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“The Polish president is commander-in-chief of the armed forces, steers foreign policy and has the right to introduce and veto legislation. Duda has called for NATO to station its troops on Polish soil, amid heightened tensions with Soviet-era master Russia over the Ukraine crisis.”
This surprise election of a U.S. stooge calls for a trip down the memory hole. Duda, meet Smigly!
Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz
By Mike King
As regular readers well know by now, the ultimate culprits behind the disaster of World War II were the high-level masters of the New World Order crime gang (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Sulzberger, Baruch et al), and their skilled operational henchmen of the political world (FDR, Churchill, Daladier, Stalin et al). By the way, this is the same self-perpetuating crime syndicate now agitating for confrontation against Syria, Iran and ultimately Russia and China. Same game; new players, long story.

But the one thing this dirty gang could never have accomplished by themselves was to trigger the actual war. As even the most geographically illiterate Boobus Americanus or Boobus Europithicus should know, neither the US, nor the USSR, and nor the UK shared a common border from which to make mayhem against Hitler’s Germany

France does share a border with Germany, but when Hitler permanently renounced any claims to the disputed Alsace-Lorraine region in 1935, a possible flash-point between the two rivals was diffused forever.

Another potential trigger was diffused in 1938 when the Munich Agreement – since dubbed by propagandists and ignoramus parrots alike as “Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement”  – fairly settled the German-Czech dispute to the mutual benefit of Czechs, Slovaks and Germans. 

Nor was Germany bound to any dangerous entangling alliances, as it had been prior to World War I when the Reich was committed to fight alongside Austria-Hungary after the Russians and French began mobilizing against that nation.

http://newsbusters.org/sites/default/files/thumbnail_photos/2013/June/Chamberlain%20Hitler%20611.jpg?1371001646 http://www.scalarchives.com/scalapic/170408/b/B006897b.jpg

Hitler’s skillful and honest diplomacy resolved the Alsace-Lorraine dispute to France’s favor, and the Sudetenland problem to the benefit of all parties. Left: with UK’s Neville Chamberlain, Right: with Daladier of France

Unfortunately,neither Daladier nor Chamberlain would be strong enough to hold back the continued pressure from the warmongering factions around and above them.

In November of 1938, the U.S. mid-term Congressional elections dealt a crushing blow to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Democrat Party. With America still reeling from the decade-long Great Depression, absent some foreign “crisis”, it appeared that the failed two-term President would not be able to seek a third term (He ultimately held office until his death in 1945). It should be noted that at this hard time in American history, prosperous Germany was enjoying full employment, a strong currency, the Autobahn, the Volkswagen, and a happy reconciliation between labor and the entrepreneurial class. But I digress.
Even the claims of Jewish persecution in Germany were no longer valid. Though the dominant Jewish elite had in large measure been stripped of high positions in finance, press, government, law and academia, the truth was, the 330,000 Jews who remained in Hitler’s Germany were unmolested and actually quite prosperous. Indeed, after anti-Jewish riots broke out following the 1938 Paris murder of a German diplomat by a deranged Polish Jew, it was Hitler himself who, via Goebbels, immediately issued an Emergency Order for the anti-Jewish violence (since exaggerated in scope) to cease.
And so, by 1939, the New World Order crime syndicate and the British & French chauvinists had nearly run out of all options and all propaganda pretexts for instigating another war against peaceful and prosperous Germany, as they had done in 1914. The last hopes for starting the war to re-enslave Germany rested on the shoulders of one man, and one man only. His name was Edward Smigly-Rydz; the criminal fool who started World War II. As is to be expected, his name is virtually unknown outside of Poland. It’s high-time this dirty, rotten, ego-maniacal scoundrel gets the posthumous “credit” he so richly deserves.
After Germany was essentially tricked into laying down her arms and surrendering during World War I, its west Prussian territory was carved out, given to the new state of Poland, and, for the most part, “ethnically cleansed” of Germans. The German port city of Danzig was declared a “free city” and forbidden from rejoining Germany. East Prussia remained part of Germany but was left isolated from the mainland. This illogical and immoral configuration, and the anti-German abuses which were to take place within the “Polish Corridor”, would serve as the perfect trip-wire for setting off a new war against Germany.

