World War 2’s 10 Strangest Unsolved Mysteries


Some of the most mysterious events in history took place during the second World War… (HD – 02/2015)

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“Face The Ugly Truth”, by Neil Cross.

Images courtesy of NOAA’s National Ocean Service, olly301, Oscar Cortez, Alliance A Dpa,

The Mysterious List :

Discovery of list of names at Auschwitz prompts debate

The Amber Room :

The Deadly Double :

The Mystery of The Deadly Double Dice

The Lost Squadron :

Hitler’s Secret Son :

Hitler’s Lost Son with French Mistress Fought Against Germans in World War II

The Nazi Treasures :

The Flight of Rudolf Hess :

Proteus & Nereus :


Malbork Mass Graves :

Foo Fighters :


44 Responses

  1. Stupid inappropriate Yankee music.

  2. xxxCyr0x says:

    No. 2 isnt a mystery at all, there were mass executions of Germans before Germany invaded Poland as revenge. This gets always dismissed as Nazi Propaganda, but please dont forget that the winners wrote the history in their favor. My 93 year old Grandma surely was (is?) a Nazi, but I rather believe what she told me than what is written in history books written by British and Americans. An act of revenge and reclamation seems more plausible than a Maniac wanting new breeding Grounds for his Race.

  3. STAGEIIGN says:

    that was very well done thanx

  4. Jean Marie was Luke fighting Darth Vader before Star Wars was a thing! omg this is all kinds of epic and I find this fucking beautiful!

  5. Mario Flores says:

    You made a beautiful video and did all of this hard work. Unfortunately you were too damn cheap to buy a microphone. I can't stand videos you have to read. If I wanted to read I would have bought a book.

  6. Bill Haines says:

    Flight 19 had nothing to do with WWII

  7. …Where's The Bell, or Die Glocke? This is one of my favorite information channels, but I really did expect this bell to be on the list. (I apologize if it really is in the list, I'm going by the information in the description.)

  8. My father fought in WW2 & was so scarred by the experience that he didn't settle down for a long time (my first cousins are all 20 years+older than me on his side). He would wake up in the middle of the night & my mother would have to calm him back to sleep. I studied WW2 extensively & I think it is fascinating about the battles but sad about the millions that were murdered because of a few madmen's dreams. My father could never understand why I would build models of WW2 tanks, planes & such. I got to see his military papers after he died & he was awarded several medals as well as having a picture of a Hungarian Calvary officer whose life he saved. I tried to join the military, but was rejected due to a health problem.

  9. Hung Nguyen says:

    Foo fighters were UFO survelliance objects. They were monitoring if the world were blown up by earthlying, they would move in to live in this planet.

  10. Agent 57 says:

    Here is a tip for you guys and gals DO NOT Cross the Bermuda Triangle, Michigan Triangle, and the devils sea triangle!

  11. There was a lot of crazy shit happening in Japan and China during WWII really and I mean really creepy things

  12. Pavel Garov says:

    There ar so many things wrong here. Hess did not run out of fuel he knew that there was no landing strip at his destination, so he planned all along to jump out of the plane. The story of Hitlers son is in part true. He had a son and a daughter from Era. They continued to live in Argentina untill the 60s sfter that we have lost track, there is at least some evidence that Merkel is possible the grand daughter of Hitler though she has repeatedly refused to have a DNA test, why?

  13. SonDimz says:

    Damn Charlotte was gross but it's Hitler that's what he gets that scumbag

  14. Amit says:

    can anyone name the song playing in the background?

  15. Gerry C says:

    What about the strange disappearance of big band leader Glenn Miller. His plane took of from Germany and never arrived in England, and there is a huge controversy related to a general who was on that plane who likewise disappeared yet decades later the British Government was still sending out his pay/pension checks to him.

  16. GravesRWFiA says:

    #8 nthe double eagle is russian. more likely a threat of communism. the war was raging already and people were having fun with the idea while they were safe in a peaceful continent. #7 is less WW2 than beruda triagle and has been traced to poor navigion and confusing 2 different florida cirtties. I gave up when you ngot to hitler's secret son.

  17. Cosmored2 says:

    Here's a link to some revisionist info I've found on WW2.
    flinttalk (dot) com/viewtopic (dot) php?t=12196&start=0

    It seems that they were lying to us about a lot of things.

