Wikileaks = USA At War With UFO’s In Antarctica?


The notorious Julian Assange has built comments in the earlier related to the introduced launch of quite a few of his controversial intelligence leaks. he has now stated that there will be U F O related components. lately, Wiki Leaks revealed alleged compromised Section of Defense cable communications indicating that US armed forces may be in the midst of a secret war with U F O’s.
According to the resources that have been revealed, there was an all out notify issued by Air Pressure Place Command just after the emergence of a massive flotilla of airborne unidentified objects from the floor of the Southern Seas of the Antarctic. This armada of mysterious objects headed toward Guadalajara, Mexico.
It is stated that Julian Assange has been falsely accused of sexual assault fees by authorities in Sweden which resulted in his arrest in Fantastic Britain. That just one of his accusers, Anna Ardin, has fled and is presently in hiding, among the the Palestinians, is a strong indicator that the fees, in accordance to these common with federal government ways, is a ploy to silence Assange’s proof.
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  2. Todd Dooley says:

    trying to discredit wikileaks?

  3. Beanie Sepp says:

    Release picture of earth..

  4. Hendo Hayles says:

    we need to capture the aliens and butt rape them

  5. Bob lee says:

    Mr.Best  That MAN is so beautiful I think I'll just populate the earth with him,

  6. Bob lee says:

    Mr.Best  That MAN is so beautiful I think I'll just populate the earth with him,

  7. Erk Fizban says:

    If UFOs or aliens want to pass USA border, Trump may build a flying wall and.. omg aliens cry and run to other planets asap!!
    Waow Trump, you built a wall for Mexicans and UFOs, you blocked muslims even they harmless and their pass legally accepted. Waow Trump you said "OBAMA MADE ISIS" you are so brave dude! Like in each president's time there was a new BAD MUSLIM(!?) TERRORIST GROUP BORN , what will be the next one in your president service time. Dont you already have enough Islamaphobia world wide? No need to create more, just attack to more countries dude, no one will questinate it anyways.
    They will keep believe to craps like Twin Towers attack, media is puppet like you(Trump, Bush, Obama, Clinton etc..) anyways.
    Go on to create hate and murders in world since you get more patrol,gasoline, lands and power. Most of American citizens will support this "inside goverment – Israel"'s sick leads anyways.
    The new world order.. I know no one will do it but i will say it anyways, read Robert Strausz Hupe' book, who was an ambassador, wrote "The Balanca of Tomarrow" in 1945. Hupe's theory created together with close friends from CFR(Council on Foreign Relations), those friends were David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Kennan, Zbigniev Brezezinski, Samuel Huntington etc..
    I know most of you hate and will continue hate muslims and Islam. But i will say it anyways.
    A muslim never tries to kill someone without any reason ( to defend your homeland, home, family and your own live). Those puppet groups like ISIS (name comes from old Egypt from a Goddess) are not muslims.Pagan believes has ISIS from old Egypt, like the bad followers of Moses(a.s.) , "Samiri" , who was still on the believe of old Egypt Pharaoh(they still continue in present) and made golden calf to worship with jews when Moses(a.s.) gone. Later, pagan believe, magic and all that craps by Cabbala – Kabala (Jew believe , sick sionist believes and magic, devil use things – fully sick and craps) still they see that "bull / calf" as holy. As like that "golden bull / calf" , as to name thir creation terrorist group's name wasnt suprisefull, ISIS (remember they later changed the name, think why..). ISIS's leader, such a luck !, he was born in Iraq's SAMARRA town, such coinfidance name comes from Samiri – Samarra. He was helping to USA army to defence USA weapons and give them information / logistic.. (Check wikipedia if you have doubts..) Check Ebu Bekir El-bağdadi, leader of ISIS.
    Too much coinfidance that, in ISIS's interwievs they said "we dont have any problem with Israel" even if they were such a fanatic Islamic fighters..Seriously strange that Israel was using same words "we cant have any problem with ISIS" ..
    If you guys would live in the zone – middle east – , you would clearly see that ISIS was a Israel job, with the support of USA, with a sionist paganic cabala name ISIS, and their leader Ebu Bekir El-Bağdadi was a helper to USA army in past in Iraq war. Iran had another words about him "he is an Israel spy and a jew in reality", also Edward Snowden from Wikileaks had the same words with documents.
