

    7th. By this time you USA guys should have noticed the things that you guys need to get rid off _ hence pay an urgent NOTICE at is the world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORSKILLER WORMS Local BAD FED USA vs Global BIS rather than the shits _ the CHEMTRAILS, the hoaxed OBAMACARE vs other issues _ OK ?? Guys USA _ are the problems by definitions now clear ?? well then get to work; these KILLER WORMS are now all around you _ local vs all over the globe _ your vs world action plans are required; you vs the world are racing out against hence definitively running out of time; Good Luck Guys USA as well Guys across the GLOBE _ all over the world _ OK ?? CHECK THEM OUT _ GUYS !! Advise comment, tks.

    Answers 2nd : Because the NWOs are the agenda in the plans of and prepared by the Criminals World Banksters _ World Criminals of the ZIONISTs _ USA, Israel all other the world over, empowering in concealment the Criminals PUPPETS government corrupted acts in USA as well the world over; in the process of attempt of creating permanent world slavery to come. The USA & World PUPPETs Governments over the globe are getting caught Criminals serving the BANKSTERS agenda; they have violated hence do not any longer serve USA peoples per the USA Constitutions. ; they violate hence do not ever serve the world peoples in each of the counties per their country Constitution either. Check the NWO agenda are signatures in the UN Agenda 21 world consensus vs agreement by camouflages enforced by the World Banksters Criminals _ Brazil Summit 1992 vs other historical FACTS recorded by reports vs the media. Check them out _ please !! ;

    Answers 3rd : We _ who ?? Suggest to question as this “”Why the World has to Fight the New World Order _ the NWO “” Agree ??

    Illustrations :

    What and Who are the ZIONISTs in discussions ??_ they are by DEFINITIONS ( check them out _ OK ?? ) : By historical records of those of bad behavior vs criminals acts by the origins of the JEW BAD descendants AND hence followed by the non JEW BAD descendants as well all over the world upon humanity; these historical facts go back to the origins of the MOSES vs Pharaoh era as inscribed by the Bible and the Quran plus other; please review for verifications _ OK ?? These BAD descendants, ones of them by the name of the Rothschild families 18xx established hence had committed to the continuing PRACTICES to date of the CRIMES of USURY hence have been by force adopted by the illegitimate enforcement of by the threats of the DEATH over MURDERS by the Banksters vs Gangsters acts over the world to date of _ LENDING CURRENCIES ( no money of real values as gold back up ) by printing FIATs paper including Digital Key Punches vs records on computers to date techs OUT OF THE THIN AIR _ NO BACK UP GOLD NEITHER AUDIT IN THE ACTS are administered nor admitted ) upon Banksters, Gangsters, Drugsters ACTS continuing to date. The Crimes of the World BAD DEBT ( PUPPETS Govs Deficit Spending including the ILLEGITIMATE ACTS upon TAXES imposed upon legitimate business vs labor vs services by the USA vs the world populations have been caught very BADLY to continue for over 100 years now _ and it’s got to go _ demolish in no time NOW _ OK ?? ) as MANIPULATIONS generated by the BANKSTERS; the Central Banks over the globe ( 187 countries ) operate under ONE ROOF _ the Central Bank of the BIS ( the Bank of International Settlements ) located at Basel, Switzerland. One of the main business objective _ these Criminals Banksters lend currencies to countries in huge sums to create Wars amongst Nations vs the World Populations hence profiting huge sums in the business of project wars vs wars machineries vs robberies of Resources _ Man, Labor , Minerals vs Natural _ WORLD FAMINES vs STARVATIONS all of them including at the expenses of the DEATHs upon humanity vs world populations disposed during WW II, recorded in access of 100 Millions World DEATHs_ OK ?? Check them out _ OK ??

