William Cooper U.F.O. coverup (Full Length)


A Bill Cooper Lecture in which he explains Aliens (their existence between us, our collaborations with them, the Alien Treaties), Mystery Governments, the Trilateral Commission and an perception into Sercret Governing administration ideas to go away the Earth. A excellent lecture – lousy video top quality but there is no want to see….just Hear! Mr Cooper was a legitimate American Hero, could he rest in peace


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  1. Paul Hynes says:

    Bill Cooper is a Legend who outed Alex Jones from info wars as a paid CIA disinformation Jesuit.
    Maybe that cost him his life at the hands of the Police?
    Shame on Alex Jones RIP Bill Cooper an American Legend!!!

  2. darrell lamb says:

    too funny! the lady got more mad about the russians than anything

  3. The figures aren't mimicking.. They are doing the talking. Didn't you stay for the end? The dog says his master gave him a collar so he could talk.. Maybe this is why in later interviews he denounced much of what was said here. He thinks he was brainwashed… COVER YOURSELF WITH THE ENTIRE ARMOUR OF THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD.
    Otherwise you will always pick up the planted "truth" AKA DECEPTION. I see so much insight in the comments.. those desperately seeking THE truth that IS hidden. Wisdom and knowledge comes from our Creator. Forget the world religion and invite the Lord Jesus in. The way is narrow. Many will be deceived. Be saved. Pray. Ask. and knowledge and wisdom plentiful shall come unto thee. Otherwise.. keep picking up what the enemy is putting down… I repeat.. no one saw or paid attention to the last few seconds.. PLEASE HELP US LORD. I love you all. All we want is the truth.

  4. k4vud says:

    An oddity…….. at about 1:28 he says America's fighter aircraft were no match for the aliens, but he earlier stated that about same years, high powered radar could bring down alien ships.

  5. I believe he would later attribute some of what he espouses here to his own mind having been controlled. I've been listening to many of his radio shows and interviews since this announcement, and from what I can tell he came to believe that aliens were simply a plant to push us toward world government.

  6. America went to Mars on the 22/05/1962 years before they claimed to have landed on the moon

  7. The heliogram picture and library he spoke of was found in Ukraine mountains that is why Russia took the country back a star gate wheel was found in Iraq in 1933 since the invasion of Iraq it took 10 years to dismantle the wheel and take it back to USA

  8. Anyone notice the alien looking face on the screen the whole time?

  9. What the hell happens at 46:30?? "But…" .. and here he is silenced until 46:42.

  10. Mike Savage says:

    can anyone else see the 2 aliens semi cloaked either side of bill. I can clearly see two pairs of huge black eyes and the heads nose and mouth. please reply someone if you see this too. look above bills head and to either side they look a bit like skeletons

  11. Isn't it odd how some of the folks lifting the veil on this stuff either disappear or get killed? People like Bill here, Phill Schneider and Thomas Castello? That should just go to show that they had information that the ones behind the scenes didn't want us to know about. RIP Bill Cooper!

  12. Look into animal mutilations, human mutilations, and crop circles to know the truth.

  13. Bos B says:

    Bill Cooper is a legend with a lot of insight but he was also wrong
    about many things. For example,
    1) African Americans and Latino Americans are not subject to
    extermination by Illuminati because many of them are members and
    associates of Illuminati.
    2) Socialism can be democratic and focused on civil rights such as
    Democratic Socialism and is much more beneficial to mankind than
    Capitalism. Cooper seems to be a stooge of Capitalism and favors
    economic inequality, no offense.
    3) Democracy is quintessential for the world through a Republican
    authoritarianship and should not be discarded. Cooper favors a non
    Democratic Republic because he considers Democracy to be hypocritical
    and dictatorial but yet he himself favors Republican dictatorship.
    4) People in Socialist systems are not weaklings who cry and beg daddy
    to give them things because that is not the purpose of Socialism. Real
    men provide as much as they can for themselves in any system.
    5) Communism was not considered a Democracy like Cooper says that it was
    instead it was more like a dictatorship. Cooper blurs the lines between
    Communism and Democracy and makes them look to be the same thing.
    6) In school, most students are taught that Anarchists are far left and
    not far right like Cooper said. For example, Communists and Anarchists
    are leftist and Republicans and Monarchists are rightist.
    7) Cooper believes that creating a Utopia is corrupt because human
    nature is not that good therefore, human nature would not be its real
    self. Automatically that means that Cooper favors doing deals with bad
    guys which can be likened to dealing with the devil. Utopia still cannot
    be created but something similar to it could be and an understandable
    amount of evil could be permitted instead of being a contradiction such
    as Cooper.
    8) Cooper said that people in America are getting killed because they
    sit in the wrong seat of the bus which is not even connected to logic or
    reality as a viewpoint.
    9) Cooper said that there's nothing wrong with our Constitution but many
    of the laws are not followed properly by our own power structure and
    obviously there have been many violations. Therefore, some
    Constitutional laws need to be improved or advanced within the
    Constitution in order to have a better legal system because it is not
    being respected enough. In order for it to be respected enough it needs
    to be more advanced.
    10) Cooper said that a Democracy never existed until the United States
    came about and that is an obvious lie when the first actual Democracy
    existed in ancient Greece.
    11) Cooper said that the main cannon of law of the Illuminati is the
    Communist Manifesto which is false because the Illuminati was created
    way before Communism came about and most of its laws stem from Kabbala,
    Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, etc which has nothing to do with the
    Communist Manifesto especially when most Freemasons had to also fight
    against Communists in Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba.
    12) Cooper said that 2 billion people could be killed before the year
    2,000 but that was not the case and there's Illuminati members to
    confirm that the population was supposed to kept under a certain number
    but if it exceeds then their goal of world population has failed. The
    world population has exceeded and population control has failed for now
    and we have yet to see in the future what will happen with that
    13) Cooper said that there's a plan to create a one world Marxist
    government but he also said there's a plan to create a one world Fascist
    government so which one is it? Many conspiracy theorists believe in
    contradictory ideas of a one world government which means that they're
    lying about what type of one world government is really taking place to
    be installed.
    14) Cooper said that the C.I.A created the European Union but that is
    not accurate enough when many other interests besides just C.I.A
    dictated what this Union would be like.

