Why We Need To Stop The NSA



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  1. Dupper bob says:

    The NSA needs to return to their traditional duties and stop spying on the general public.

  2. A welshman.. what part of wales? Herefordshire County here..

  3. patriotsrus says:

    We need to get rid of all these ABC corporations that are not justified in a free society. If Congress had any balls they would stand up and stop this crap….what the hell were they elected for?

  4. The FBI are domestic surveillance.
    The NSA are are cryptosystems.

  5. The NSA are fighting the Chinks and Russian mafia that are attacking us CONSTANTLY. That is not evil.
    Maybe you teabaggers can do our cryptography? LOL.

  6. Luca Çakır says:

    I lost it at the MLG voice

  7. Mark Spitzer says:


  8. GOD DNAΔRNA says:

    ✔ ISIS ⇨ created by the colorless so-called white species of Satan
    ✔ ISIS ⇨ funded by the colorless so-called white species of Satan
    ✔ ISIS ⇨ given territory by the colorless so-called white species of Satan
    ✔ ALL other tyrannical dictators is created & funded by the colorless so-called white species of Satan

  9. Luke Donkor says:

    I'm sorry but wouldn't it be easier for a bunch of you guys to take your guns and literally just kill all of them? If you care so much you would be willing to sacrifice your freedom to kill those who threaten everybody else's 

  10. orangeeye13 says:

    Infowars aks the question, "why do we need to stop the NSA?"… well , I will tell you….. Because it is none of your stinking business for perverts to come stinking their nose into my private healthy family where we abide by the Constitution and Bill of Rights!… We all hate criminals, so why can't we all do a better job of Prison care systems? ???.. Isn't that the 80% to 90% of our inner problems???… multiple re-crimes!!!!!… but corruptionists learned how to make money from this system….that is the deal here!…. I like G Abbott of Texas…. Governor. …… also,,, Go RAnd Paul!!!! Stop using propaganda to ruin your lives!!!! Truth will set you fRee!!!!!!!!

  11. When I was young no one ever spoke of the NSA. As a way of explaining everything involved with spying they gave us James Bond movies. Other than that there was only the MSM news that just repeated whatever the government told them to.

  12. Winston Syme says:

    Alex Jones is funded by and works for the CIA. DO NOT TRUST THIS TRAITOR TO THE CITIZENS OF AMERICA!

  13. The Illuminati is up my backdoor on my internet accounts.

  14. GUNVALKERIE says:

    What does the elite hope to accomplish by making us dumb and turning us into slaves? If they kill us there will be NO WORKERS for the elite so either way they're fucked

  15. MrBrymstond says:

    Even though risks are risky, is exactly why we e need to take risks at all risks!

  16. Sir Francis Bacon started it all off, and yes he was English.

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