A Tale of Two Marshals

Born and known as Edward Rydz, the young army commander served in the Polish legions of Austro-Hungarian Empire during World War I. He later became one of the leaders of a Polish independence movement that sought to establish a Polish state carved from the Polish majority areas of Austria-Hungary and Russia. Smigly, by appointment of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, became commander of the Polish Military Organization and adopted the ‘nom de guerre’ of “Smigly” (Fast or Agile). He later added ‘Smigly’ as an integral part to his surname, which tells us something about his ego. His self-promoting renaming is similar to that of Loseb Jugashvili, who later took the name “Stalin” – Man of Steel.


Pilsudski (l) and Smigly-Rydz fought for Polish statehood.

As a Brigadier, Smigly commanded armies during the Polish-Soviet War which followed World War I. The treaty which ended that war, the Peace of Riga, divided the disputed territories between the relatively new state of Poland and the new Soviet Union (fka Russian Empire).

Marshal Pilsudski would go on to become Poland’s head of State until his death in 1935. It is important to note that Hitler and Pilsudski were on good terms. Pilsudski  had actually congratulated Hitler on winning the 1933 elections, and the German-Polish Non-Aggression Pact was signed just 10 months after Hitler came to power. According to the Pact, both countries pledged to resolve their problems through bilateral negotiations and to forgo armed conflict.

Just before his death, Pilsudski re-emphasized that Poland should maintain neutral relations with Germany. The death of Pilsudki proved to be a great loss for Germany – a fact which Hitler himself expressed during the closing days of World War II.

 Adolf Hitler attending memorial service of Polish First Marshall Jozef Pilsudski in Berlin, 1935.

1- Hitler attends a Berlin Memorial Service held in honor of Pilsudski, whom he respected greatly.

2- Pilsudski and his Foreign Minister Beck (left) make peace with German Minister for Propaganda & Public Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels, and German Ambassador to Poland, von Moltke.

A Dictatorship Without a Dictator

Following Pilsudski’s death, Smigly-Rydz became General Inspector of the Armed Forces. From that point on, Smigly was rapidly elevated. In 1936, he was awarded the title of “Second Man in the State after the President”, by the Polish prime minister. Later that year, he was promoted to the rank of Marshal of Poland. Smigly’s carefully crafted image as Pilsudski’s anointed successor alienated many of Pilsudski’s supporters, who saw him as a shameless self-promoter.

The period of Smigly’s rule, 1935–39, was often referred to as “a dictatorship without a dictator”. But he lacked the moral authority of the beloved Pilsudski and many Poles were divided over their new de-facto dictator; with more than a few hating him outright. The Smigly regime became increasingly authoritarian. This was illustrated by the creation of the Ozon movement, whose objective was to build a popular mass movement that would transform the tin-pot dictator into “Poland’s second great leader” (after Pilsudski himself). Several of Poland’s senior politicians made a point of distancing themselves from this phony “grass-roots” cult movement.

Smigly-Rydz: always decorated like a Christmas tree and talking big.

In addition to being authoritarian, and not all that popular among his own people, the pompous Marshal had grandiose delusions of restoring the old Polish Empire of 1569-1795, in territories which had long since been devoid of Polish inhabitants (Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus, Czechoslovakia and Prussian Germany). To that end, Smigly’s gang embarked on a campaign of aggressive intimidation and forced annexation.

Dreams of restoring Poland’s long gone Empire danced in ‘Emperor’ Smigly’s mind



Smigly-Rydz Strong-Arms Lithuania & Czechoslovakia


In March of 1938, Smigly issued an ultimatum to the tiny Baltic State of Lithuania. Lithuania had refused to have any diplomatic relations with Poland after 1920, protesting the annexation of the Vilnius Region by the new Polish state. The ultimatum demanded that Lithuania  unconditionally agree to establish diplomatic ties with Poland within 48 hours, and that the terms be finalized within two weeks. The establishment of diplomatic relations would mean a  renunciation of Lithuanian claims to the region containing its historic capital, Vilnius.

Tiny Lithuania, preferring peace to war, accepted bully-boy Smigly’s ultimatum and conditions. Had Lithuania stood firm, it’s quite possible that Stalin would have used the ensuing war as pretext to take the Baltic States (which he eventually did in 1940) and start the 2nd Polish-Soviet war. Such was the recklessness of Marshal Smigly.