  14. Why was Mr. Cooper allowed to talk for so long?

  15. louise Brown says:

    Full of shit absolutely dog shit

  16. bill g says:

    are there aliens on earth? will they lend me $3.50?

  17. Steven Brown says:

    About 8 years ago, I was watching late night TV, with my adult son, when this was broadcast on a channel called NTV, here in Canada.

    My son and I listened for a while, even though it was so grainy and whited-out. We watched the whole thing, not understanding how this could make it onto mainstream television.

    Thank God we watched it. While my boy is a true skeptic, I loved hearing Bill's alternative theories.
    Do I believe everything he said? No, but there's lot of interesting information, little of which I had heard before.

    Was he mind-controlled? Was he a hero? I dunno, but I do appreciate having watched this. Thanks for sharing.

  18. King Belly says:

    this man is in HEAVEN

  19. The Gray Aliens are the Good Aliens,and the Brown Aliens are the Bad ones.

  20. dakota huff says:

    Wow 20 seconds at 46 mins is muted. His mouth moves but no sound

  21. Ask Greer if he would address the reality that there are human body parts in some saucers. Ask him if there is a NATO squad whose only job is to follow them and clean up the messes. One member says, "They aren't the cuddly light bulb heads". Asked what they look like, he responds, "The devil. And they will rip you apart." If Greer doesn't address that, walk away.

  22. Julie Ford says:

    The bibel. Thats all you need for this war. Follow the ten commandments! The goverment hides things manipulates us and news media are all tools they use against us. Regardless if UFOs are real or not. Know that god is.

  23. I wish this man was still alive…….

  24. no comment says:

    whats the point? no one on earth is ever going to organize any resistance movement to stop any of this?

  25. D_Koch says:

    BILL  COOPER-   In Top3 American Heros last 100!    RIP   He died for the truth and knew it was coming

  26. John Smith says:

    Why does the truth have to be so blurry?

  27. Sean Stewart says:

    great lecture except Coopers insistence that limo drver shot Kennedy. That just didnt happen.

  28. Sean Stewart says:

    great lecture except Coopers insistence that limo drver shot Kennedy. That just didnt happen.

  29. which year was this filmed? tx

  30. someone made a comment that he was shot in his car and left to die…..WRONG HE GOT INTO A SHOOTOUT WITH POLICE AS THEY WERE TRYING TO SERVE A WARRANT. BILL SHOT ONE OF THEM IN THE HEAD, BEFORE HE WAS KILLED!!!

  31. is all this stuff True??

  32. The strange thing is that the CFR, Skull an Bones and Bohemian Grove etc are all jewish organisations.With always the same peoples like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers etc etc

  33. love this guy here, I think everything he is saying is true, question is where the hell did he get his information from?

  34. Buddy Bates says:

    look up George van tassel 1956 lecture ! very interesting, simple truth ? good luck to you too !

  35. PAUL WHALEY says:

    I wonder when this video was made ?

  36. Nunya Biznis says:

    Bill cooper said in another video that aliens do not exist. What a charlatan. All these guys like him (ie: Alex Jones) are just fear mongers for profit. They all have something to sell you, and they do that out of fear, too. Just snake oil salesmen. Nothing more than the National Inquirer. Nothing new or true.

  37. Leo Bean says:

    This dude in another video said aliens don't exist..hmmm

  38. Peter Pan says:

    He is saying the truth am an alien too from andromeda galaxy but I live here on earth now

  39. Holy Cow. It's all fuzzy and grainy. This must be real.

  40. This is to specific to be a story. This man is telling the truth.

  41. Robert W says:

    How is Jordan Maxwell still alive ?

  42. The biggest deception against all of humanity is believing we were always human beings and own the earth

  43. Happy63funny says:

    I get why the government may want to keep it secret; but why would the aliens care?

  44. Research "morgellons"

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