WILL WORLD WAR 3 BREAK OUT?!!! Hello guys thanks for watching my video 😀 Really appreciate it 🙂 If you enjoy this video Smash that like button and check …


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  1. Xite eKlipZe says:

    Prayforparis :(

  2. Fyberz says:

    Americans know where Isis are hiding

  3. Dec 500 says:

    Hey man. Yeah I'm actually big into the news and been looking h into this the last few days. I think an actual 'world war' won't happen. I do think a major war will start against iscis by many other countries. But ultimately iscis can only go so far before stronger forces will stop them. It ain't gonna be long if it does start

  4. Mhdsami2002 says:

    There has been 5 years of war in my country every day bombs kills everything.
    And then everyone comes and says pray for Paris and there has been 100 people dead
    That's nothing compared to us this is bullshit

  5. Mhdsami2002 says:

    Because In my country every week 1000 people are dead or injured

  6. reaper modzi says:

    really pitbull the gameplay aint even yours

  7. TJA says:

    Oh god I can't be asked for that- Honestly all round countries will be too much for Isis- U.S.A will be backed by Russia,UK,France- SO MANY COUNTRIES ITS TOO MUCH! They won't be able to get us all

  8. Bird_YT says:

    I heard about Paris..I hope there is not another world war.. that would be horrible.

    Also come back to my channel bro! I miss you! 😀 <3 Great video again man!

  9. Xłαтeχ says:

    Hey man I subbed

  10. Xłαтeχ says:

    Ya it is scary but I I try not to pay attention to the WW3 turn out

  11. RedDot says:

    Nice video mate , I subbed , sub back please :)) I have a shoutout series going on maybe check it out 🙂 ? Cheers :)

  12. Ali FC says:

    Pray for paris.They were horrific events

  13. TheBroMan says:

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  14. FeyRazzle says:

    Hi Pitbull. I’ve been doing videos for my own channel for quite a while now, and I have to say your stuff is definitely inspiring! Glad to have found such a great fellow tuber like you, keep up the awesome work! I currently have a collab series that can easily get you 40+ subs if you get featured, might wanna check it out 😉 Definitely Thumbed Up! (Would twice if I could!!) :)

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