    Check the following background _ urgent indicators of criminal acts by the world criminal Banksters empowering the USA PUPPETS Governments in camouflages _ records vs reports listed in partial forms as follows :

    1. Deficit Spending WHDC ( White House DC ) : WHII _ World Hyper Inflationary Indexes 1913 _ 2013 _ X000%; check for accuracy _ OK ??
    2. USA PUPPETS Government Bad Killer Acts vs Development _ Intimidations vs Cover Up vs PUPPETS Gov propaganda vs Faked Up News vs Manipulations by MSM, GMO, Drugs, Vaccines, Chemtrails, Global Warming Hoax, CO2 Hoax, QE x Bails Out vs Corruptions, Gun Confiscations, Internet Surveillance Crimes, RFID Chips, NSA Crimes, DHS Crimes, HAARP Tech Destructions, WMD Destructions, Nuke Destructions, Drones Destructions etc; including faked up programming robot educations, mislead mixed up entertainment musical background, movies vs pornography vs drugs abuse etc.
    3. UN Agenda 21 _ world signature Brazil 1992;
    4. PNAC _ USA PUPPETS Project Wars; Project of New American Century _ WHDC signature 1997;
    5. USA PUPPETS _ World Terrorists Invasions, Drugs vs Murders ACTS _ Wars _ False Flag Attacks by Terrorists against Humanity _ camouflaged by the false name of Humanitarian Acts _ the world over :
    5.1. False Flag Attack _ Attempt at Iran 20xx _ by the ZIONIST USA, Israel, Saudi _ but failed;
    5.2. False Flag Attack _ Attempt at Syria 201x _ by the ZIONIST USA, Israel, Saudi _ but failed;
    5.3. Murders in Syria 200x _ by the ZIONIST funded rebels _ USA, Israel, Saudi;
    5.4. Murders in Libya 200x _ by the ZIONIST funded rebels UN, USA, NATO, Israel;
    5.5. Murders 9 / 11 WTC _ New York 200x _ by the ZIONIST USA, Israel, Saudi _ succeeded;
    5.6. Murders vs Destructions Iraq 200x _ by the ZIONIST UN, USA, NATO, Israel _ succeeded ;
    5.7. Murders in Kosovo _ European Ethnic Wars 199x, verify please ;
    5.8. Murders in African Ethnics_ 199x verify please ;
    5.9. Murders in Palestine Arab Ethnic Wars 19xx verify please ;
    5.10. Murders in Iran by PUPPETS Syah Govs 19xx verify please ;
    5.11. Murders in Vietnam 196x _ by the ZIONIST UN, USA;
    5.12. Murders in Korea 19xx _ by the ZIONIST UN, USA;
    5.13. Murders in Perl Harbor False Flag Attacks vs Atomic Bombs Hiroshima 194x _ by the ZIONIST UN, USA;
    5.14. World Murders _ World War I & II 19xx _ 100 Millions death _ initiated by the BIS Banksters vs Gangsters;
    5.15. World manipulated economic cycles : Boom vs Bust vs Depressions 19xx to date _ manipulations initiated by the BAD FED USA _ BIS SWISS Business Manipulators;
    5.16. Murders upon personnel against Humanity _ JFK 1962 plus other etc; murders upon foreign personnel vs sovereignty etc _ manipulations initiated hence committed by the USA PUPPETS Govs _ the BAD FED USA _ BIS SWISS Business Manipulators;
    5.17. TBA

    All above indicators _ show the CRIMES committed by the world criminal Banksters empowering in concealment of the criminals USA PUPPETS plus all _ the world PUPPETS governments around the globe, have been caught very BAD CRIMES upon humanity; no justice on earth at any forms can ever resolve vs Murderers initiated and supported by the World Criminals of the ZIONISTs _ untrustworthy to continue dealing business with _ as might as well doomed to shut the country down; and it will be shut dawn soon by the world next coming USD currency crash vs wars III ?? NO _ it will be doomed shut down by the same ZIONIST World Criminals _ the NWO sure to come;

    The design of the Federal Reserve ( include all other Central Banks _ CBs _ in 187 countries around the globe; all these CBs are dominated vs controlled by the BIS SWISS Business _ the Bank of International Settlement, located at Basel Switzerland ) system was flawed from the very beginning. If something is not done very rapidly, it is inevitable that our entire financial system is going to suffer an absolutely nightmarish collapse.