Many in the “democratic” West, including, ironically, the anti-German New York Times, expressed dismay over Poland’s militaristic bullying of Lithuania; a development  so dangerous that it caused jitters among Wall Street investors. (here) But in the end, it was generally understood that Poland would be needed for bigger things, so the West “held its nose” and tolerated Smigly’s antics.

Later that same year, Smigly made a similar bold move against the Czech government when he took advantage of the Sudetenland Crisis to demand a portion of Zaolzie and some other smaller areas. The Czechs were powerless to stop the forced annexations. Again, the “democratic” West shook its head in dismay, but held its tongue.

1- Lithuania and Czechoslovakia were both strong-armed by ‘Emperor’ Smigly.
2- Uninvited, Polish tanks roll into annexed Zaolzie. A few Polish flags are visible, but the people don’t seem too excited.
Smigly the Tyrant Eyes Danzig
In addition to the expansionist foreign policy, the Polish military junta was infamous for suppressing ethnic minorities living within its new borders. Indeed, during the 20-year history of the League of Nations, literally hundreds of formal complaints were submitted by German and other ethnic minorities trapped in the stolen lands now controlled by ultra-Nationalist Poland.
Smigly was not content with the possession and ethnic cleansing of stolen western Prussia. He also wanted control over the beautiful “free city” of German Danzig (today known as Gdansk, Poland) and eventually all of eastern Prussia too.
In 1939, supported from ‘behind the scenes’ by elements in the UK, France, and the US (yes, Roosevelt was deeply involved!), Smigly-Rydz was encouraged to ignore Hitler’s sincere and generous proposals for resolving the bizarre and hated partition of Prussia that had caused tension ever since the end of World War I.  At one point, Hitler had even agreed to give up claims to western Prussia in exchange for the return of Danzig and a 1-mile wide highway – railway passage linking Germany to eastern Prussia.
Underestimating Germany’s resolve, overestimating Poland’s power, and foolishly trusting in the western intriguers who were manipulating his bloated imperialistic ego, Smigly ignored Hitler’s offers and ratcheted up the abuse of Germans trapped in western Prussia and Danzig. The suffering of the Prussian Germans is not “Nazi propaganda”. It is historical fact which the West’s “court historians” have purposely edited out of their Orwellian history books.
Believing that the western powers were truly behind him, the cowardly Smigly ‘stood down’ and allowed predominantly Jewish-Bolshevik terror gangs to attack innocent Germans; both within “Prussian Poland” and inside of German border towns as well. These gangs of Red “partisans”, as well as other Polish ultra-nationalists, had been salivating at the prospect of triggering a Western “holy war” against Germany ever since 1933.
The torture-mutilation-massacre at Bromberg occurred just 2 days after the liberating Germans arrived in western Prussia. The brutality of the mass killing gives an indication of the type of abuse that innocent Germans, trapped in Poland, had been suffering while Smigly “looked the other way”.
Again, Smigly coveted the “free city” of Danzig (98% German) and wished to eventually annex all of eastern Prussia. Step by step Smigly plotted the restoration of an empire that was long gone, an Empire which even his own people didn’t want. A man blinded by such ambition was easy pickings for the British – those undisputed historical masters of foreign intrigue – and also for the cunning Roosevelt and the Jewish operatives that surrounded him.

By August of 1939, Germany had exhausted all efforts to reason with Smigly’s gang. The British and French urged Smigly to allow the Soviet Army to march westward, in the event that war should break out with Germany. Smigly refused, stating that: “there is no guarantee that the Soviets will really take active part in the war; furthermore, once having entered Polish territory, they will never leave it”.

Smigly-Rydz Forces Hitler’s Hand

On September 1, 1939, after all German attempts to reason with Poland, France and Britain had failed, and after the Polish military, at the urging of Britain, went on full mobilization, the Germans invaded Poland and liberated Danzig. On September 7, along with most of the government, Smigly ran from Warsaw as it came under attack. The immediate counter-attack promised by Poland’s French and British “allies” never materialized.

