World War 2 at Stalingrad Snow ICE epic Mods GTA 4 Live


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  1. Timothy John says:

    How do you do this?

  2. What the …? Ha ha ha Looks so fun how Nicko Belic  Looks like clown! These close is to big! And when he running looks funny! I will newer use these clown clothes!

  3. i like this sounds …. i wish if we can play with army on multi player or just with boot or tow people will be extreem fun 

  4. EnvyUsStudio says:

    iCE makes the scenerie look just as good as 5 and this looks epic

  5. Что за хуйня

  6. Что за хуйня

  7. Lol dat guy in short sleeves get frostbitten by a gun XD

  8. sSs sSs says:

    like playing sniper elite

  9. Louis Guzman says:

    This is kinda weird this one

  10. Germans got scared at the beginning 

  11. wtf?? a black soviet??

  12. Tomas Pagni says:

    what is the game in the thumbnail??

  13. luke Davis says:

    The most boring video ever

  14. Мы победили гадких фашистов!

  15. ебать
     я РУССКИЙ !!!!


  17. Jesus you have some shitty aim.

  18. James West says:

    Not As Cool As Thumbnail!

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