    The truth is that the world do not need, neither have to have a Federal Reserve vs the BIS SWISS to continue Business with. The greatest period of economic growth in U.S. history was when USA did not have a central bank. If USAs are ever going to turn this nation around economically, USAs are going to have to get rid of this debt-based financial system _ WORLD DEFICIT SPENDING _ Faked Up schemes _ that are centered around the Federal Reserve in USA vs BIS SWISS Business the world over. On the path that USAs are on now, there is no hope. Please share this article with as many people as you can. It is imperative that USAs try to wake the American vs the world _ people up while we still have time. “”

    Please check this the BAD FED USA _ the BAD BIS SWISS Business _ the BAD Central Banks all over the world; ( except three countries _ name them please ?? ); what bad ?? do you know ?? please describe _ Tks; these world central banks are MEGA RICH _ by what sense ?? answer the NEGATIVE sense most DEMONS _ they are WORLD CRIMINALS the worst you can find _ but immune from punitive ACTS as they are standing above the LAW International to operate with and protected by _ perhaps above GOD _ the Roman Churches represent ?? but you 10% USAs experience in the Church may disagree with that _ please advise comment _ OK ?? Tks. 10% USAs , you may also want to check upon how these world criminals associate them selves with the Churches _ say by the CLUB of ROME etc vs other _ do you know ?? or the very CHURCHES are in facts the PUPPETS _ protecting the World Criminals Banksters _ by the name of GOD ?? Interesting to know hence find out please; verifications please _ tks.

    Moreover _ check also these; what good the world bad central banks products vs services would have been in to the offer ??; NONE what so ever at any values; disbelieve _ why ??; they are PARASITES vs KILLER WORMS in the local vs global world economy; you guys USA vs Word populations would not have accepted these crimes; but not knowing ( or IGNORANT since 1913 _ the last 100 years of criminal operations ?? ) they are hidden hence concealed under the crimes the PUPPETS Govs commit to protect hence has been tight in protections ever since 1913: check this web site http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU by the Mike Maloney _ OK ??; for illustrations of the hidden dangers behind the world PUPPETS governments committing crimes of generating the MANIPULATIONS of country DEFICIT SPENDING _ country BAD DEBTS _ have been caught at FLAWS to start with _ expanding all around the globe since 19xx ;

    1st. They generate the MANIPULATIONS of world ILLEGITIMATE bad debts to customers plus bank interests all around the globe ( so customers be manipulated to be unable to pay the bad debts plus interest _ customers will loose their country sovereignty including resources _ mineral vs natural _ even customers may loose the country themselves; SCARY ?? _ You bet !! );

    2nd. They generate the MANIPULATIONS of ILLEGITIMATE TAXES to be LEGITIMATE to make sure customers can not default upon none payment of their illegitimate bad debts ; so when customers pay their debts plus interest on top of the illegitimate TAXES, actually customers would have submitted payments twice; these are the bad central banks concealed robberies over the world vast resources ( SCARY ?? _ USA ?? you may not know these before; now that you know _ but still disbelieve ??_ check them out _ OK ?? );

    3rd. They generate the MANIPULATIONS of the World Hyper Inflations Indexes _ WHII _ over global vs local Economy _ why ?? Check WHII of OILs per Barrel x.x _ 2.0 USD 19xx WHII to 1xx USD 2013. Check WHII of gold per OZ xx _ 10 USD 19xx WHII to 2xxx USD 2013. Answer because the bad central banks over the world print FIAT Papers _ Denominations ( USD, British Pound, Frank France, Huang Chinese, Rubble Russia _ Rupee India etc ) out of the thin air; all these FIATS are printed as the results of the world CRIMES vs collaborations committed by the criminals PUPPETS Governments around the globe, the world to support the very crimes vs corruptions by the name COUNTRY BUDGETTING DEFICIT SPENDING and the Central Banks all over world in the capacity of business BANKSTERS vs GANGSTERS vs DRUGSTERS, all over the world to be MOST PROFITTING to the maximum extent from these CRIMES as said; all these FIATS dilute the values ( hence the name of WHII ) of previously issued denominations including that in the USAs vs worlds’ hands; effectively the mass Populations of the world are paying the expenses by their labors _ by the diminishing FIATS _ USD vs other denominations out of their salary _ on all projects MANIPULATIONS generated by the PUPPET governments; current examples in the USA getting caught as the OBAMA Project Military vs WARS over the globe; OBAMA CARE; Goldman Sachs bails outs; USA Internal House fore closures 2008 etc. By this time you should have caught the OBAMA _ WHDC vs Senate Congress FISCAL CLIFF 2013 plus other issues _ are just FAKED USA Adm _ world resources robberies _ doomed you stupid USAs _ OK ?? Accepted in agreement ??

