Woman Tased For Not Hanging Up Cell Phone


Police officers have loved Tasers from the day they were put into their arsenal. Many videos have gone viral because of Tasers, whether the officer or the suspects was in the wrong is beside the point.

We all remember, “Don’t Tase me bro.”

Well this video is no different as a non-compliant woman was Tased for not following police orders and getting off her cell phone.

Woman Tased For Not Hanging Up Cell Phone

A woman who is sitting in her car was told several times by police to hang up the cell phone and get out of the vehicle when the officer pulls out his Taser.  The woman tells whoever she was on the cell phone with that the officer had drawn his sidearm and asks the officer if he was going to shoot her.

Police attempted one last time to get the woman to follow orders and warned that if she did not comply, that she would be Tased.

Of course the woman did not listen, and the officer pulled the trigger.  As 50,000 volts ran through the woman’s body, she fell out of the car screaming.


You then hear the commentator, “She can hear him now.”

The question here is; was the officer legally justified to use his Taser?

The answer is no.  As belligerent as the woman was, she was in no way a threat to officers.  A Taser is meant to be used when a threat is directly presented to officers.

“The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Tasers can’t be used simply to force a non-violent person to bend to an officer’s will.”

That being said, the officer could have dragged her out of the car and threw her in handcuffs, but using the Taser was a “no-no.”

Source: mrconservative

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