World War 1 game on PS4 & Xbox One! Verdun E3 2016 Trailer


World War 1 game on PS4 & Xbox One! Verdun E3 2016 Trailer! Verdun is now coming to PS4, Xbox One. NEW CHEAP GAMES …


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  1. Miran 1 says:

    And on Pc?

  2. Vader DICE says:

    yes a ww1 game that's realistic, unlike bf1, I like bf1, but it's just too fast paced cod style

  3. "Unforgiving realism" where's my trench foot

  4. Adnan Baloch says:

    Rip bf1 hahaha.. omg!

  5. I don't know how you make this realistic at all. Unless it involves you sitting in a trench(or a fort) for some small amount of time before dying in a varying degree of ways.

  6. Bring in on PC too! Don't be bastards!

  7. Damodar626 says:

    It is on PC and it is filling in the gap until BF1 comes out for me

  8. xbox360 players they are crying :(

  9. Shane C says:

    so happy ps4 got this game

  10. Le Papillon says:

    I hope this game is 1080p and 60fps, ah I forgot, I get a computer

  11. Helldober says:

    Hope not levelcap play this game,,,then it would be like OP OP OP NERF NERF NERF…then after he has got his way through then this game will suck as any core games out there!!!STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THIS GAME WHINY LEVELCAP!!The ball is round for evryone,but for you it is square or???

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