World at War with EXO JUMPS!?


World at War with EXO JUMPS!? WHY. Drop a LIKE for more Call of Duty PC Mods! (乃^o^)乃 Nifty Things Down Here: ▽ WORLD AT WAR 2 WITH EXOS: …


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  1. Matthew C says:

    I think ww2 with exos could be interesting. At this point they can't remove exos because too many people would be butthurt. They'd have to put a lot of time and thought into it though. Maybe it could work if the have a wolfenstein kind of style

  2. Mark H says:

    I just want an ww1 COD


  3. Lewis Wilson says:

    if you don't like the exo plays battlefield 4

  4. YofordTV says:

    We need a steampunk call of duty (without jet packs)

  5. VIDETRON says:

    good vid bro keep up teh good work

  6. Exo jump is gay. Get rid of it from the whole series…we don't need it.

  7. Call of Duty: World at Advance Warfare

  8. If they made it with exo jumps that would be trumps cock

  9. exos are kinda fun but it's not cod I think that should be reserved for Titan fall AND PLS MORE UPDATES TO THAT IT'S A GREAT GAME BUT DAMN IT I WANT MORE TITAN FALL

  10. Red says:


  11. Just spent 200$ on aw supply drops great fun

  12. James Craig says:

    I like cod world at War with an old style and no supply drops. if they add that in i will cry in my sleep.

  13. James Craig says:

    with the dlc's will have maps and the guns no supply drops they suck really bad. so no supply drops.

  14. The next CoD should be ghosts 2, (picking where it left off, duh) but with better textures, NO EXO SUIT pls!!

  15. The Assasin says:

    world at war with a exo-gamemode would be ok for those who like exo junps

    NO MORE BOOST JUST EITHER i think everyone knows who I'm talking about TREYARCH

  17. goddammit eric! that's my favorite server or WaW

  18. Merk the type of guy to fart in a toilet and flush it

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