Woman Describes Shocking Sexual Abuse At Hands of TSA

truther November 13, 2012 1

TSA agents insinuated 58-year-old Maggie Buckenmayer had a penis

Paul Joseph Watson

Another day, another shocking TSA abuse story, this time directed against a woman who TSA agents insinuated had a penis as she was subjected to numerous invasive grope downs which included screeners touching her genitals.

58-year-old Maggie Buckenmayer was going through a TSA checkpoint in Birmingham, Alabama when her harrowing encounter began.

As expected given that she has implants in her knees, Buckenmayer set off the metal detector and was then subjected to an “extremely invasive” pat down which included a woman TSA screener groping Buckenmayer’s “female body parts”.

Buckenmayer was subsequently told that the first agent found “a protrusion, an abnormality” between her legs on the left side.

“I’m shocked, I’m humiliated, so I don’t know what to say, I blurt out ‘I don’t have a penis’ and she looks at me and says ‘well I’m going to have to perform a second pat down on you’.”

An even more invasive pat down was then performed on Buckenmayer which she described as “painful” and “akin to sexual assault”. The TSA screener said there was still an abnormality between Buckenmayer’s legs.

“I’m a normal female, a 58-year-old female, my husband, my OBGYN, my doctors have never ever told me that I was anything but normal, so I’m in total disbelief I think that this is a joke,” said Buckenmayer.

After a whole group of TSA agents gathered round to discuss Buckenmayer’s private parts, they took her to a private screening room.

Buckenmayer then angrily removed her pants, spread her legs, pointed at her crotch and said, “Do you see anything abnormal here, do you see a protrusion?”

After being told to put her pants back on, another TSA agent performed yet another pat down on Buckenmayer and found nothing abnormal. A wanding of her private parts was also negative.

Buckenmayer was finally released after an apology and handed a TSA evaluation form.

“I can’t believe you’ve just subjected me to this sexual assault, this emotional assault, there are bad guys out there….why are you picking on me?” Buckenmayer told TSA managers, calling on them to fire the two TSA screeners who performed the initial pat downs on her.

Buckenmayer pleaded with viewers in her video for people to acknowledge the “egregious abuse of power” the TSA is engaged in on a daily basis.

“Our country is a country of great civil liberties….why the TSA is allowed to emotionally and sexually abuse passengers – I don’t get it – if some stranger did this to me, what one of these TSA agents did, that stranger would be convicted of sexual assault and sent to prison – please please get my story out,” concluded Buckenmayer.

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  1. Gary November 13, 2012 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    Pretty soon they will be offering free hand jobs.

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