Windy || Various Arrivals || A320 B737 CRJ200 || Madeira


Landing & Take Offs with the highlight of CRJ Air Nostrum.


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  1. Nice Video friend!

  2. chuks says:

    Amazing video mate – Liked! :)

  3. Amazing video! :)

  4. Brilliant landings them mate, love the Air Nostrum CRJ-200s, we used to see them sometimes here at Newcastle operating for SAS. Well filmed. Liked :)

  5. C'mon Samuel. Get your raincoat out and show us some wicked landings. I know it is nice in Funchal, but surely it rains sometimes?

  6. atlubeck says:

    Sweet spotting video! Nice variety as well! Liked!

  7. Nice windy footage, looks like it was a good day of spotting. Love that little CRJ and the Q400 as well.

  8. Fantastic work mate, geez that view of the runway is to die for!!

  9. CSpotting says:

    Great video, very nice to see this extremely short CRJ! Liked a lot! :)

  10. VPA flyer says:

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  11. VPA flyer says:

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  12. VPA flyer says:

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  13. VPA flyer says:

    Awesome vid mate for a long time. Thank you my dear spotting/aviation friend :))))

  14. Fantastic video. Awesome spotting view, must visit Madeira someday. The Air Nostrum CRJ looks awesome in the old Iberia livery. Liked!

  15. Fantastic video as always Samuel!! Huge Like :)

  16. Grande vídeo! Primeira classe!

  17. YQBspotting says:

    Nice shots mate! :-)

  18. Brilliant video as always!

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