Will the Battlefield 1 World War One setting be Good for a Battlefield Campaign?


A whole lot of people died in some of the cruelest deaths imaginable in World War 1; and to this day nobody is sure why. Can the Battlefield 1 campaign …


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  1. Extremely good analysis of the war. Like seriously, i did not expect this at all, much less from a gaming channel.

  2. Michael S says:

    Verdun! why you say this

  3. Another thing is the intense Nationalism. The commoners believed that they were heroes, and all that was dashed when they encountered trench warfare for the first time. Which i really hope the game incorporates.

  4. Michael S says:

    Fought for political reasons. However, this was because of an old political order, If you want to learn about this, read Henry Kissingers book world order. However your reasons are also partially valid. It's reallllllllllly complex and stupid.

  5. McKnight says:

    vurdun? that game i hear was very good

    and didn't the dev peopel or whatever said the campaign is going to be of the battlefield stories of people in WW1 and you won't be focused on 1 person.

  6. redfox pw says:

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  7. Blackadder (A tv show) did WW1…

  8. congoredjr says:

    My favorite FPS campaign of all time? I'd have to go with Half Life

  9. Beneath Hill 60 is a fucking wonderful WW1 movie about Aussie tumblers. HIGHLY recommend.

  10. holycrap this guy is good at bf

  11. I thought you would theorize how they would manage making trench warfare fun and realistic on account of the primary game tactic for pretty much all players is "RUSH!!!!!!!" which would make the whole setting irrelevant because the trenches reward a defensive player and how off map artillery would work would it be like killstreak bonuses in call of duty or will they make a whole new game mechanic but fuck it let's hear about your lack of knowledge about the reason behind world war one and some irrelevant shit about the geopolitical situation in Europe. I can guarantee you the last thing people will think about when they play this game is "oh the graphics is cool and i love the mechanics and all but i wonder why i'm fighting this war"
    You sir wasted my time with this video.

  12. Zygy __ says:

    10/10 bombing

  13. Onion B says:

    I wish u were my history teacher back in shool

  14. good explanation you get a sub

  15. jack isb3 says:

    Im just going to explain when britain goes to war their dominions go to war. At that time it included Canada,India, and Australia/New Zealand
    So no it wasn't just a bunch of random countries it was the entirety of the english empire.

    Canada how ever later replaced their british officers with canadians, and signed the treaty of versailles as their own independent nation.

  16. mi fivirit camping i ghost

  17. Battle of Verdun on Steam.

  18. I can think of a WW1 game off of the top of my head. Valiant Hearts: The Great War. One of the saddest games I've ever played. http://store.steampowered.com/app/260230/

  19. Trunks LA says:

    I hate 343. Plz more videos on Halo Batman!! No Ranked Doubles, Ranked Snipers and Social playlists and gametypes still missing. OVER POWERED AUTOS. We need you dobbins….

  20. Kwtsos99XD says:

    Isnt Verdun a WW1 game? ._.

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