  18. Sufiya H. says:

    A 90+ year old friend of mine was a "human GPS" in Britain back in the day for the Air Force during WW2. One day a Messerschmidt fighter actually LANDED at their airbase-by ACCIDENT! The whole base was instantly shut down so that nobody could send out any radio transmissions ("Guess what just happened!") and the pilot was arrested and the fighter taken away in pieces for STUDY; previously they had had NO info on the new Messerschmidt fighter plane other than what they had garnered from wreckage…the whole incident was kept secret and only RECENTLY did the story come out…and NOT from my friend!

  19. Дukx says:

    Number two really intrigued me

  20. King R says:

    I really like this video but where is the mysterious "Battle of LA":)

  21. What about Operation Highjump?

  22. David Baker says:

    Excellent. just one criticism. Aircraft has no plural. You can have one aircraft or a thousand aircraft!

  23. Well holy shit, Hitler had a son and his son fought against him. Star Wars really nailed it

  24. What about the Philadelphia Experiment? ? Big mystery there.

  25. funnybeagle says:

    the russians took the 2nd one thats how they made a copy the real ones in my back garden next to the bird bath

  26. How did you came with idea of mass grave of German innocent people killed near Malbork ? It's non sense theory or you are under German's propaganda. Soon you're going to tell me that Auschwitz was Polish camp where polish people exterminates a Jewish prisoners ? Same with Katyn ,where Stalin ordered to shoot way over 2000 Polish officers?

  27. What was the soundtrack?  Is it just an instrumental, or are there lyrics?

  28. SgtKOnyx says:

    Uh… the deadly double mystery was solved by the seventies. It was listed in the book "Mysteries of the Unexplained". The numbers were just an unfortunate choice by the company.

  29. Adam Barral says:

    he is field marshal not general

  30. Chozo Hunter says:

    How about what ACTUALLY happened to Hitler in his bunker?

  31. nimay13 says:

    Narration would be nice. Otherwise, boring bgm.

  32. TK Ricebowl says:

    Dat track sounds djenty

  33. Hmm very wrong and miss informing, you needed to learn your history, first and foremost the "Amber Room" was destroyed by the Russians after the war, German troops were ordered to get it out it of the city, thus been to heavy and no time they placed it in the basement, of the museum, days later Russian set fire to the museum.

    Secondly Flight 19 did not disappear during world war two.

    Lastly Uss Cyclops did not disappear during world war one nor world war two. WW1 ended in 1918, Cyclop disappeared in 1919.

    Learn your history.

  34. Gary Nelson says:

    "The Lost Squadron"
    This is a favorite of mine. The squadron was on a training exercise. They flew out into the "Bermuda Triangle". What conspiracy theorists ignore is that they flew back over Florida and did so, back and forth several times. They did not go down in the Bermuda Triangle, but the Gulf of Mexico. The leader of the squadron was touted as the worst navigator in the Navy. “The sky was all wrong” was never transmitted.
    From Wikipedia:
    Records showed training accidents between 1942 and 1945 accounted for the loss of 95 aviation personnel from NAS Fort Lauderdale
    Not a good place to be working out of.

    Jean-Marie Loret was NOT the son of Hitler. DNA testing proved it in 2008.

    Rudolf Hess did not fly to Scotland the day before Operation Barbarossa (22 June 1941) but on 10May 1941. He did not run out of fuel…he was low on fuel…and parachuted near the residence of the Duke of Hamilton as originally planned.

  35. fake documentary from beginning to end.

  36. Wow, I thought I would never see a well documented top 10 on you tube. This was great, informative and finished with the viewer,(that's me) wanting more.
    Great job, Thank You

  37. Jörg says:

    Das Bernsteinzimmer dürfte in Königsberg/Kaliningrad (eingelagert) verbrannt sein.
    Ist nicht MEINE Meinung – hörte ich lediglich von manchem Ostpreußen in den Jahren danach …


  39. terentii says:

    Hess flew to Scotland on 10 May 1941. Germany invaded the USSR more than a month later, on 22 June.

  40. As for the British in Auschwitz . Why is that a mystery ? There were more than a thousand British prisoners of war , captured in North Africa . I agree that the Germans tried to conscript troops into the SS to fight on the Eastern front , but only 27 men joined The British Free Corps.

  41. Is it just me.. or does Rudolph Hess look a lot like Ted Cruz?

  42. Could Donald Trump be Hitlers grandson. 🙂

  43. Test Channel says:

    This video is historically ignorant. Germany did not declare war on Great Britain or France. They declared war on Germany.

    And they are mute on why they did not declare war on the Soviet Union who did the same thing the Germans did.

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