Unbeknownst to the blinded idiot Smigly, the Allies had no such plans and fully expected not only the fall of Poland, but the entry of Stalin’s hordes. The Allies only interest was to have an excuse to declare war upon Germany, and then wait for Stalin to attack Germany from the east, necessarily having to pass through Poland. Stalin was indeed ready to pounce on a distracted Poland, but his move against Germany was to be on his time-table, not that of the Allies.

The Allies continued to ignore Hitler’s impassioned pleas for peace and would spend the next eight months plotting Scandinavian-based maneuvers and deploying a massive mechanized fighting force in northern France, in anticipation of invading Germany via Belgium and Holland, sometime in the spring of 1940.  

The rest, as they say, is history.

http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--txFST_68--/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/gvgzuobj1vgowuie5knv.jpg  TIME Magazine Cover: Marshal Smigly-Rydz -- Sep. 11, 1939

Once Smigly-Rydz had given Britain and France the phony pretext needed to declare war against Germany, he was given his 15 minutes of fame and then “thrown under the bus”.

The Allies Abandon Smigly; Stalin Finishes Poland

Smigly’s ego-maniacal pipe-dream of a new Polish Empire was further crippled when the opportunistic Stalin attacked Poland from the east on September 17th; an invasion which Britain & France, in spite of their “defense guarantees” to Poland, said nothing about! Having picked a fight with one superpower, Germany; and thus exposing Poland to invasion from another, the Soviet Union; Smigly-Rydz sealed his county’s doom. His criminal stupidity enabled the brutal butchers of the Soviet NKVD to round up and execute 10,000 of his Polish Army officers at Katyn Forest.


Had Smigly followed the late Marshal Pilsudski’s advice and remained on friendly terms with Germany, the Soviet invasion and the Katyn Forest massacre of his officer corps would never have happened.

Rather than choosing an honorable punishment for the disastrous folly which he drove Poland into – such as suicide or at least surrendering to the humane Germans – the coward Smigly fled to Romania. Like a true narcissist egomaniac, he deflected any and all blame for the disaster that he and he alone engineered, later stating from his Romanian hideout:
“Cost of construction of modest fortifications along our western border was equivalent to 18-month budget of Poland, and at the same time, we were working on fortifications in the East. A modest armament plan was up to 5 billion zlotys. What was I supposed to do? I am not an economist.
We began partial mobilization in the spring 1939. The nation hated it, more than 1000 Silesians deserted to Germany. We were unable to keep Poland mobilized for so long, we could not afford it.”

Pathetic! Smigly admitted that Poland was ill-equipped for war; that the nation itself did not want war; that the Soviets posed a threat from the East; and that Poland could not afford the cost of war. And yet, he purposely pissed in Hitler’s face and eagerly rushed head-long into war anyway!

In defense of the accusation of cowardice in regard to his flight, Smigly issued more prideful excuses:

“They say that I am a coward. I had three options: to surrender, to kill myself, and to be captured. It was impossible to fight, as I had only half a company of soldiers with me. To kill myself meant failure.”

“To kill myself meant failure”, eh Smigly? That would be like the captain of the Titanic abandoning the ship that he helped to carelessly destroy, sneaking onto one of the limited lifeboats, and later declaring, “To have stayed on the ship would have meant failure.” As it went, Captain Smith stayed on the Titanic and shot himself as the ship went down.

In light of what Smigly’s folly enabled the Soviet butchers to do to his officers at Katyn Forest, the pain of remorse alone should have driven him to suicide; but that’s assuming Smigly was any kind of a decent or honorable man. Clearly, he was not.  Smigly-Rydz would return to Poland in 1941 to work with the Polish underground. He was said to have died of “heart failure” just a few weeks later; or did some of his fellow Poles repay him for his folly and cowardice?

Hitler Exposes Smigly

During his speech to liberated Danzig in 1939, Hitler addressed Smigly’s folly:

No power on earth would have borne this condition as long as Germany. I do not know what England would have said about a similar peace solution (Versailles) at its expense or how America or France would have accepted it. I attempted to find a solution – a tolerable solution – even for this problem. I submitted this attempt to the Polish rulers in the form of verbal proposals. You know these proposals. They were more than moderate.

I do not know what mental condition the Polish Government was in when it refused these proposals.”

