World War 1 in 6 Minutes




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  1. Why are not the causes of the war covered?
    The financial interests., world war 1 was largley a war for profit to the rich while using the working class to die for their profit.

  2. Dean Rowe says:

    What a nice video, made me see the things by other kind of vision, good job

  3. PI says:

    For all around ancestors that have died in these wars we must all end wars when we all can understand each other

  4. Where is Italy??????

  5. sbaker190189 says:

    WWI being at the time called "the war to end all wars". In hindsight, what a nïeve mindset it was back then. Looking back, how can the people who decided how the map of Europe would look really think that peace would remain indefinitely? Especially as it was not Germany who was the first to declare war, but Austro-Hungary. To me, the only reason that Germany got punished so severely was because the French were out for a pound of flesh.
    They clearly hadn't heard of the phrase, "don't beat up your opponent when they're down"…

  6. MonkeyMan100 says:

    May Buddha forgive humanity, for what it has done to itself.

  7. Farisss92 says:

    I may have missed this but how did the Ottoman get into war?

  8. Natiq Khan says:

    Please also add captions to your videos

  9. Zac Jackson says:

    Kilroy was here
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    | / |
    _///__|__| |___|__///_

  10. I'm watching this in class right now…

  11. Tara Webster says:

    this helped me prepare for my History Final!!!!! THANK YOU SOOOO SOOOO MUCH!

  12. Pkingpumpkin says:

    only problem is that the map shown at the beggining has countries that were neutral during 1914 shown on the sides they would end up on by the end on the war. eg bulgaria being shown as central powers when they were neutral at the time

  13. Turkey and Bulgaria won at Gallipoli and Balkan fronts but Germany, Austria and Hungary lost at Galicia.. German allies always lost for Germany' failed strategies at WW1 and WW2..

  14. Do drawing tutorials please!

  15. silentk1ll says:

    Suomea ei mainittu!!!11 -1

  16. Do you know why the ottoman empire joind germany. NO i thought so. Long story short rusia attacked turkish navisellsWiel they where not in the war. THATS İT

  17. Guys you keep saying you will travel back in time to kill Hitler. That's a bad idea.. According to the 1990's Video game; Command & Conquer: Red Alert 1/2, without Hitler, the soviet union would have no competition therefore they would expand across Europe sparking WWII anyway in the 1950's.

  18. exelent it is good explanation

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