Wikileaks – Pretext for Internet Censorship



Ultimately, internet control is part and parcel of the technocracy movement. This movement seeks total scientific control over our lives via technological means,

By Number Six, Editor of Global Governance Archive.


Few people realize that Wikileaks is actually a pawn in the globalist chess game designed to advance total control by “the technocracy.”

This technocracy promotes the idea that democracy was a sham and that scientists and engineers (working for the Illuminati bankers) should take over the reins of government.

The modus operandi  is the Hegelian Dialectic. You may find it in practically every event unfolding in our lives.

First, they put their plan to paper. Subsequently, they stage the necessary problem and blame it on someone else. Third, they readily provide the solution.


In the Wikileaks case, their goal is total internet control. 

Thus they need a false flag attack to serve as a pretext for a crackdown. Given there really are no terrorists, or very few with the capability to carry this out, they need to do it themselves (and blame it on so-called terrorist patsies such as Wikileaks).

Finally, they declare that too much damage has been done to infrastructure and national security via the leaking of critical documents and that a Cybersecurity Act should be passed to establish total control over the internet electronic highway, something which they have already accomplished in our physical world via the Patriot Act.

Cybersecurity Theorists & the Plan for a New Internet (Thesis)

The ideological basis for the new internet has fully been promulgated by the elites. Caesar Obama’s “Internet Czar” Cass Sunstein proclaimed how a democratic internet is no good; conspiracy theories are no good; email should be delayed 24 hours and well-meaning groups infiltrated by government spies, etc.

Jay Rockefeller’s Cybersecurity Act mandated the internet as vital national security function and infrastructure, advocating a White House on/off switch.

The doctrine which sums it all up is that of “Full Spectrum Dominance.” The U.S. as the acting globalist military arm is to take planetary control of land, air, sea, inner space, outer space and cyber space.

The Need for a Cyber Attack (Anti-thesis)

Wikileaks is the first of many false flags to come, the anti-thesis  necessary to achieve internet control. Think World Trade Center 1993, just a warm-up.

Colonel Fletcher Prouty, the author of Secret Team, revealed that the 1971 Pentagons Papers was the Wikileaks beta version. He described author Daniel Ellsberg as a paid hack “with little or no practical experience, and a fixed agenda,” terming the classified document leak as “amazing propaganda.”

Notice how Wikileaks co-director Domscheit-Berg conveniently burned all unpublished documents which included files on Bank of America. Notice how the diplomatic cables which can be dubbed as the Pentagon Papers 2.0 actually support the “Global War on Terror.” Assange’s main contacts at mainstream outlets such as the New York Times were Council on Foreign Relations members who controlled document release.

Daniel Estulin exposes the full story in his latest book on Wikileaks, demonstrating how it began with the same type of financial and technological assistance given to Google and Facebook via NSA and CIA front companies such as In-Q-Tel.

Notice how Wikileaks has served its purpose and has now been thrown by the wayside. Discussion still continues as if Wikileaks is still operational. It is has become a media reality show as Assange enjoys his fifteen minutes of fame in house arrest, talking movie and publishing deals. Assange’s partner has left and started his own OpenLeaks as well as written a book.

A New Internet System (Synthesis)

This new system can be called Internet 2.0 . Based on the Rockefeller definition of internet as national security and the posing of Wikileaks as a threat to this national security, the nest step is the clampdown. Being part of Full Spectrum Dominance which seeks total planetary control over everything including cyberspace, the new system would have to be integrated into the military apparatus.

We have seen the NSA & Microsoft develop our personal operating systems for us, eventually forcing out all other alternatives such as Linux.

We have seen the CIA & Google develop our software systems for us. “CIAgle” has gone on to add to its arsenal the essential video dissemination network YouTube, social networks Facebook and Twitter, among other essential internet communication tools. Finally, given the “NSAsoft” partnership and the recent Microsoft acquisition of Skype, the NSA may finally receive its wish to eavesdrop on Skype phone calls.

In the past few weeks, numerous alternative websites were attacked, hacked and taken down. I awoke this morning to find my website hacked. Wikileaks was the opening salvo in the bid for the Full Spectrum Dominance of cyber space.

We should not be crying over Wikileaks, it is part of their operation. Instead, we should be calling it out for what it truly is while simultaneously fighting to keep the internet alive and free. In the meantime, we should be preparing for continued assaults by the Powers That Be.

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