Women Test Celebrity Workout Gear • Ladylike


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  1. Alyssa Amey says:

    I think some of the problems the had weren't based on how bad or good the clothing line was, But more depended on the women's body type

  2. Eli Salinas says:

    3:19 is litteraly me in gym

  3. Wait but Freddy has tiny boobs so of course that bra kept them down.

  4. Damn Jordan has mucle

  5. i love this channel

  6. In the thumbnail it looks like beyoncè is pulling her hair

  7. hipsterpuke says:

    awww 🙁 theres no jen 🙁 haha

  8. I come for the intro XD

  9. "Freddie you're not doing anything. I can see you."

  10. Alysserish says:

    I think the bounce test was pretty unfair. Each bra should have been put on women of different chest sizes to see how well they held up for each cup size.

  11. Can ladylike do a video and test different eyebrow waxing kits???

  12. Chaya Kent says:


  13. Evie Hedgie says:

    Where is Jen? Lol

  14. Rainy Grace says:

    lol i have Fabletics clothes but i didn't know it was designed by someone special

  15. I clicked only on this because I saw Beyoncé anyone els ?

  16. Mina Lone says:

    Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate Freddie's hair doe?

  17. lol " my boobs stayed intact during my parkour moves" #OfficeReference

  18. I love Freddie, pretty sure we are about the same age and yet I still want to be her when I grow up.

  19. I LOVE Freddie's hair!

  20. Minipixel17 says:

    I went to the mall with my Mom and a white shirt from Carrie Underwood's brand and it cost 35 dollars. A white shirt. With a v-neck.

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