    4th. So effectively _ THREE TIMES _ ( not twice, let alone once ) the World Criminal Banksters have been ILLEGITIMATELY PROFITTING Huge SUMS upon their ILLEGITIMATE business of USURY in collaborations with empowering by threats of world MURDERS _ the world criminals PUPPETS governments during the last 100 years since 1913; have successfully robbed the world VAST Resources _ Man, Labor , Minerals vs Natural _ WORLD FAMINES vs STARVATIONS vs DEATHs all of them including at the expenses of the DEATHs upon humanity vs world populations disposed by the Criminals USA PUPPETS project wars , recorded in access of xxx Millions World DEATHs_ OK ?? Check them out _ OK ??

    Check the ROMAN Churches scopes in the CRIMES _ xx ( 10% USAs including world populations ) have been lucky _ pretending not noticing that ?? _ one of the reasons are that the criminal bad FED USA vs the Churches in Rome ?? have been in the positions of concealed CRIMES to pour the FIATS denominations in xx business hands at a lot faster rates than xx can spend them ?? so xx have no problems with the FIATS diminishing values; don’t matter what the numbers are; they are in constant abundant supplies by the criminal BAD FED USA _ opposing to the facts of short FIATS supplies that the 90% of USAs vs world populations are all experiencing hence screaming to their DEATH _ Got that USAs ??; now the basic questions are back on YOU _ the 10% USAs_ how you and the very ( Churches of Rome ?? ) got SO FLOURISH vs SO MANY FIATS in the drawer that they can continuously pour them on you as if you are taking fresh showers in the morning _ afternoon or any time at all ?? ANSWER ??

    NO need to wait for such answers in response ; these are ones amongst the few of answers _ as follows : the criminal bad FED USA prints the FIATs them selves ?? YES vs NO vs Yes ?? _ some body else prints the FIATS for the bad FED vs the Churches of Rome example ?? YES ?? who are these bodies ?? the Bad Central Banks _ they are all over the world; in Rome Church ? the Central Bank of Rome _ even any central banks in Europe vs USA vs all around the world ?? how fabulous _ OK ?? Any comment by the USAs ?? Your guys verifications _ please !!!

    So _ when all these PARASITES vs KILLER WORMS pour FIATS to the churches vs business of themselves to ILLEGITIMATELY benefit from _ at free fall rates _ by which the WHII starts jumping up and rattling the world economy down with world Hyper Inflationary Indexes _ the 10% USAs would suddenly realize _ who are paying all these expenses _ including that of the 10% USAs personal expenses ?? the USAs services vs labors in the business and other etc ? Yes to some of the degree; some of that and ALSO by the Churches ?? NO WAY _ the Churches can not be ( exactly ) blamed hence paying NOTHING; the Churches simply serves as posts of CRIMINALS BANKSTERS _houses to distribute the FIATS _ only that ?? NO _ more than that _ the 10% USAs would never know _ that the Churches would soon have started assuming the ROLES as the GOD himself dictating how much FIATS they need to POUR upon any TASKS ?? what tasks ?? God Tasks ?? yes hidden behind it _ are the biggest CRIMES upon humanity the CHURCHES of ROME would have ever committed; the 10% USAs will be KNOCKED OUT when you will find out _ Please do _ thence tell the web audience what would have happened _ in the said churches ??

    Advise comment;

    Tks, II

  2. jayjay says:

    Gentlemen, kids and folks: Do not run Stan completely out of the room. He has part of the story – just missing the link.

    Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” The “Jews” Stan is talking about are FAKE – i.e. “not of the tribe of Judah. They have used modern “judaism” as cover for their satanic mass.

