Woody Harrelson is Anti-Illuminati and a 9/11 Truther


Woody Harrelson is anti-Illuminati and a 9/11 Truther. He actually narrated an anti-New World Order film called Ethos in 2011 and was willing willing to star in …


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  1. twh7406 says:

    Don't know about Woody…but his father was one of the JFK shooters and admitted it…

  2. Mirik Kla says:

    stand up and start hunt them down….all u do is sleep!

  3. anyone know woody harelsons dad was one of the assassins who shot JFK

  4. Jared Niven says:

    His dad shot Kennedy!!

  5. Mark Dice…. you poor, pathetic fool

  6. Mannie Hawk says:

    Unfortunately the old saying is so on point the truth is way more stranger then fiction

  7. ever see documentary "grass" ? narrated by woody h., directed by michael mann. cool doc.

  8. I wasn't the least bit interested in whatever crap Mark Dice is spewing on this video, I just came on here to tell him to fuck himself (Fuck yourself, Dice) and to give his pathetic video a thumbs down. Maximum butthurt, I hope.

  9. I liked you on HIST Decoded, you didn't give any BS, you spoke truth & tried to get them to want to learn, not be lazy, and that a ton of the info is available if the 3 ppl wanted to research. They follow leads without doing their own research in the show. Like they counted on you for everything in your segment. Most people are scared, lazy or simply don't want to know the truth or at the very least ask questions.Only take 2 generations who screw the world up.
    ***If Mr. Mark Dice is not telling the whole truth for the purpose of making money, oh well. I don't want to believe that alhough I do have my suspensions. f I didn't then I'd be one of his sheep.
    Mr. Dice I respect you. I don't know everything and will probably never know everything. I know what I saw and read a ton since researching. I want the TRUTH. I'm inquisitive. I want documentation for some cases. I know the history of false flags as a someone with a HIST Degree. We didn't learn jack squat due to the control of the Rockefeller's and publications of school books. We were taught to memorize and not have opinions or ask many questions. Creative thinking is most important. Imagination is extremely important. As a teacher I don't run a dictatorship I treat each student differently. I want each student who cares like I do ask me questions so I can help them. Each year they shall feel more confident, mature, and show how great of a role model they are to the rest.

  10. mycattitude says:

    They'll fund the 911 movie, because the CIA will have its hand up its ass so they can control it like a hand puppet. They know the truth is out, so they' make sure a dodgy, toned down version gets out. Plus, they knw it will make buckets of money. Win win for the govvy.

  11. The truth is coming and it cannot be stopped, so speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

  12. Mark Dice truly is a tool. I like how Woody claims to be a truther & yet he remains in the brainwashing business known as entertainment. Probably best friends with that other hypocrite, Johnny Depp. Sean Penn & Dave Chapelle are too. It's all about that $$$.  HA!

  13. The "jig" is up, not the "gig" is up.

  14. Did the illuminati colonize America, commit genocide, slavery and racism? Did the illuminati force white people to view all non-whites as inferior? No, but they hide behind any atrocities man commits or that they can manipulate the masses to believe. Scratch your head and try to figure out how many people are involved in a game they don't even know how to play or that they were even playing. Yes, I know it doesn't make any sense and im a wack job. So are all of you.

  15. CREW 72 says:

    Woody has been a vegan for years, so I wonder how they'll bump him off because they can't really go down the cancer or heart attack route?  Car crash seems most likely.  Unless the film stays 'de-railed' and never does go into production and he doesn't try anything similar – in which case he might be safe.

  16. Chuck says:

    Trump Platform Plank/ National Security reform:  Eliminate TSA at airports. You would be cleared as to whom you are, and there would be no need for x-rays or strip searches if you are known to be a normal citizen. Foreign visitors should go
    through TSA if they do not have prior clearance.

  17. Harry Hasler says:

    Marihuana IS hemp. Known to be highly anti-cancerous, since 1974, and therefor prohibited by lobbypuppets aka DEA etc., octroying this flavour of genocide upon the entire world.

  18. Itsmeeman1 says:

    Cannabis Cures Cancer

  19. Captian Gato says:

    WOW Mark Dice' people whom hate "truthers" are just as passionate as the "truthers themselves, about hate.

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