Will World War Three Begin In 2012


Is 2012 going to represent the beginning of World War three or can the world avoid World War three and all the death and destruction World War three would bring. All sane and peace-loving people are praying that World War 3 is averted. Thankfully, World War three during the Cold War was averted due to the NATO and the Warsaw Pact. Sadly, If World War three breaks out in 2012, nukes shall speak and, tragically, billions will die.

The US Globalists-led Nato still wants to dominate the world, despite the disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not only that the Western world’s global dominance stands challenged, but also the march of history may be reversed. Since the 1500s scientific discoveries, industrialisation, political revolutions, colonialism, and technological ascendency, the world has been controlled by Western powers. The British Empire, Napoleon’s France, Hitler’s Germany and, more recently, the US Globalists have all been part of the Western world’s bid for global hegemony, control and world government. Now the West is really in decline. The USA – the great power and land of mass production – faces economic stagnation, if not full decline. The EU faces its own economic predicament. Against this backdrop, some European Globalists and American Globalists find the idea of a powerful Germany leading Europe as unacceptable, so far. The two wars were fought – among other reasons – mainly to prevent Germany from its rightful place under the sun. An intra-European conflict may be brewing for the leadership of Europe, even as the US-Nato alliance conflicts with the Russia-China dialectic alliance.

The US Globalists geostrategy has been embroiled in Afghanistan and Iraq; now it seeks to extend the war to Iran-Pakistan to bring on World War three. Of course, the real war is against Russia and China, the opposing alliance. Washington sees China rising, Russia resurgent, Islamic world defiant (with Arab Spring likely to turn anti-West), Israel endangered, besides Western economic decline.

globalist american political puppetsThe presidential elections in America are upping the war ante for World War three, forcing President Barack Obama to strike Iran and bring forth World War three. New Delhi seeks Washington’s support to denuke, balkanise, and de-Islamise Pakistan, before USA’s departure from Afghanistan. Meanwhile Israel and the Globalists are straining at the leash before Iran develops the nuclear arsenal. This will change the strategic balance followed by nuclear Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt.

In Afghanistan, the US Globalists seeks to retain a 25,000 strong force for the denuclearisation of Iran and Pakistan. It may seek independence of Balochistan (with Indian support). A clash with Pakistan is likely though not inevitable. Delhi wants to use American power to fight Pakistan, but absurdly believes it can escape the nuclear conflagration. The war with Iran is even nearer – perhaps, 2012. The US and Nato may attack Iran followed by Pakistan or both at the same time. An Israeli attack on Iran is even more likely and Indian attack on Pakistan (Cold Start) always remains a possibility.

Russia and China are allies against the US-Nato geo-strategy (Iran and Pakistan are joining this alliance). China is rising economically, and Russia is resurgent strategically. After Iraq and Afghanistan, they have seen the US-Nato model of regime change in Libya and Syria by sponsoring local militants. In Russia, President Putin accused the US Globalists of instigating the opponents of United Russia; in China, it used India to ferment trouble in Xinjiang, Tibet etc. All this is unifying the alliance of Heartland powers Russia-China and Rimland state actors Iran-Pakistan into anti-US-Nato alliance. But the events are moving too fast! The Mayan Prophesy of 2012 as a ‘catastrophic year’ approaches. The US-Nato-India clash with Pakistan or US-Nato-Israel clash with Iran will lead by default or design to a multi-regional war and World War three.

The combined geopolitical space of Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq backed by Russia-China is beyond the US-Nato reach. If World War three was to commence, a war against Iran could be catastrophic, but against Pakistan it could be dooms day! In fact, a war against Pakistan is very complicated plus suicidal!

Pakistan Solders World War ThreeFirstly, Pakistan is neither threatening, nor attacking anybody. It is on high moral ground, despite USA’s and Globalists propaganda about the security of its nuclear arsenal.

Secondly, Pakistan will defend itself at any level – sub conventional (asymmetrical), conventional (armed forces), above conventional (nuclear -WMD).

Thirdly, Pakistanis are united to defend the motherland and fight the foreign invaders and Globalists. The people and political parties want an end to the Afghan war and peace in Pakistan.

Fourthly, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia will support Pakistan, despite diverse strategic interests and won’t be influenced by the Globalists.

Anyhow, the Muslim world would revolt as war with Iran and Pakistan becomes apparent. The initiators of the attack will be burnt by the flames they help ignite themselves (albeit radioactive fires).

Solution To Prevent World War three?

The US-Nato Globalists must relent on Afghanistan; of course, no war with Iran and no interference in Balochistan. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

Globalist message from the Cole’s book arcadeThe First Australian Globalist New Word Order Propaganda Message from 1883 Cole’s Book Arcade

Besides the innocent people of Iran and Pakistan, the people in Europe and USA are being duped by the neocons and Globalists. Shocked when the bastion of capitalism, Wall Street Globalists came under siege and fearing rapid collapse, war abroad is their illogical choice. Even in Israel, half of the population is against the war and World War three. Overall, the good Jewish people, with their historical sense of survival seek peace and security. Pakistan is not anti-Semitic at all, but has deep sympathy with the people in Palestine. Indeed, peace in the Middle East would be welcome to all.