    But the only thing Stan is totally incorrect about is his assessment of Christianity. Although the “religious” part – from the mother-church – is a big diversion from the Truth, those actually who wrote the New Testament were the REDEEMED. The foundation of the Common Law is the very scriptures that Stan would claim is created by the Talmudic satanists. (represented in the modern day by Mossad, ADL, JDL, IsraeLIE, ZIONISTS).

    Stan just needs to dig a little deeper into “who’s who.” Jesus was not a “Jew” in the modern sense of the word, i.e. “Talmudic.” He was of the tribe of Judah – (which would be the TRUE Jews – JUDAHITES). Big difference.

  3. George says:

    Jesus was born april 3 not dec 25 ask nasa

  4. KILGORE says:

    I’ll give you all a little idea…. I bet that Satan CANNOT BEAT Our Lord Jesus Christ in a fight for my Soul NOW. I have no fear of Satan or his Minions as I know who’se beatan Satan before.

    I agree with Stan Sikorski..IT’S THE JEWS STUPID.

    Who betrayed OUR Saviour?

    And look whose the Best Friend of the Western Governments…..Britain has the Friends of Israel…what about the Friends Of Palestine ?

    A part of Palestine was given to the Jews after WWII, 1947ish, after the Jews had Blown apart Hotels which were Billeting BRITISH SOLDIERS.

    BRITISH SOLDIERS were Kidnapped and HUNG BY PIANO WIRE IN THE STREETS OF PALESTINE and Britain was told to expect the same to happen on the streets of Britain unless we conceded a part of Palestine to the “PERSECUTED” Jews.

    IF the Jews had been as PERSECUTED as they claim would they really inflict the same on an INDIGENOUS POPULATION which had never laid a hand on them?

    True EVIL can only do EVIL.

  5. Hey Dave, you want a real “in your face” attitude? How about this? IT’S THE JEWS STUPID.

    About 3000 years ago the jews wrote what is called “The Talmud” outlining their belief system based on their race and the treatment of other races. They considered themselves gods among men. In fact, non jews are referred to as Goyim meaning cattle or animals (sheep works quite well too). They outlined how they would eventually take over the planet, placing themselves above all else, and the goyim would serve them as slaves. They have taught this to their descendants as time has progressed and disguising it as religion. It is truly a chilling and disgusting read if you ever get the chance, but immediately opens your eyes to many reasons why the world is the way it is today. They are the original racists and misogynists.

    You mention Christianity. The Bible and the belief system of Christianity is a jew construct. It is a complete opposite of what the jews wrote for themselves with only a few similarities in the 1st Testament. Where the jews promote strength and power for themselves, Christianity promotes weakness and instability among Christians. When I was growing up Catholic, I was taught that the jews killed Jesus Christ who was an anti-establishment jew. As I’ve gotten older I’ve seen that Christians now believe that the jews are their allies. I’ve also learned that Jesus may not even have been a jew in the racial sense. But this was the first lesson I learned where the jews had usurped the goyim to control them.

    Today, the banks are run by jews, Hollyweird is run by jews, the media and entertainment is run by jews, goverments are run by jews, corporations are run by jews, etc., etc., etc. What they don’t own, run, or control the choke points of, they have bought non-jews to do their bidding (I call them appeasers). For 2% of the entire world population, they have their claws into every major societal shaping tool available. They are the original communists, hippies, illegal drug manufacturers and distributors, porn producers and merchants, fiat money controllers…. They are the ‘men behind the curtain of every wrong or twisted thing on this planet.

    It’s taken me mega hours over 20 years of reading and observing to learn these things. And thanks to the Internet for making it much easier to do so (That’s why the jews want the Internet controlled or even shut down. It makes it easier to reveal their deceptions). Who’s families they’ve married into that leads them to control of banks, business and government. The list of whom in our government originated and continue to push to remove our rights to free speech and gun ownership. Who superseded the NSA in monitoring our phone calls and Internet use. The point being that while many have conspiracy theories I can show you jew involvement and control as the overlying driver behind it. And it all comes back to their Talmud. They want total control of this world and because many are ignorant of the facts regarding jews, it is getting handed to them while everyone else chases paper tigers.

