Will Armed Sheriff’s Deputies Stop the Criminal EPA?

Dave Hodges

Agenda 21, or Earth First as it is now being called, spells doom for the Republic. As millions of documents have demonstrated, its policies are the antithesis of private property ownership, personal liberty, unaccountable and tyrannical administration of justice, anti-family and anti-representative government. Yet, like a flock of good little sheep, we continue to acquiesce to the tyranny. If your community does not presently have an Lexington Green, it may be time to build your center of resistance which will stand up to federal tyranny.

Will Armed Sheriff’s Deputies Stop the Criminal EPA

Everywhere, and I mean everywhere, that Agenda 21 has a strong foothold, we find extreme corruption, whether it is in Larimer County, CO. or Los Angeles County, CA. There is nowhere our people are safe from a tyrannical government gone crazy. As you are being evicted from your home, are you going to continue to watch your favorite reality TV show on your mobile device during the eviction process? Attention sheep of America, there is nowhere left to hide.

Nowhere is there an organization like the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA). The EPA is made up people who delight in spreading misery and tyranny to as many Americans as possible. They make up their own rules, enforce these rules retroactively and they are not accountable to anyone.

The EPA is the enemy of the people and strong action needs to be taken against this criminal enterprise organization.

The EPA and Your Car

The reach of EPA is getting to the point where no American is safe from ruination from its dictatorial policies. For example, under EPA policies, the Arctic Vortex is making criminals out of anybody who drives a car.

All across the nation, from Maryland to Colorado, states are adopting EPA regulations against warming up your car by prohibiting the practice they call “puffing”.

Many officials have their local community participate in the TV show Bait Car, in which local law enforcement entices a person to commit a crime (i.e. stealing a car) that they might otherwise not commit by leaving the keys in the ignition. Yet, these same states will fine you up to $1,000 for leaving your keys in the ignition of a vehicle which is not in motion. And what is truly behind these ridiculous policies? Why, it is the EPA who claim that they want cleaner air for everyone.

We would not want to confuse the EPA with the facts. For example, General Motors (GM) actually issued a statement encouraging remote starters on their cars we they recently said that warming up a car actually reduces pollutants. GM states that “because the catalyst that traps the unburned hydrocarbons only activates once the engine is warm”. Yet, the EPA issued a report that claims modern vehicles need little warm-up. Idling for long periods in cold weather can actually cause excessive engine wear. Of course, as it is with the rest of the EPA’s policies, their policies are not backed up by legitimate science. Rather, the EPA rules by pseudo-scientific edict and their rulings always fly in the face of the public’s interest.

The EPA and Eminent Domain

The playbook of United Nations inspired Agenda 21 policies is in full evidence in California Senate Bill 1 (SB 1). SB 1 will give power to all counties to form what the EPA calls “sustainable communities”.

EPA ally and confidant, California governor, Jerry Brown, stated that he will veto any modified bill that does not contain the ability to seize private property which stands in the way of achieving a sustainable community.

SB 1 contains language which models EPA “best practices” in which homes can even be taken a half a mile away from a public transportation site. Please allow me to be painfully clear on this point. If the EPA wants to create a “no man’s land”, all they have to do is claim that they are going to “someday, at some future date of their choosing,” build a public transportation site. If SB 1 is successful in its Agenda 21/EPA inspired California beta test, this is the kind of strategy which will sweep this nation as the EPA seeks to force all Americans from suburban and rural areas and make us all live in densely populated urban areas while living in 300 square foot micro-apartments.

At the end of the day, all city and county governments will be able to create totally unelected bureaucracies in order to create these “sustainable communities”. And one last item of note regarding the copying of EPA dictates at the local governmental levels, the private ownership of property is not attainable if your home could be taken at any time to create low income, low energy housing. Yes, that is the final provision of this bill. If government seeks to create a low income housing development based upon low energy use, all homes, not considered to be low income, are subject to being taken. I do not think that the insanity and tyranny associated with these practices need any further elaboration.

 If these Soviet style polices concern you, you might want to consider distributing a full analysis of Senate Bill 1.

                          The EPA Steals An Entire Town

The EPA and the Department of Justice and Department of Interior, have decided it would be a good idea if it seized an entire town, including everyone’s property and turn it over to an Indian Nation. The EPA did exactly this without telling the mayor or any other elected official.  

The town in question is Riverton, Wyoming and this transfer of ownership was accomplished under the authority of the Clean Air Act which “allowed” the EPA to hand over Riverton to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This land grab amounts to the transfer of ownership of over one million acres and impacts over 10,000 Americans.

In the case of Riverton, WY., the EPA has a powerful ally in the form of President Obama through the use of Executive Order (EO)13603. This EO combined with the heinous actions of the EPA have now been used to steal an entire town.

Conclusion and Call to Action Against the EPA

Do you understand that legislation against idling cars, the ability to seize property to promote sustainable communities and the self-proclaimed right for the federal government to seize an entire town, are all beta tests? If our out of control federal bureaucracies can get away with this in Riverton, then what is to prevent this from happening in your town?

Local residents need to reclaim their local governments at the key point in the process. This means capturing the office of the Sheriff in your local county. Every Sheriff is duty bound to uphold the Constitution. In doing so, a Sheriff has the legal right to act against those who are acting in an unconstitutional manner. As such, if your community can capture the office of the Sheriff, the Sheriff could deputize hundreds if not thousands of locally armed citizens. By acting in concert, locally deputized citizens along with Sheriff’s deputies could begin to arrest EPA officials and all local politicians who think that the passage and enforcement of laws, such as SB 1, is actually a good idea.

I completely understand that the Executive branch of the government may respond. Perhaps the King needs to know that tens of thousands of Lexington “greens” awaits his federal tyrants. Perhaps the 200+ military commanders who have been fired by Obama along with hundreds more military officers waiting to be fired, are taking notice.

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