World War 2 in Numbers: Price for the Peace


Decades after the end of the deadliest war in history many people don’t know what price was paid for the peace. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT!


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  1. That's why the USA homeland manages to fight the enemy in their homelands

  2. USA thinking that they did most to win this

  3. TheGoodMan says:

    A stupid fuck invaded this country and destroyed it. Then he destroyed hiw own country and killed himself

  4. Tyler says:

    Its so nice when a video on Russian casualty rates during a war a half century ago somehow leads to anti American comments, even though the two countries were allies at the time.
    No single country won that war and it is purposeless pride to think otherwise.

  5. Defeating the nazis was a concerted effort between many countries, the USA and England sent allot of supplies and aid to the soviets. Let's just agree we all played a part.

  6. Janko Hrasko says:

    That war is still not over.

  7. Its like the whole team does all the passing for the striker to score the goal.

  8. ltmikepowell says:

    Eastern Front is not for those fainted heart folks.

    Even when I play the Call of Duty (World War 2 edition). The Eastern Front campaign is just PURE hell and chaos, in fact I "die" many times before I can clear just part of the stage itself.

  9. Fred Dietz says:

    I'm always trying to be part of that 37% that survives.

  10. Mhorg says:

    Thank you Communist fighters for our freedom. Immortal heroes!

  11. Never forget the DDA when Americans lost their lives for freedom
    Not all Americans are pigs

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    in Japan Eurasland inroeur Boerland AuslandNZ Iran centralasia balkans anatolia kaukasia otherwhere

  13. you all bastard hasbara zionistic fucks in the comment aids section , fuck you die , you deserve to go through the worst ever , bastard metis inferior sob pigz pos shagitz

  14. No Name says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! This is the first time I hear of the "soviet nordic looking children" taken to Germany! Is this legit? Take them there for what?!

  15. Fanrabbit says:

    I'm from the UK and j can ensure you in our education system Russia is not forgotten in WW2. However we just learn more about what we did in WW2 as it was our history, such as the battle of Britian and so on. It wouldn't make sense purely to do Russian culture. But as I say, you're not forgotten and we do realise you helped a great deal.

  16. Twenty seven million Russians died fighting the Nazis ? What were they fighting with potatoes ? So during the time the allies were fighting the Nazis the russians must have added some sticks and stones to their arsenal

  17. They lost more because russia dosen't care about its citizens

  18. julle huu says:

    great bullshit war

  19. Aiden says:

    its cuz russia sucked af in military thats why they lsot so much more

  20. This should be titled – The Profit Of War

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