    Wake up! It’s the jews stupid!

    • Ltpar says:

      Stan, your “Jewphobia” has rotted your brain, if you ever had one. You are way behind the times and obvioussly have not been paying attention to what Obama and the Democrats have to say? All our problems are a direct result of George Bush and I don’t think he fits the Jewish profile. When the shit hits the fan and there is fighting in the streets, I am not going to give a shit about what nationality, color, sex, age or sexual preference they are. The enemy is the enemy and will be dealt with as such. I thought this article was fairly reasonable and look forward to part two.

      • KILGORE says:

        Methinks your either brainwashed or a Jew..which is it?

        • Ltpar says:

          None of the above genius. Just not one of the anti-semitic nut cases who sees a Jew behind every problem this country faces.

      • John Cook says:

        @ Ltpar, I’m afraid that Stan is right here. Bush and co are definitely under the direction of the Chosen Ones, like wolfowitz etc. it sounds paranoid but there really is a Zionist behind every evil you choose to examine.
        Read the Propocols of the learned elders of Zion. It is so true that the chosen ones get hysterical about suppressing it. The Russian communist government made it a death sentence to be found in possession of a copy. (as well as death for “anti-semitism” and cannonizing Judas, which made me laugh)
        So many people never think about the communist plague on humanity was a purely Jewish enterprise. They killed about sixty million Christians. And during the “cold war” they controlled both the Soviet union and the USA. Standard tactic for them, controlling both sides in a conflict they created.

      • PARIS GIRL says:


        • Ltpar says:

          Paris, don’t confuse me with someone who gives a rats ass about what kind of religious 3000 year old propaganda Jewish people were dispensing in the Talmud, the Muslims in the Quram or the Catholics in their version of the Bible. As found in all organized religious groups, each philosophy is fear based and slanted to allow that group to hold power and control over people. Throughout history, more people have been killed in the name of God, than in all Wars combined. While having a strong belief in God, I discard organized religion and do not feel the need to have an intermediary (Rabbi, Iman, Priest, Minister) between me and God. As far as those who come to destroy my country, I will fight them to the last bullet regardless of which propaganda they represent. Hope I have cleared up that misunderstanding in your mind. Semper Fidelis.

          • HII says:

            Gentlemen; good comment, take it easy; don’t loose track _ problems at priority are the Banskters regardless of races vs origins; the PARASITES vs KILLER WORMS inside the Economy, Their scopes of the crimes are all now spread over the globe rather than limited in the USA as you would have thought ?? Worst the KILLER WORMS crimes have been and are continuing supported hence protected by all PUPPET GOVs around the world ( central banks in 187 countries to date _ check them out _ OK ?? ) ; which have served the Banksters since 1913, prior you were born,even further back; the facts to date as described reveal worst the PUPPETS Govs in the entire globe have been getting caught the criminals; the killer worms themselves; hence the status of same in the USA continuing to date under the current Obama Adm; Check them out _ OK?? What to do ?? World populations Plans of Actions are required _ OK. if not as Dave Hodges had noted the NWO will get in there sooner than expected; by that time ?? Most of you guys including me ( no exceptions ) would have disappeared if not perished and the remaining lucky ones ?? not so lucky to get themselves in the status worst than before _ permanently RFID chipped _ WORLD OF SLAVERY . SCARY GUYS.

    • KILGORE says:

      AGREED 1000% Stan.

    • George says:

      OK Stan , iv come to the same conclusion , but !!! you cant lump all the Jews together and most of the Zionist Jews are not genetically Jews lets face it the Zionists planned and funded the 2nd world war and were directly responsible for the death of millions , http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm , iv traveled and lived with the Jews in India and new york and have found them to be genuinely kind and caring towards all people , so i say its the none genetic jew stupid : ) Better known as the bankers cabal .

