Will Donald Trump Get Assassinated? – Illuminati Game Prediction


The Illuminati: The Match of Conspiracy card video game that has supposedly predicted a selection of events in current record has alluded to the assassination of Donald trump.

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47 Responses

  1. Joey J says:

    That pic of him laid out on the mat with white stuff on his hands and face is most likely what will kill him and explain all the sniffing he does. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  2. America is doomed with him president hopefully Islamic Spies cut his head off

  3. jdareyah says:

    Trump wife and daughter is "jewish", Illuminati is code word for Jews/Zionist. He aint going anywhere, they have who they wanted in office to be the face of their evil works. If Trump is killed it will be by a regular citizen, not by an so called "Elite".

    PS. It dont matter who rules and/or president, Yahweh warned us that all the world rulers in the last days would be very wicked.

  4. chillchi says:

    If he is killed, that is a good thing.


  6. Gary Ferraro says:

    Piss on "The Illuminati".

  7. CharronBlue says:

    Well with Madonna saying she thought about shooting up the White House, it just might happen. She is a puppet for the secret societies

  8. No the Illuminati  do not  exist  but the subject makes a lot of money of Dice, Icke and Jones to name a few  There have been 4 POTUSA who have been assassinated, 8 attempts

  9. david florez says:

    I don't even need to shake his hand get me two feet from him

  10. david florez says:

    I hope I get to shake trumps hand one day I'll make the most of that opportunity, hopefully somebody does it before me

  11. Check out my Youtube channel if you are struggling with your faith. Thanks.

  12. mickamoo1 says:

    You give me hope.

  13. Jan Max says:

    Trump shall Never Never be assinated

  14. Thewaxer 97 says:

    Watch a Call for a uprising you tube channel

  15. Thewaxer 97 says:

    No,Trump is protected by the illuminati,or they will kill him……

  16. Its only a matter of time. There's the illuminati card. A series called Shooter is about killing the us president episode 1 released on 17 November. There's Lucifer season 2 episode 8 talking about dead people like Stalin and then mentions Trump. The trailer Marlyn Manson released for his new album Say10 on 8 November where they show beheaded man dressed like Trump which will release on February 14. There are also predictive programming about Trump's wall like The Great Wall and Colony. And celebrities and news are so anti trump. And when Trump do something bad people will trust more celebrities and media. February or March. But it really depends.

  17. Can it predict if the Cubs will win the World Series again?

  18. SHAMe says:

    i doubt it but who knows

  19. Justice XJX says:

    if he keeps up the stupid racist shit this will happen and i will feel no remorse the way he doesn't for the people just trying to make it in the USA

  20. TriL TV says:

    If he gets assassinated, it will be the ELITES who make it happen…..

  21. tony atlas says:

    it's all a game it's almost time you haven't seen nothing yet

  22. The secret service about to kick down your day?

  23. Aditya Shahi says:

    BULLSHIT but true..

  24. theosmelek1 says:

    I, for one, wouldn't miss that fat-ass, turkey-necked, lying, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, ignorant, rape-y, grope-y, pussy-grabbing, immature, insecure, narcissistic ASSHOLE some of you call "President" Trump! Not one sad emotion would I waste on that lump of shit if he was to "get" it!

  25. VoL. says:

    The satanist vs the fake Christians-our times

  26. Ret Girl says:

    we can make Trump resign as president. He's in violation for not releasing his taxes. Please go to this website and sign the petition please and thank you. Also spread the word.https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/donald-trump-resign-president-united-states-violation-emoluments-clause-release-your-tax-returns

  27. Angel M says:

    oh you're the Vigilant CITIZEN

  28. CHANGE YOUR FUCKING THUMBNAIL MARIO ? it's disgusting and in very poor taste. DONE with your channel ??

  29. i hate him for sure but no one should die.

  30. Angel M says:


  31. Angel M says:

    @Vigilant Christian: I have UNSUBSCRIBED to your channel. You should be ASHAMED if yourself for promoting fear and hatred. The screen shot showing a portly blond hair white man sprawled out on his back is really DEPLORABLE. Who is this person? Is it supposed to be a depiction of POTUS TRUMP? To you and all you pathetic crybabies who still can't get over his win as POTUS: you need to examine your hearts and find it within to know his election is the result of DEVINE INTERVENTION. Hillary Clinton is an immoral and unethical person. She lacks the character needed to be the Pres. of the USA. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY AND VERY THANKFUL DONALD J. TRUMP WAS DULY ELECTED. Now we can get on with the BUSINESS OF MAKING THE US of A GREAT AGAIN! Good riddance to the First GAY Pres. of the USA and Farewell to the First TRANSGENDER "First Lady". Friday Jan 20 2017 is now recorded history.

  32. Also, they got a card game? Seriously?

  33. Ugh. Guess I figured out their plan already. First video I've seen predicting this though.

  34. Joel Warsley says:

    The only 2 presidents assassinated were the only two not Freemasons… Trump is the third.

  35. These aren't predictions. It's just foreshadowing. The know it's going to happen because they cause it. If Trump does get "assassinated" then that was part of the plan, but if he doesn't, then that could be used just to make truthers look paranoid and crazy.

  36. nah don't think the nwo would kill one of their own

  37. you people are sick to even post a pic like that. I hope youtube blocks you… your disgraceful. u will run the alternative media with this kind of BS. I rebuke all what u say or do in Jesus name amen

  38. Morbid says:

    Time Will Tell

  39. LiquidJFunk says:

    Now that those cards have been revealed those prophesied events won't be happening.

  40. Manga McFly says:

    Congrats on 40,000 subs! Man, if this happens all hell will break loose.

  41. Well they did transport El Chapo to the US yesterday.

  42. locker13 MAF says:

    This one is far-fetched…cards don't predict future. It is men who decide to kill or not.

  43. dre says:

    I hope he does get yoked

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