Will We Ever See World War 2 in Call of Duty Again?


World War 2 in Call of Duty… will it ever happen again? It’s no secret that many of the Call of Duty developers have a major interest in history, but interest alone …


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  1. Treyarch should do a World at War 2 = Past
    Infinite Ward should do a Modern Warfare 4 = Present
    Sledgehammer should do a Advanced Warfare 2 = Future
    This would give us a different era each year and keeping the game fresh with every from boots on the ground to boost jumps.

  2. I want a karin war cod

  3. sledgehammer talk bout a veitnam but wouldnt make sense to leave a campaign open

  4. make that new games is battlefield 1 is ps3 now

  5. tawon1984 says:

    Since there is three developers I think they should keep it past present future treyarch past infinity present sledgehammer future.

  6. jo Ben says:

    logically 3arc makes their next game set in the past. logically but they may want to make bo4 which is fine tbh. at least as far as 'suckng the community's dick' is concerned, it would be ideal that they include some sort of levels/mp ideas that would make it like past cods. Ie the level 'demon within' in bo3. Of course it's irrelevant because people don't seem to have brains about understanding storylines. people complain about 'where's woods and Mason in bo3?' they are main characters but they don't make the black ops series. waw is part if the black ops storyline arc (1,2,3) but is only in waw, bo1, and potentially bo2. he doesn't make waw or black ops by himself. anyways

  7. jo Ben says:

    it's funny because sledgehammer is already making aw2… and I guarantee people will look at the aw2 reveal trailer and say "they don't listen to the community" but yet they were already working on aw2 for so long they can't just stop and do a 180° turn.

  8. Ww2 without a doubt

  9. Vietnam war with iconic battles and awesome special forces like Mac v sog, seals and lrrps

  10. joe cormier says:

    Who cares about the movement system! Just bite the bullet and put out a ww2 or real life conflict era game and scrap the new movement system. If the game is fun then people will play. Cod4 remaster will show that no one cares about the new movement system and just want a straight up classic call of duty 

  11. I want a ww2 game id love if they just made world at war backwards compatible give me that at least

  12. Ryan Coody says:

    not sure ill play cod for a while, BF4 and BF1 should keep me busy til the next treyarch game

  13. RJAWolfe07 says:

    Treyarch might release a WAW Remastered, since kt will have been 10 years since WaW and it'll be Treyach's turn in 2018.

  14. again, the community is just tire of the jumpy, jumpy "future".

  15. lol u guys wait, they about 2 make a WW2 games with exo suites

  16. people say infinity ward couldn't have predicted this hate but… …they could have predicted that people didn't want 5 futuristic games in a row.

  17. Vmq v says:

    please give us Cod WW2 I been wanting this game for idk how long

  18. John Seward says:

    how about alternate ww2 setting with nazi super soldiers

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