World Trade Center Documentary


This video is dedicated to all the victims that lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Due to some graphic footage, Viewer Discretion is Advised. Flight 11 Impact …


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  1. JorToTheDan says:

    14 years ago they stood before us

  2. Andre Rumer says:

    tudo isso seria evitado se a cabine do piloto nao tivesse acesso com os passageiros .

  3. Alex G says:

    Did anyone ever figure out the identity of the journalist who said "Tower One will collapse, hopefully before we land"? If so, is she still employed?

  4. GEEKERS says:

    It looks like a steel fortress but it collapsed like it was playdoh…

  5. This is not really a documentary. more of a collection of footage. :/

  6. Robert Lembo says:

    32:10 oh this woman makes me cringe…"I think we're under siege…" Who says this…???

  7. BradFlash says:

    It was only 3 months ago I found out the towers collapsed. I used to think they were took down, but at 1:01:00, I saw what really happened.

    I hope everyone who was victims of these attacks rest peacefully, RIP.

  8. Just wondering if it's possible to include any more grey fuzzy footage as I really enjoy watching that for so long.

  9. September 11,2001 terrosist conspiracy people planes crash pentagon and world trade center.

  10. bbygrlpt2 says:

    I was 12 living in Queens when this happened, i rember crying when i got home and turned the tv on.. There was no school for couple days and when i finally went back you could still smell it in the air!! I still cant believe theres people capable of killing others who have nothing to do with whatever theyre going trough in their lives!!

  11. this is also a lie! never happened, mind control false vision on tv set in 1999, turn it over nothing happened!

  12. I'm convinced women are born stupid.

  13. I rate this documentary a solid 9/11.

  14. Caleb Reaves says:

    Man why did they have to do what they did. Wasn't nobody doing anything wrong

  15. balkoth03 says:

    technically that girl was incorrect,that is not a siege.

  16. paul forsell says:

    this is terrible acting whoever is talking to Kelly and saying were under siege lol

  17. Walaa Juhani says:

    They have nothing to do with Islam, they are only just terrorists. Islam tells us not kill even if it is an animal ?

  18. Walaa Juhani says:

    With all due respect , if you want to know the real Islam does not listen to one, just read the Koran, you will know that Islam is peace, and this is not the Islam that in mind ?

  19. I was 9 and I remember what I was doing, where I was, what the weather was like, the smell of the room, the feeling of the carpet on my bare feet and even though I was 9 when is aw this I was just in complete shock and I remember saying "who attacked New York?"  People forget so easily why we went after Osama and his evil savages…if anyone needs a reminder, watch one of these videos and you will remember why.  I am proud to have fought in the war as soon as I turned 17, in Iraq, for the Canadian Forces and that we finally got Osama the piece of trash!

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