The Globalists, however, are adamant to drive the ‘American Titanic’ into the global iceberg. But World War three will be self-defeating for all and for the Globalists!

A new paradigm shift is needed, rather than beating the drums of war and trying to instigate World War three. The Russians have played a great role to deter the US war hawks desire for World War three, aided by the Chinese. The Germans and other anti-war Europeans, besides sane people in the US must join hands to abort this global conflagration and World War three.

Russia’s key role in global peace and preventing World War three is to help build security for Israel, prevent attacks on Iran, help with the establishment of the Palestine state, aid the US-Nato exodus from Afghanistan and help with the return of Kashmir to Pakistan. Indeed, the alternative global nuclear war and World War three is too apocalyptic to contemplate. We must prevent the commencement of World War three and thankfully you and I have the power to prevent World War three from becoming a reality.


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  1. Jozsef Toro says:


    How I see, China want to take control on the whole world. It’s not fair. This is one reason for world war three.

    Russia is a highly civilised country. I know the from the time when I was small child. I can say, maybe most of the Russians not reach at this moment, but Russia has future. Russia surely not the country which want world war three, but the country, which will not run away from world war three.

    Germany is the only one really powerful country in the whole Europe. Germany has the power to drive the Europe and to be cooperative with the whole world.

    UK is intelligent enough staying with Germany.

    The only countries on the world which want the world war, are the following countries.

    1 United States
    2 Australia
    3 Canada
    4 Africa
    5 China
    6 A few East European countries under the Jewish control.
    7 Maybe some of India
    8 And some part of South America.

    The reason why, because these countries nowadays are not civilised enough for the global life.

    The most dangerous is, I surprise you now, is not the USA. It’s China.

    And China have begun the third world war all ready long time ago when they decided to take control one day on the whole world.

    The USA do now a big mistake. The USA think the enemy are the Arab countries. But its not TRUE. The Arab countries are religious countries.

    The world real enemy is China. This is the truth.

    And the US is just a paper in the global political games.

    By the way, because I am an European, I hope during the third world war, if we will have third world war, I will do my best in Germany against the US, and against China.

    The US is just a powerless provocateur. But China is world enemy.


  2. Daniel Heise says:


  3. Dan Gilfry says:

    Well, now Homer Landscuirty (aka Homeland Security) has gotten 750 MILLION rounds of ammunition “to protect Americans”.
    That’s more than two bullets for each American! With all that ammo, ol’ Homer can “protect” anybody who protests the Jewish Nazi regime right into their grave!

  4. ferit KOLA says:

    we hope is not gone hapen yet because people want to live they life

  5. Dan Gilfry says:

    There is no stopping WWIII now. Satan’s Jews want it too badly for us human
    beings to stop it. They planned this war back in 1897, at their first New World Order convention in Basle, Switzerland.
    We have had many chances through the millenia to exterminate this
    parasite and send the Jews back to Hell, where they came from. But we
    haven’t done what God asked of us and now we will have to pay the price!

  6. Mr, Proud American Rebuttal says:

    Since In Your Opinion – The United States and the West are evil people with deranged intent who want to dominate the world – Did you know – NATO is suppose to be capitalized ( acronym).

    Let try a New World Influence. How About North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan or maybe get Dictator in charge like Syrian President Assad.. Your best Candidate Of All Is; The Anti Christ Yea that will do … So, Jesus can kick your ass up around you neck.

    THE UNITED STATES AND THE WEST ARE STILL: THE BEST TO LEAD THE GLOBE IN PEACE & LAWFUL ORDER….. Despite all of our pimples and flaw…. At least our country tries to work with others peacefully through diplomacy….

    It Was A Slanted Article: Very Anti American and West – But – it was well written

    Proud Amican

    The US Globalists-led NATO still wants to dominate the world, despite the disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not only that the Western world’s global dominance stands challenged, but also the march of history may be reversed

  7. Dan Gilfry says:

    Back in 1897 the Jews promised to start three world wars and they will do exactly that!
    The Jews weren’t put here to live in peace like us human beings, they were sent here to cause trouble and start wars!
    We human beings can only blame ourselves for handing over our planet on a silver platter!
    Dan Gilfry, Swedish Liberation Party
    “For a Jew-free Sweden!”