In that same speech, Hitler goes on to speak of Smigly’s cowardice:

“The Polish Marshal (Smigly), who miserably deserted his armies, said that he would hack the German Army to pieces.”

 And of his cruelty:

“And martyrdom began for our German nationals. Tens of thousands were dragged off, mistreated, and murdered in the vilest fashion. Sadistic beasts gave vent to their perverse instincts, and this pious democratic world watched without blinking an eye.”

And of Smigly’s willful blindness:

“I have often asked myself: Who can have so blinded Poland? Does anyone really believe that the German nation will permanently stand that from such a ridiculous State? Does anyone seriously believe that?”

The highly decorated and twice-wounded war hero Hitler had this slippery, sleazy, sniveling, self-promoting Smigly clown all figured out!

1- Hitler struts through the streets of Danzig while Smigly hides in Romania. (The Fuhrer is so ‘bad-ass’, in a good way, isn’t he?)

2- The joyous crowds of Danzig greet their liberator.

It wasn’t merely the fact that Marshal Smigly-Rydz was a tyrannical, imperialist, warmongering weasel that should have made his name infamous. Compounding all of these vices was his abject stupidity. All “Polish jokes” aside, did Smiggy actually believe that Poland could defeat Germany? Really? Evidently so.

Did the Smigster not suspect, that with his hands full fighting Germany, the bestial Stalin might capitalize on the situation and invade from the east? Evidently not.

Did His Royal Smigness not suspect that his British, French, and America “allies” were just using Poland to pick a fight with Germany, only to throw her out like a used-up lemon rind afterwards? Was Smigly not aware of how the Allies seduced the Russian Tsar to fight with them during World War I, only to refuse him asylum when he was overthrown? The Bolsheviks then captured and murdered the Tsar and his entire family.

Was Smigly not aware of how the British, during World War I, encouraged the Arabs to rise up against the Ottoman Turkish Empire, only to renege on promises made to them and then steal Palestine as well?

Ironically, what Smigly-Rydz was not able to see was, again, very clear to Hitler. In that same Danzig speech, Hitler spoke about how Poland had been played for chumps:

“For these men (British warmongers) Poland, too, was only a means to an end. Because today it is being declared quite calmly that Poland was not the primary thing, but that the German regime is. I always warned against these men. I pointed out the danger that in a certain country such men could rise and unmolested preach the necessity of war – Herren Churchill, Eden, Duff-Cooper, etc.

The circumstances surrounding the outbreak of this unnecessary war haunted Hitler until his dying day. Hours before his suicide, Hitler dictated his final political testament; in which he stated:

 “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted the war in 1939. It was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.

Three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I again proposed to the British ambassador in Berlin a solution to the German-Polish problem—similar to that in the case of the Saar district, under international control. This offer also cannot be denied. It was only rejected because the leading circles in English politics wanted the war, partly on account of the business hoped for and partly under influence of propaganda organized by international Jewry.” 

The modern “educated” mind, so twisted by 75 years of false propaganda, may find it difficult, if not impossible, to even begin to process such a claim. And yet, an objective analysis of the events of 1939 leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the man was telling the truth!

Hitler saw how the Allies were playing Smigly-Rydz for a chump; and spoke publicly about it months before the war had even started. Wasn’t Smigly listening?

Will History Repeat?

Smigly’s imperial folly, criminal negligence, and astonishing stupidity not only doomed Poland, but the world as well. That’s what happens when a man is blinded by his ego and his ambitions.

Given these true facts about the horrible historical record of Marshal Smigly-Rydz, one would think that, in spite of the conventional misunderstanding of World War II, the Poles would universally hold his memory in contempt. But that is not the case. Marshal Edward Smigly-Rydz Park is a large tree-covered public park in Warsaw that honors the memory of the man who not only started World War II at the behest of his western manipulators, but doomed his nation to Soviet conquest, mass killings, and nearly 50 years of Communism.

Honoring Smigly? Really? Come on Poland! Are you flippin’ serious?

One would also think that Poland learned a valuable historical lesson about ‘messin’ with super-powers. And yet, the current Polish government, much to the dismay of more than a few Poles, is taking the lead in provoking Putin’s Russia on behalf of its EU and US handlers!

How does the old adage go? “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

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