Woman violently arrested for playing banjo in wrong place at Syria war protest in Philly


David Edwards

Iraq war veteran Emily Yates was arrested on Friday after a dispute with police about where she could stand while playing her banjo during a protest against U.S. military action in Syria.

Video  shows Yates asking Federal Parks Police why she could not stand in a shaded area of Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

Woman violently arrested for playing banjo in wrong place at Syria war protest in Philly

After several minutes of discussion, two officers bent Yates over a park bench and handcuffed her.

“We live in a police state,” she shouts! “We live in a f*cking police state! They’re damaging my body and my personal property! I went to war for this country! Stop manhandling me! Stop! Stop! Help! Help!”

By the time Yates is dragged from the park, at least eight officers are participating in the arrest.

A web page claiming to be the “Emily Yates Defense Fund” insisted that the activist “was not engaged in any illegal activity and was not told why she was being attacked.”

“While she was busy playing a song, park rangers accosted her. When she demanded an explanation for their aggression, they pinned her onto a park bench and dragged her off to an undisclosed location,” according to the website. “We are not being told where she is being held and she has not been allowed any communication with the outside world.”

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Source: rawstory

2 Responses

  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Authority does not replace morality and the police have to give reason.
    This is America’s finest? Is this what has become of American freedoms?
    I wonder what an AR-15 would have accomplished in this instance?
    Some day soon Americans WILL take the law into their own hands and it will not be nice.

  2. charles allan says:

    Why do american police always overreact in any situation – this is a type of mental illness.
    Is it caused by the multitude of poisons that americans consume such as aspartame , GMO’s giving them paranoia etc.
    Or it is more likely that everyone in America knows that something stinks at the top branches of government and it trickles down.

    By treating people with civility they will remember this and the police will have an easier job.
    Fortunately in Europe this brutalising of the police has not yet happened excepting a few incidents. The Scots police force is great compared to America.

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