  9. In fact all the information stated above is true. Here it is important to mention that again and again it has been reflected on media and stated by experts that the real aim of the attack on Iran is the nuclear capable Pakistan. The time the Jewish state is taking in planning and the strategic changes in Afghanistan and relations deterioration between Pakistan and USA are also symptoms to a possible war with Pakistan. On the other hand the Indian State has started Cold War Doctrine strategy where they are having repetitive and aggressive combat training with the US army (Joint Exercises). Now the main issue is to identify the period of war. The Islamic Month of Ramadan is also near followed by the event of Olympics 2012. Many videos and movies in the recent have pointed towards an incident at Ground 0 or the Subway. The same location where the Olympic stadium is located.. Could be possible that some event may be staged on that particular event to wage a religious war against the Muslims that could eventually result in WWIII

  10. GJS says:

    I truly cannot see China & Russia being allies for long, they are just so uniquely different in just about everything so if they did unite to fight the west I don’t think it would be long before they were at eachothers throats.
    Anyway, lets all hope the bastards who are pulling the strings in the west are exposed & eliminated before all this comes to fruition.

  11. Mariner says:

    WW I saw the end of Pax Britannica and the advent of Pax Americana. WW II saw the “Return to Zion” for the Jews or rather the Khazarites and now WW III will probably result in creation of Pax Judaica and replacement of US as the ruling state in the world, by Israel which of course will be for a very short time prior to complete annihilation of the American spoiled brat planted by the British (Balfour Declaration) in the ME.

  12. mohsen samii says:

    My calculations point to the 25th of this month of May 2012 when the first shot will be fired to the start of the 3rd world war. Keep this date in mind.

  13. aftab hussain says:

    As i mention earlier, WW111 is necessary toreboot world economy, and western powers are well aware about it, Russia and China, their stretigies are same to delay war, as long as possible, untill US and Western powers become so weak to afford any war. In my point of view China and Russia will be successful in their plans and power will shift from west to east. I personally dont expect WW111 in coming next 50 Years. The major event in near future will be US $ collapse and deepest recession in western countries. Iran will gain Nuclear power but will never use against Israiel. Pakistan is, yes, very important in future events and will grow its economy dramatically in next 20 years. there is no any major event in next 5 years except US Dollar collapse.

  14. moazzam ali says:

    Pakistan is a peaceful NUCLEAR State. It has no intentions to attack any country, not even India or Israel. 99% of Pakistanis would like to live in Peace, thats a huge majority. Its not a small country. It has a huge population. The Pakistanis, its Govt. and its Armed forces know how to defend their country.If USA/NATO/ or India even think of attacking Pakistan they should think a hundred times. Rest assured all will face a total and mutual destruction. If they want Armageddon they will get it. Martrydom comes easy to Pakistanis.
    All the people of this free world should stand and tell their Govts. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH-NO WARS.
    Live in Peace and let the others Live in Peace.

  15. Sohail Ahmed says:

    Agreeing to Michael, it is obvious that WWIII is there to come. Is it round the corner? Well, it appears that an attack on Iran to begin this war is not so imminent. US and Israel cannot annihilate them, so the cost-benefit ratio stands too high to go for a hit. Historically, US has been on the wrong side and except for two A-bombs and carpet bombing in Afghanistan, nothing has been accomplished. An outright victory always eludes them. This time, it will again. So, sanity would prevail and Israel, now much more precariously poised against muslim world, despite all their short comings, also knows that a war on financial-economical table is easier to be won then risk obliteration (how? That is debatable).

    So, we may keep on waiting for generations till the implosion of islamic world. The West would not have to use a single bomb! And in case their is rebuilding of islamic world, the energy should be used to propel harmony all over the globe. Wishful thinking? Time will tell.

  16. Michael cook says:

    The history of man is war, war, and more war, leading to WORLD WAR ONE, then WORLD WAR TWO, and WORLD WAR THREE is as sure as the other two.
    For ANYONE to say otherwise is deceiving himself and others big time. The present day global chaos alone tells us where we are headed, never mind mans war filled historical past. It is amazing how many live in denial, grasp at straws, fail to grow up and face reality.

    We are talking about thousands of years, and billions of people here, as evidence of that warring past, a past that has not gone away, it has just continued into the present, and has become global with the most devastating weapons systems. For war has left no people unscathed.
    Then we have a world armed as never before, with weapons that leave those weapons of the past looking like kiddies toys, with scores of wars taking place before our eyes now, and many others in the making, all happening in a more and more unstable world.

    For those who choose not to grasp at straws, all one can do is to prepare as best as they know how as regards their personal situation for what is coming.

    • Jo Ann says:

      I prepare every day when I read God’s Word straight out of the Bible. I am comforted to know that I don’t have to live in fear because God’s son Jesus Christ will comfort me through the Holy Spirit. I pray that everyone would stop fighting over petty things, because this world is big enough to hold all of US!!! Stop the bloodshed, violence, greed, and take care of the poor and disadvantage through means of world peace and create jobs and send food to starving children all over the world. The richest can do this!!
      Jo Ann Freeman

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