    Guys, if you are a muslim, you would just hate Israel or ISIS or any Islamic(lie) terror groups or any terror groups.. There is no reason you would like Israel as a muslim. I actually hate sionism personally, and hate Israel's way even i m peacefull guy.. Imagine a fanatic group like ISIS.. Israel would be your FIRST target believe me..
    When we(soldiers of my country) catched and killed couple of ISIS militans, we saw some of them were from western races; American, Israeli, English even some eurpoeans. The support(guns, money, logistics – information to them is amazing and it mostly comes from USA and Israel.. Oppositely of Israel citizens, I personally know that USA citizens wouldnt want to support them if you ask them one by one. But governments supporting them. This is like new way of declare war to one or even more countries like Syria, Turkey etc. Each president comes with creation of new terror group, those never Islamic in fact.
    Imagine there is a plane crash to a building in some country, and they decide pilot and others are from your country. And they declare operation – war to your country..They kill your family, rape your wife , mother, sister or even some women soldiers may rape you before shoot you – or while shoot you from leg.. – .Just for fun. Maybe not ALL of them, but most of them losing control. Its like free to do anything..
    Now i know most of you would hate ALL of them and their nation. But do you know, muslims dont. They dont hate ALL of you even 1.5 million Iraq civilians has been killed. The unknown numerous of women suicided who became pregnant by American and English soldiers. I mean, just imagine if you can. I know most of people from any nation, wouldnt like or want to see such thing.
    But its a fact you guys no have any affect to manage your own country. Because of these sick elits who believe crappy prophecies. Big Israel, new world order, democracy and some fantastic believes..
    Democracy is the biggest lie and they use it as aliby to control or make you shhhh silence, dont you have right to vote! So just vote!
    Good but who choise the people we have to vote? There are 2 choises? 3 ? But all of them are same! All leaders are puppets anyways.
    What i m trying to say is, as a muslim me or as a christian you or as an atheist that guy or whatever believe that girl has etc no matter, they will use it, they are using it. They will try to make you hate me or hate that girl when they need you to hate. To make you shhhh, silence.
    Just work, just pay your tax, just die in our meanless war, heeey if you dont attack you will have to pay 1 more dollar to 1 gallon of gasoline. If you dont attack, our warlords cant sell anything! If you dont attack, governement wont pay your college money.
    Mate, they make you their slave. And they teach you be happy with it. And you still keep believing them.
    We – sons of Adam or all humans – have 1 life and do we want to live it like that?
    With stupid wars all around the world. Seeing countries fall one by one, seeing lifes end for our comfort. Or our comfort? Think again what we pay to take those.. Is it worth it?
    I wait for judgement day and Allah/God to decide. Till that day, with the knowledge of "most of them were ignorance" and "my Allah, you said in book that (ignorance is sin) and (who mischief in earth will be curse forever) also "who hides the facts are cursed", i will try to live in peace. One day probably some "democracy bringers" will shoot my homeland, bomb and attack everywhere ; that day peace will go rust in peace for me, i will have to fight till my last blood in my vessels.
    The irony will be, media(puppets) and history(lies) will write about that soldiers – soldiers of evil with no honour actually – as hero(…) and will type/write about me as terrorist(tragically).
    Remember me world, that i never attacked to another country for some material shits. That i never try to occupate any lands. Just tried to live as a honorful, peacefull man.
    With Selam, Selamun aleykum – wish Allah's/God's peace on you – .

  8. Rene' Cruz says:

    ???This isn't Edward Snowden revealing Aliens/UFOS videos to Wikileaks, anybody can cut & paste together other UFO sites photoshop CGI UFO video images, cropped/splice them together, add a robotic narrator & call it Wikileaks 2017…Ahhh HaHaHa…LO♍/

  9. space=satanic nasa=satanic ufos=satanic aliens=satanic globe earth=satanic

  10. there are no ufos just demons

  11. Jesus was on his way but the globalists shut his ship down

  12. Newton says:


  13. jack flash says:


  14. bill withers says:

    no white people are at war chariots of god mybe fight with the white people

  15. Turbo Man says:

    I shat on this video

  16. David Brady says:

    If this was real then why are the heads of all world governments not meeting to head a joint force against these so called Aliens,simple the American military are using Antarctica as a testing base for highly advanced weapons and craft.