  6. Mark says:

    I know what your saying is true and only believing Christians know to I see this all around me O explain to people and they shrug it off I’m on the side of Jesus and I will stand up to the evil doers even if I die I’m with you please stay in touch

  7. Mike dean says:

    Im in. How can I help

    • HII says:

      Gentlemen _ Mike; yes there would be a lot that you vs all other web audience can do to help; this web forum is a small _ little if not narrow alley to start laying out ideas by the web _ OK ? it’s got to start some where at some point as suggested by the Dave Hodges _ the author of the said articles. Hope that will expand to a shape sooner and better _ OK ?? check that all comments posted by this web forum are intelligently valid though not complete as yet hence accepted; example _ issues on the YEW vs Non Jew peoples vs Judea as Religions vs descendant vs bad / good behavior _ controls power vs greed vs deceptions _ Jew vs Non Jew CRIMINALS _ Banksters vs Gangsters vs Drugsters _ that have not been discussed neither touched upon etc; suggest to start at FOCUS of the problems _ that are too many super imposed one upon another etc; hence suggested to start with SIMPLICATIONS; back to the Daves’ topics _ “” Why We Fight the New World Order “”.

      1. Simplify 1st _ problems definitions; top at priorities are the CRIMINALS BANKSTERS vs Corrupted PUPPETS Governments _ scopes USA ?? Not only USA _ but shocking _ the scopes are spread all over the globes engulfing 187 countries _ all corrupted by definitions _ the corrupted practice of the Rothschild banking systems hence the MANIPULATIONS enforced by the CRIMES committed by these Banksters hence supported vs protected by the Corrupted PUPPETS governments _ since 1913 or even earlier dates; These criminals MANIPULATIONS _ collaborations BANKSTERS VS PUPPETS GOVERNMENTs vast scopes the world over ; define the problems coined to be the PARASITES vs KILLER WORMS in the local vs global world economy !!

      2. Simplify 2nd _ problems definitions; equally weighted the MANIPULATIONS by the KILLER WORMS acted by the CRIMINALS corrupted PUPPETS Governments by the acts of Country Budgeted Deficit Spending; centers in the USA _ by the name the BAD FED USA vs the WHDC _ White House DC; centers in Europe _ by the name of the Bank of England vs Bank of the Vaticans etc vs the BIS SWISS Business; centers in the Mid East _ by the name of the Bank of the Saudi ?? etc you can name them all _ getting in to 187 countries all together if not more ?? please verify _ OK ?? Check the Mike Maloney web presentations http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU; on illustrations of the never ending CRIMES committed by the PUPPETS Gov Deficit Spending.

      3. Simplify 3rd _ Check they ( the CRIMINALS ) are all separately as well collectively, effectively protecting the parasites vs killer worms in the world economy local USA vs global; who are these CRIMINALS _ killer worms ?? Mike Maloney web U Tubes _ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU; show and explain the govs deficit spending ( USA vs all nations over the world ) are @ the basic flaws _ check them out _ they are all the criminals FAKING THEM UP in to the WORLD BAD DEBT direct _ feeding in to the KILLER WORMS huge sums of business PROFITS _ the Rothschilds BANKS cartels _ the GOLDMAN SACHS, the New York Stock Exchange House USA, the Wall Street USA etc, the Exchange Houses vs all Central Banks all across the globe _ world Bansksters _ Gangsters vs Drugsters _ locals vs global. Global where centers ?? Check the BIS ( the Bank of International Settlements ) located at Basel, Switzerland; the CRIMINALS the BIS Swiss Business, dominates hence controls all central banks ( hence tailored them all _ in to the web of world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS Killer Wormsvs www banksters criminal syndications ) across the globe ( except three countries _ name them please ?? ) so the UN AGENDA 21 hence the PUPPETS governments across the globe themselves are SHOCKINGLY getting caught _ the world CRIMINALS MANIPULATORS _ the KILLER WORMS themselves as well : what do you say guys ? disbelieve ?? check them out _ OK ?? you guys are already in the states of being the victims vs eaten alive by these killer worms since when ?? _ since even prior you were born _ OK ?? SCARY ?? _ YOU BET !!

      4 Simplify 4th _ TBA ( to be advised ); get back to the FOCUS laid out above first thing first _ we will get to the END GAME POINT _ Daves’ topics _ “” Why We Fight the New World Order “”.

      Advise comment, Tks:

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