  17. I hope those "aliens" crush the fucking USA!

  18. Mike Citizen says:

    If it cam from Wiki and I do not know but if it did it is more than creditable.

  19. Elisa says:

    Gods deleting my comments

  20. Elisa says:

    Gods On Earth attacking queen of the universe he could invade earth any time he's all evil

  21. james James says:

    Where is the war again? Last I checked no war at the North or South pole ever. Some of these videos are so inaccurate and filled with BS. Waste of time man…

  22. I believe US and friends have built a double for Noah's Ark. Too many things are building.

  23. Wikileaks- clickbait trying to take the pee out of you!

  24. Well?, for the most part, I find it VERY hard to believe ANY video of this kind that has a computer generated narrator.

  25. nick wilson says:

    Im gonna walk to antarctica and look around myself

  26. Roy Deese says:

    I've seen um too don't care who believes maybe the ones that don't see them are not suppose too

  27. fantastic real video of fake objects

  28. First Last says:

    Just because they are unidenfitifed to many experts and the general public does not mean that they are unknown to a small number, <200,000 people (working in the relevant industries).

  29. 1sosalini says:

    not likely , if they can get here they can smash anything we got . …. dumbo bullshit .

  30. Please don't disparage Wiki-Leaks who, unlike you, is a reputable reliable and authentic news service. And stop using Photoshop to try to legitimize your trash, "Take out the papers and the trash, or you don't get no spending cash, plagiarized.

  31. John Hart says:

    So if the UFO's are getting a beatdown in antartica, why dont they attack other parts of this planet????

  32. fab vlr says:

    really?if they travel lightyrs to get here , how hard would be to destroy anything around?

  33. flat earth, 100%. do the research waste your time, just believe it for a moment, its either true or not true, dont waste your time researching it it will take ages, just believe
    thats reason for them to be at war – hitler had apparently came in contact with them as well these nordic looking beings which i have never even watched, -if the dome is at antartica, and there is aliens there, then they may be our god, or they may be the super intelligent beings that created us, for love and hate batteries or something to do with energy created in out brains, a different type of positive and negative energy we know of, or its probably we are straight up plus negative batteries /or different reasons

    look up the flower of life geometry – ley lines of earth

    – right at the no fly zone, so they would have to fly around the entire earth – to photograph that centre circle. – same with the north pole. it looks like we live on a flat square earth, but a circle is probably correct in terms of the dome-.
    we need whistleblowers and proof with vdeos from antartica – either if someone can fly from south africa to australia by flying over antartica – mystery solved, but we need proof of somesort that will put nasa in the spot light and exploit this shit once and for all. DO YOU HEAR ME

  34. CJ W says:

    I am disappointed…..I was waiting for the little black duck to jump out and say… dodgers in the 24th and a half century
    sorry people aussies can't help taking the …..Micky

  35. fuku2bitch says:

    They Won't make it through Trumps Wall at the border. Just wait and see

  36. Mick Owens says:

    watch the video of UFO shooting stuff out

  37. UFO's are man made. Its a very old technology hidden from public

  38. John connor says:

    Aliens are Demons

  39. This is the same crap i've been seeing and reading for almost 10 years. "War with UFOs! Disclosure soon!"

    Move along now. It's not going to happen, you're banging your head against a wall.

  40. Nothint to see here folks (except the usual looney drivel). Moe along now…

  41. Bora Çetin says:

    if there was a war we would probably aware of this

  42. I think that you may have been watching "Ice station Zebra" and got a little confused with reality.

  43. I havent seen wikileaks post anything of the sort and im pretty sure they havent. Julian Assange wont post anything unless its 100 percent fact. thats why he has a rating of 100 percent. even fox news admitted that assange has never broke a story that isnt true. i see people posting similar crap about snowden and he never said or posted anything about ufos. People in the cia and deep shadow government have come out and said the government is going to fake an alien invasion to help bring about the new world order. they do have technology that makes holograms in the sky and they have the technology of ships or planes that are circular and look like something from an alien movie.

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